StrangeBut Good: Curry Sweet Potato Burger

Sometimes you just need a good burger.


I’m not one to deny myself.

The craving has hit me hard toward the end of this prep.  The beef is easy – most grocers sell some form of “super lean” grass-fed ground beef (my veggie friends could use a bean burger or tempeh here).

curry sweet potato burger


The bun is a bit harder to replicate… until I remembered my eggplant chips!  They are delicious alone, but they also make for a perfect burger vehicle.

For my eggplant bun I cut the slices a bit thicker so that they were hearty enough to stand up to a festive fall spread.  Festive in color… perhaps a little nontraditional flavor-wise.  Some might call it strange, but I call it good.

Curry Sweet Potato Burger bite

During my meal prep each week, I bake a few sweet potatoes.  I mashed up part of one with nutritional yeast, curry powder, and smoked paprika to make a pleasantly sweet, Indian-spiced cheesy spread.

Craving = satisfied.


Curry Sweet Potato Burger

Curry Sweet Potato Burger

  • Burger patty (or protein of your choosing)
  • Eggplant chips
  • 1/4 C sweet potato, mashed
  • 2 T nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 tsp curry powder
  • Juice of 1/4 lime
  • Smoked paprika, to taste


Prepare burger and chips.

Meanwhile, prepare your sweet potato spread by mixing sweet potato, nutritional yeast, spices, and lime in a small bowl.  You may need to add water depending on the moisture content of your sweet potato.

Construct your burger and enjoy!


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Sprint 2 the Table

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I eat a TON of orange food.  How my palms are glowing in the dark yet it beyond me!

What was the best costume you saw this Halloween? 

Are you a curry fan?  Have you ever used it with sweet potato?



  1. says

    Wow from burger to bun, the entire process is strangebutgood- love it! I am obsessed with curry powder recently, and chuck it in all things and everything- especially in tuna patties or roasted with cauliflower! Never thought to mash it with sweet potato though! I had an Indian curry once which was pumpkin and sweet potato based- so good!

  2. says

    If I had to pick one food as my ‘favourite’ it is definitely a beef burger. I’m sorry, but there is no other competition – and that’s one tough competition! It’s big, mean and filling. It says ‘back-off because I am one tough MF’.

    You get two hands around it, you devour it. SO good. Side of fries (read: roasted cauliflower) and I am in heaven.

    For some reason though I always associate burgers with American diners. An incorrect assumption?

    • Laura says

      Burgers are a diner staple, but in recent years we’ve had a gourmet burger trend. There are some truly great ones to be found here in ATL!

  3. says

    Love the use of eggplant as a bun replacement! Another good one alternative would be portabello mushrooms! The only Halloween costumes I saw this year were on instagram and facebook. One which especially caught my eye was a Tabasco costume- genius!

    • Laura says

      Portabello makes a great bun too! Ifind them to be so juicy they need to be open-faced. Those are a good nest for a little #yolkporn too. :)

    • Laura says

      You miiiight like it better here since the chip-factor changes the texture. But if it’s the taste, I’d stick to the ‘shrooms

  4. says

    Love eggplant and this looks delicious, Laura. Funny a friend just made a comment today asking how to use eggplant. You can bet I’ll be sending him the link to this post. Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Nom Nom! Love the simplicity of this recipe and sweet potatoes can cure a lot of cravings…so much awesomeness in those bad boys. Love the idea of eggplant chips. I have never tried it before, but will give it a shot. They’re so hearty!

  6. says

    I am loving these eggplant chips in lieu of buns! I am not a fan of buns…and mostly do without – but this is a marvelous idea!
    And as for curry and sweet potato! Oh heaven! curry goes insanely well with pumpkin too – I combine the 2 for my version of pumpkin soup!

  7. says

    YOU ROCK!!!! I can only imagine how many different things I would try if you were my personal chef! :)

    BTW, why don’t I look as good as your mom does at the same age… pls tell me what she does!!!! :)

        • Laura says

          Lots of expensie face cream, I’m sure. LOL! I think a lot is genes – we have a lot of Native American blood and tolerate the sun well. I’ll pass along the compliment. Thank you!

  8. says

    I’m so right there with you on the eggplant chips. I have two eggplants in my crisper right now, including one the size of my palm…just a baby. I keep debating between ratatouille and chips, although I have made chips several times this year and no ratatouille yet…your chips looks so good though….hmmm. I’ve got some decisions to make. I hope your Saturday is just as constructive.

    • Laura says

      You should stuff the baby ones!!! I had a great stuffed mini-eggplant app in a red curry sauce at my favorite Indian spot here.

  9. says

    Eggplant chips as a burger bun replacement? That’s a brilliant idea! I have some grain based veggie burger mixes, and I don’t like pairing them with bread. This version sounds much better.
    Curry is an awesome spice mix, it goes well with almost anything. I’ve used it in vegetable soups, salad dressings, dips, and even with ketchup to top my French fries. Yum!

  10. Michelle says

    Mmm totally making that sweet tater mash/spread!! I also love orange food. ..&sweet potatoes are the food of the gods. DELICIOUS:]

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