Back to Reality with Sizzlefish + WIAW

Competition diets aren’t realistic. long-term


Disclosure: The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Sizzlefish.

Eating like I have been leading up to my competition was a short-lived reality… again, it isn’t how you should eat forever.  This week I’m thrilled that food is back to being fun again this week.  I haven’t had time for a proper grocery store run, but I’ve had some help!

 Sizzlefish shipment


Sizzlefish provided me with a Sizzlefish sampler of their Omega-3 Protein Mix.  It included Coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, sablefish, rainbow trout, catfish, Atlantic cod, haddock, and catfish.

Did you know that studies have shown that a diet high in fish, particularly fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids, enhances athletic performance and health?



My fish were frozen at the peak of quality, pre-portioned, and shipped on dry ice to have on-hand when I was back to “normal” food.  After cutting fat, I couldn’t bust into this fast enough!

I came home late from a crazy work day, it was the perfect thing to quickly cook up.  I was surprised by how fresh the frozen fish was!  Check out my dinner below for more.

Side note: wouldn’t this make a an awesome holiday gift?!  Mamma may be received a Christmas shipment from Sizzlefish… 


Since I haven’t done a full re-stock yet, this isn’t quite a normal WIAW, but it’s much improved from last week!


Read on for my eats, and then check out Jenn’s blog for everyone else delicious creations!



My healthiest addiction began my day – Aminos and ACV morning cocktail

Breakfast is not long turkey or chicken – hooray!  I traveled all the way from Colorado with this almost-empty jar of Justin’s almond butter in order to make overnight oats in a jar.  Can you believe Heather’s hubby was going to throw it away?!  All that nutty deliciousness hiding at the bottom of a mixture of oats, Greek yogurt, and goji berries laced with cinnamon and ginger.

Justins OOIAJ


Mid-Morning Snack:

Lisa, my competition buddy and co-worker, surprised me with homemade cocoa cookie bites.  I asked if they were “healthy” and she said they are all-organic.  Works for me! 😉

See the black dot on my pinky?  That’s where I slammed a weight on my hand 3 weeks ago!  Blood blisters are the gift that keeps on giving.



A quick trip to Whole Foods the night before resulted in a lunch of smoked rotisserie chicken mixed with shallots, paprika, nutritional yeast, ACV, and pepper over a slice of sesame Ezekial bread, mustard, and spinach.

This was the first time I’d seen smoked chicken at Whole Food – it is the best rotisserie I’ve ever gotten there!

smoked rotisserie chicken


Mid-Afternoon Snack:

Think Thin was nice enough to send me a little treat a few weeks back.  I hadn’t gotten to dive into the box yet, but it has come in handy this week!  I really enjoyed the Caramel Fudge flavor as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.  With the rest of the cookies from earlier… 

Think Thin



Dinner was when I enjoyed my Sizzlefish.  I got home really late, but was still able to have a good dinner!  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted salmon or trout, so I had both.  Life is short, why choose?

I had put them in the fridge the night before to haw, so when I got home I tossed them under the broiler with lemon juice and pepper for about 7 mins along with roasted veggies I’d picked up from Whole Foods.




I feel really lame… but I wasn’t hungry for dessert after eating dinner at 10pm.  Instead, I had another holiday kombucha and called it a night.


I am so very excited to buy all of the foods at the international market this weekend!  Grocery shopping should be an Olympic sport.  I’d medal.

Have you ever had frozen seafood?  What is your favorite?

Have you started thinking about holiday shopping yet?  Would you gift food?  I couldn’t believe it when I realized Thanksgiving is next week!



  1. says

    I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO TRY SIZZLE FISH!!!! YES YES I HAVE. I WANT TO SIZZLE like those fishies and since I really should have already turned into a fish by now… I MUST try them :) Going to their website RIGHT NOW! 😉 Or wait, wanna send me a box for XMAS? Am I as special as your mama? LOL jk 😉

    Which fish was/is your favorite from the box by the way? and I AM THRILLED that you’re no longer eating “boring” foods!! Your dinner looks like something my STOMACH WANTS!

  2. says

    Fish is the only “meat” I like and eat on a regular basis, sure I’ll eat the occasional chicken or burger but for the most part fish is it! I love any mild white fish or salmon. Sizzle fish sounds so awesome.. I love anything that is delivered to my doorstep!

