Instagram Love

Instagram has turned into a mini-blog for me.


Another opportunity to over-share is always fun.

In keeping with my “trying to cut back and find balance,” this post is short and sweet.  I wanted to pop in quickly today to say thank you.  Thank you for participating in all the blogiversary fun last week.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for constantly inspiring me.

And thank you for braving my recipes.  However #strangebutgood some are.

Instagram Bravery

  1. Laura gave my Tomato Brownies the thumbs up.  With chocolate proyo – great add!
  2. Maren made my Pumpkin Pan-lettes and topped it with a lovely peanut sauce
  3. Allie declared my Thai Peanut Roasted Kabocha genius!
  4. Cheryl tried my Raspberry Baked Oatmeal and reported they were “delicious!”  (Side note: I love making a big batch and stroring them in the freezer for a quick breakfast – same with the Sweet Potato version.)
  5. Megan (who has braved a LOT – thank you!) recently made my Microwave Protein Zucchini Bread and topped it with an almond milk-inspired ice cream
  6. Heather tried the Tomato Brownies too!  These ladies are making me crave another batch!

Show them some love with an Instragram follow.  You will be inspired.  Their feeds are straight up #foodporn.


One more “gift”…

The giveaway with the most entries was for Growing Naturals, my favorite vegan protein powder.  They were so excited about the response that they are offering a 30% discount to you guys!

Order via their website and enter code SPRINT30 at checkout.


I was telling my trainer last night how much more focused and inspired I am with this prep (finally).  I owe a lot to the comments and support from this community.  Thank YOU again. :) 

Are you sometimes surprised by how much your Internet/blog friends inspire you?

What blogger/Instagram recipes have you tried lately?  Link it up! 



  1. says

    Aww, thanks for the shoutout! (I just followed all the other ladies, but I don’t think Heather’s link is working!) I haven’t made a recipe of yours that I DIDN’T love, so you know I’ll keep going! Although, seeing TWO tomato brownie pictures is making me ashamed that I said I would try them and I didn’t … I’m still a little scared :). I have all the ingredients besides spelt flour, so hopefully I’ll suck it up and make it a weekend project! Glad you went with a shorter post to give yourself a much-needed break.

  2. says

    You are so sweet.
    And that’s awesome about the discount – I’m intrigued by this protein powder and need to switch up my usual protein…got to have some variety!

  3. says

    Love this post- Instagram is definitely a huge source of inspiration for me…as are blogs, including yours :)! If anything, they constantly inspire me to step out my comfort zone with trying out new recipes and unconventional ingredient combinations!

  4. says

    Awww, I’m so happy for you! The inspiration I’ve been getting lately from everyone has been INSANE! I swear it makes me want to quit my job so I can just stay in the kitchen all damn day! Haha! I haven’t tried any recipes out just yet, but I’ve got a post going up in the morning (err, in a few hours?) with links to my top favorites! 😀

  5. says

    Oh, thanks for the discount chance, going to check that out!
    You know how much you inspire me and I love to be inspired by everyone I follow. It is AMAZING how much more motivated and on track I am since joining this virtual healthy living/fitness world. Also, I LEARNED so much I had no idea about before! It’s like being in class every day :-)

  6. says

    This community is amazing! There is a lot of crap out there but the wonderful people like you make up for it!

    I have to make those pancakes again – been thinking about them non – stop – the ones I made back when.. 😉

  7. says

    I almost had to check a bag for all the protein I came home with this weekend – the Plant Based Health and Fitness expo was too much fun! anyway, when I am in need of protein (I have cut myself off from bringing any new into the house until I go through the many varieties I already have here…) I will be trying this one.

    almost talked myself into buying now because of the discount… *sigh*

    I am rambling horribly about how much of a protein hoarder I am – it’s early.

    • Laura says

      Let me know when you need more and I’ll ask if you can have one. 😉

      I have a closet full of protein… I know how that goes!

  8. says

    Thats awesome about the discount they are sharing! I get so much inspiration from other bloggers! Workout ideas, meal ideas, and so much more. Blends have a good way to help cheer you up when your feeling down about not reaching a fitness goal or having other troubles.

  9. says

    Awesome on the code! I’m out of protein powder. I have no idea why I do this to myself every time…

    I LOVE instagram now more than blogging. It’s quick, easy to use and you can share as much as you want in such a small amount of time.

  10. says

    I am always blown away by the support from this blogging community. They have helped me out so many times and it is without them even haven met me in person, which I think is so cool. They’ve inspired me, motivated me, and help me to continue to dream big, and more importantly never GIVE UP! Glad we have helped inspire you…get after it woman! XOXO

    • Laura says

      That is so, so true. It’s the best feeling to know that you can admit you’re struggling and all the sudden have a group ready to pick you up and motivate you.

  11. says

    xoxoxo. Happy bloggiversary once again!

    Instagram is SO a mini blog for me. Sometimes I ramble in my comments too much because it’s right thar in my hand and I don’t have to sit down to write out a post etc. Too bad my phone is dead at the moment. Wahhhh.

  12. says

    I MADE A #strangebutgood!!!!! I MADE ONE!!! GO ME GO ME! LMFAO!!! And guess what? I LOVED IT. Other bloggers, including your FINE SELF, motivate me every day to make some DELICIOUSNESS!!!! My taste buds ADORE my obsession with reading blogs! LOL!

  13. says

    Yay for inspiration – I’m so glad!!! I (finally) made cauliflower pizza crust during meal prep this week (a low-carb version, although you were the one who got me to try it!), so that’s the most recent blogger find. And actually, it was on a blog I didn’t know, but have now added to my reader. :)

    • Laura says

      Ohhhh… I love it! Mine isn’t tooooo high in carbs, but I definitely have to plan for it. What log did you find?! Share the wealth!

  14. says

    I heart Instagram and bloggers in general. I don’t think I would have tried have the things I have if it wasn’t for them. Strange But Good would have never entered my life, nor would dill have ever jumped into my eggs so thanks to you too, my dear.

  15. Sophia says

    Hey, I live in Atlanta too and have looked for kabocha everywhere, but can’t find it. Where do you get yours? Love your blog by the way


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