Weekend Warrior

Who said weekends are for rest?


Thought let’s be honest – I appreciated the extra hour.

Weekend warrior-ing has been my M.O. in the past, but in recent years my warrior-style has changed.  These days it’s all about productivity.  Rest is a good thing… and I did rest from job-related activities.  The work I did was fun to me!

I spent fun time in the kitchen making 72 of my Sweet Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins to take to a men’s shelter for a chili dinner.  It was fun to do – I love baking for others!

Sweet Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins


Saturday my cousin (the one I did the adventure race with) treated me to a pre-game sideline tour of the Georgia Tech field and seats to the Homecoming game.  We are all huge Tech fans in my family; I grew up going to games with my dad.  It was a big treat to watch the team warm up on the field.

Those guys are HUGE!

GT Homecoming 2013

Can you tell we’re related?


We were gone all evening, so I had to smuggle in food in my purse.  Turkey roll-ups, anyone?

My 20-year-old self is making fun of me for sneaking in heath food rather than whiskey. 😉


Saturday and Sunday both included workouts.  I love when you get to the week before competition – it’s added motivation knowing it’s your last workout for each muscle group.  This time next week I’ll be done with my 3rd figure competition and less than a week out from my 4th in Denver with Heather!

The Breakfast Club got me through my cardio – I even stayed an extra 5 mins to hear the closing monologue.  Then I had to take of pic of the Famous Amos bag on the locker room floor… I resisted the urge to check and see if there were any cookies left and went for a photo shoot instead.

You see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions…


Sunday Funday concluded with a trip to my favorite international farmers market!  It’s always a crowded on a weekend afternoon, but I put on my ninja socks and kicked it.

Of course I bought plenty of lean protein and asparagus for my final week of prep, but I also scored with super cheap pomegranate!  I refrained from the avocado drink mix, but had to get a pic as proof that my favorite #strangebutgood protein shake add isn’t THAT weird.

Other highlights included the kabocha squash Thai curry they were sampling… let’s pretend I didn’t take a bite... and a new-to-me fish. The Parrot Fish was too pretty not to try!  I had them fillet it for me before taking it home.  Can’t wait to make dinner with it tonight!

Buford Highway finds


Sunday night I realized I hadn’t sat down all day long.  I get it honest – my mom is the same way.  Some might prefer a more laid back weekend, but I am not happy unless my hair is on fire.  It’s pretty marvelous.



There are, of course, exceptions.  I’m going to have a full, restful weekend to recover from back-to-back shows.  Anyone want to come over for chocolate cake and red wine? 😉

Have you ever heard of Parrot Fish?  Any preparation suggestions?

Do you prefer a super-active weekend or a restful one?  What are your to-dos on your days off?



  1. says

    Wow, full weekend! I can’t believe your competition is almost here! Time flies! I had a great but busy weekend visiting family and celebrating my birthday. You know you’re getting older when you’re more excited about seeing your grandchildren than partying for your birthday :-)

  2. says

    Can I say that I like an in between weekend? I like one mellow, me day (no make up, no shower, no pants, lol) and one day where I am filming, with friends, going speedy x10!! Today was GOING TO BE speedy day but nope… Tried to turn my car on and.. Mr. Wolfie, WOULD NOT START!! MO FO! I am kind of, sort of, EFFED but I am trying to stay cool and calm!

    DAMMIT! I wish I knew you when I lived in Denver, I would SOOOOOO come and ROOT YOU ON when you pose all muscle-y and sexily during your competition!

    Let me know how that Parrot Fish turns out!

  3. says

    The extra hour was SO needed this weekend!
    You are looking amazing girl! Can’t wait for your competition! You’re going to kick some major butt.
    I definitely like weekends that are both productive and a tad lazy. A good mix is the best combo for me:)

  4. says

    Sounds like such a FUN weekend!
    And wow, so close!!!! I can not wait for the comp to start, I am so excited for you!
    I love a good mix on my weekends. Since I get up at 5 during the week, I love to sleep in at least on one day, better on both :-) but then I love to head outdoors for walks, workouts, farmer’s market, cycling….whatever, but it just has to be FUN!
    Happy Monday pretty lady!