  3. says

    Zomg…where is the protein batter desserts 😉

    Frozen seafood I tend to gravitate towards the mix of prawns/mussels/squid- fish on the other hand usually fresh (our frozen salmon portions here are SO expensive!)

    Holidays? Maybe start thinking about them come December 23rd… 😉

  4. says

    Kirk was gonna throw alway a perfectly good nut butter jar?! 😯 And he calls himself the hubby of a food blogger?!?! 😯 GASSSSSSSSSSSP!!! 😯

    Ugh, I just realized next week is Thanksgiving too. I’m not ready. I can’t believe the year’s almost over…feels like I should have done more…even though I have no idea what! Know what I mean? I used to bake for everyone for Christmas…cookies and cupcakes for everyone! I took a break last year, but I might bring it back!

  5. says

    OMG I have the funniest frozen fish story. Basically, I bought frozen fish to make for dinner one night thinking it was what I was supposed to buy. Well, it wasn’t. I should have bought a deboned, fresh fish. What I ended up buying still had bones in it, it was bleeding, and it was frozen. As I was figuring out how to cook it, I started crying. Haha. I was so frustrated with myself!! Haven’t cooked fish since then!

    • Laura says

      OMG – I would have been too freaked out to do it again too. If you do brave it, this is 100x easier… no bones or blood!

  6. says

    Sometimes I like frozen seafood and sometimes it tastes off to me. I think it just depends on where it’s from. Trader Joe’s actually has really good frozen fish. Kroger, on the other hand…

  7. Lisa says

    Those little cocoa puff balls are great for you…full of healthy fats, gluten free with a little bit of protein. You just can’t eat the whole batch…which you definitely only got one serving or less of them.
    I can calculate the macros over the weekend… and work out just how great they are for you :)

  8. Anonymous says

    Love the caramel fudge flavor. And yes, I gift food. For several years I’d spend hours making my great-grandfather’s spaghetti sauce recipe then jar it and give that as gifts. People would bring the jars back to me for next year. I love getting something special like that as well.

  9. says

    I’ll take the cookie bites & the overnight oats! I have yet to do that in an empty PB or almond butter jar – need to search for your recipe! :)

    On the finger – as you know I so get that!

    I wish I was a seafood fan period but I am not so not even frozen. Well, I did have fried clams as a kid from Howard Johnsons.. does that count? 😉

    No gift giving here as much as I love to due to $$.

    Glad you can eat again!

    • Laura says

      I think I’ve posted a few… but all you need to do is put some oats, and liquid, and whatever flavors you like in a jar and let it sit over night. It’s lie dough in the morning!

  10. says

    All your meals look great, and still very healthy. I usually buy frozen fish since it tends to be a lot less expensive than fresh fish. I haven’t started christmas shopping yet, and honestly have no idea what i’m going to get anyone yet. I always have a hard time with gifts because I think they should be meaningful and not just something you pick up at the store.

    • Laura says

      I agree with you on the gifts! I try to do something unique that I know the person needs/loves. Those are the best gifts!

  11. says

    I would do the same thing with an almost empty Justin’s jar! LOL. Too funny. I wish I enjoyed fish, but I just can’t get into it….however, you make it look tasty.

    And I also share in your excitement for grocery shopping. It’s my happy-time… look forward to it every week!

  12. says

    I am a huge salmon addict and I actually pick up the salmon burgers from Costco that are already frozen. I believe Trident makes them. I have had them 2 days in a row actually. So easy to make and I pair it with lots of veggies. Pretty affordable too! I have a pumpkin pancake with cranberries in a “almost” empty PB jar this AM. The best!

  13. says

    Alright I have an important question? Did you drink the beer you bought weeks and weeks ago for post competition? I told you it was serious.

    I have been the lucky recipient of food gift. Bacon of the month one year (back in my carnivorous days) and cheese of the month. Both were amazing.

    As for giving food gifts, I make scones or puff pastries every year and deliver them to the neighbor’s doors. My mother used to do it when we were growing up and while I live in a different city, I’ve continued the tradition.

    • Laura says

      I drank one. I’m saving the other to share with a friend (it’s a huge bottle). There has also been a lot of wine. 😉

      Feel free to gift me anytime. 😉

  14. says

    Training for the Olympic sport of grocery shopping … I knew I had a calling in life!!! ;). Sizzlefish looks great … I frequently rely on frozen fish so that I always have healthy options on hand. Glad you’re back to the fun!


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