  5. says

    You are SO competition ready- I can’t wait to see you crush it on the weekend. Love how busy your weekends are! As much as I love taking it easy, I feel much more satisfied/productive after a jam-packed one!

  6. says

    oh my gee, ANOTHER new fish for you to try? I swear last week it was monkfish, the week before twerkfish…I’m getting fishfuzzled.

    Bravo for doing your bit for the mens shelter- even though you work full time, run a successful blog, train for a competition- you still do your bit. Inspirational buddy!

    Whenever I feel lazy, I tend to have a crap load to do- and vica versa. Fail.

  7. says

    I LOVE pomegranates!!!!!! They’re the absolute best. So nice of you to spend your time doing something so nice for others – I’ve been thinking a lot about the spirit of serving others and whether it’s possible to help cultivate that in the blogging world some how. Not quite sure how, but just a thought?

  8. says

    lately i rest all the time haha when i was working out i loved weekends because i had no time constraints with my workouts. usually i workout before school so i’m pretty rushed… i love being able to relax at the gym (does that even make sense?? haha)

  9. says

    I’d say it was a balance of the two. I’ve always been a go go go kind of person but am making an effort to slow down these days. I’m only 24 once and taking a 4 hour long nap on a Sunday just won’t be an option one day. Making the most of it now while I can!

  10. says

    I always aim for one day of each on the weekend – one day of resting, one day of running around getting stuff done. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way 😉
    You’re looking awesome lady! Can’t wait for you to kick some ass at your competition!

  11. says

    I didn’t realized you and Heather were doing the same competition. That’s fun! And I need to go the BHFM. I thought a pomegranate for $2 was a good deal!

    I like a combination of relaxation, fun and productivity on the weekends.

    • Laura says

      Yep – you shold come! 😉

      BH is so stinkin’ cheap. We should emet up for some ethnic food and a grocery trip! We could just eat the dumplings in the Asian section. LOL!

  12. Heather (WTB) says

    Love that you’re doing the comp with Heather too. Getting so close to your 3rd one!! I like a combo of productive but relaxed.

  13. says

    As I said on IG – you are looking amazing!!! I somehow missed you had back to back shows – holy crap!!! That food is going to look good after that! Bring Thanksgiving on!!!! :)

    I used to be on the go all the time – older age has taught me to slow down & enjoy a bit more – so I get a little of both but more R&R than craziness…. I don’t need all the drama anymore – I need peace. :)

    Thinking of yo this week as you get ready to roll!

  14. says

    You are so kind to bake your delicious muffins for the men’s shelter! I love giving back – something I really haven’t had the chance to do much of in the past year (rather, haven’t MADE the time for). This is a great way! I like weekends that are a combination – I need a little bit of time hanging out on the couch with my husband and being lazy or watching a TV show or movie, but I also like to pack in some fun activities. Actually, looking at my weekend calendar and seeing it full kind of stresses me out before the fact, but then I always enjoy it! And like you, I’m not good at sitting still for long periods of time. YES, I’m coming over for chocolate cake (can I have white wine instead of red? I know – blasphemy)!

    • Laura says

      It’s the frist time I’ve done that, but I’d love to do it again. It was such a fun way to give back. :)

      You better really be coming over… I know you have some sky miles. LOL!

  15. says

    Good luck for your competition! Almost time :)

    And I love packed weekends with little bits of relaxation mixed in. I like to start my Mondays in a calm, happy state of mind so Sunday is our chill out at home, make dinner, watch football day. Never thought I would say this, but it’s quickly turning into my favorite day!

  16. says

    haha i am the same way. go go go. Looks like a blast! and i’d eat the turkey roll ups versus whiskey. I’m a light weight with the whiskey,, wine is another story

  17. says

    People eat parrot fish? they are too pretty to eat or be caught. neat fish when snorkeling in Hawaii. and i love sneaking food in. so much better than the grease drenched fatty fried foods at the snack bar.

  18. says

    I do a combo of active/rest days on the weekend. I like my Sundays to be the day of NOTHING. My body is usually sore, I’m a little tired if I went out the night before, an I don’t mind sitting on the couch and watching football. Saturdays are all about training, working out, running errands, and hopefully a evening out. I find it hard to take a rest day during the week, don’t know why…Happy Monday!

  19. says

    The parrotfish is so beautiful underwater, that’s not one I would want to eat. Most food fish are so ugly it doesn’t bother me. I think that means I’m shallow, judging a fish by their scales and all. (See – I’m not so nice sometimes).

    Thanks for calling to check on my yesterday!! You are looking so good and I can’t wait to see your comp photos. Then I get to see you in person a week later. Whoop!

  20. says

    Wow! So many great things happening on your weekend!
    Me? I prefer to take it easy and hang out at home with the kids. After 5 days of running around to train clients, teach classes and get my kids to/from school and activities we all need some unscheduled down time!

  21. says

    Chocolate and red wine? Count me in! 😉 …I wish! What a great weekend. I like my share of full weekends, especially when it means what Mikey and I call “mini adventures” in the mountains hiking, trail running or back country skiing, and I prefer more quiet weeks during the work week. But every now and then an at-home, nothing planned, do laundry weekend is good too. 😀 You look GREAT, by the way – muscles are really popping, girl!

  22. Anonymous says

    Never heard of that fish. I prefer my weekends to be a little of both. These last 2 for me have been kinda boring but the few before that were busy and the next couple will be too so I guess it evens out. Love the joke about your 20 year old self sneaking in whiskey! Isn’t it funny how we change? You’re donna do great in your competition. I just know it! You’ve made lots of gains! :)

  23. says

    goodness, you’re hilarious! i love that you broke the rules and snuck food in rather than whiskey! and a high five..down low..cut the pickle..tickle to you for your upcoming competition. i had no idea this is your third and fourth! you’re like superwoman..only with a bigger s on your chest 😀 x

  24. says

    Parrot fish! We saw lots of them swimming around in Hawaii this summer. I didn’t know what you could buy it in a store and wouldn’t have thought to eat it! Curious to hear how it tastes. I love the Breakfast Club and that closing monologue is perfection. Sounds like a great weekend. Our weekends are usually pretty jammed packed. PS your arms look amazingly strong.

    • Laura says

      I try to get a new fish every time I go to the market – they always have crazy stuff! It help keep a competition diet interesting, too. :)

      Thank you!!

  25. says

    Days away! Days away! DAYS AWAY!!!! Sorry, I’m excited for you to kill it. And eat asparagus because I don’t get enough asparagus in my life. It never comes in my food share. Boo.

    If work wasn’t insanely busy right now, I would come and drink wine and eat chocolate with you…after I cheered you on in your comp, of course. I’d be the crazy one screaming and cat calling from the back. Is that even allowed at those things? Not that it matters with me. 😉

    • Laura says

      You can have my asparagus after next week. I’m banning it again. #toomuchofagoodthing

      You should come to ATL!!! Or I will just come stalk you. 😉

  26. says

    I can go either way depending on my mood. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting the weekend laying around the house all day while other times, the thought of getting up from the couch makes me cringe! And that only increases as it gets closer to Christmas and the idiots are all out running amuck in my town…so not looking forward to that!

    Love the ninja socks! I read that without looking at the picture…didn’t realize you were being literal! Haha! And seriously, I would have smacked you in the head if you didn’t try that curry! Since I had Thai last weekend, I’ve been craving it non-stop…god that duck curry was amazing!

    • Laura says

      Christmas makes me hibernate too. Crazy people are not my thing. *shudder*

      I was drooling over you duck. We’ll have to get some in ATL… in addition to the Indian place where Sarah and I are stalking the chef. She makes Indian chicken and waffles!!!

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