Strange But Good: Beefy Oatmeal with Blackberry Salsa

Where’s the Beef?


It’s a legit breakfast food.

This sounds strange… but it isn’t SO odd.  Many people have eaten savory oats.  Oats are just another carb.  We make lots of savory carb-y things.  Why not add beef?  And while we’re at it, eat it for breakfast!  This is what happens when you’re out of eggs.

Side note: This recipe could VERY easily be made vegan by using TVP in place of the beef.

Beefy Oats


The salsa is the most awesome, lazy recipe ever.  Mash up blackberries and stir in jarred salsa (extra hot).  Done.*

*That’s not totally true.  I added a drop of lemon stevia because my berries sucked and weren’t sweet at all.


So hear me out.  Yummy beef.  Chewy oats laced with rich flavors of cumin and smoky paprika.  A little sweet ‘n spicy to top it off.  That sounds more good than strange!


Warning: It will look like you slayed something when you stir it up to eat.


Beefy Oatmeal with Blackberry Salsa

Beefy Oatmeal with Blackberry Salsa

  • 1/2 oatmeal, cooked
  • 3 oz lean ground beef, cooked
  • 1/4 tsp cumin
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • Pinch of smoked paprika
  • 1/4 C blackberries (or other berries)
  • 2 T salsa


Cook oatmeal, stirring in precooked ground beef* and spices just before done.

Meanwhile, mash up berries in a small bowl and stir in salsa.

Pour oats into a bowl and top with salsa.  Be amazed.

*My beef was pre-cooked with a Mexican spice blend.  If yours is plain, you may want to add more spices on this recipe.


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Sprint 2 the Table

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I’m posting a cookie recipe next week… my co-worker who isn’t a healthy food person said “these are actually good!”  I’m calling it a win. 

Have you had savory oats?  Do you like them?  Do you think I’m nuts?

What is your favorite oatmeal add-in?  Don’t say nut butter.  We all know that’s good. 😉



  1. says

    Am I really the first?? Hubby is not home & not a gym morn tomorrow so I can be here.. I am not a beef person but guessing you can sub chicken.. always come up with the strangest stuff Laura – inside that head of yours scares me! 😉

  2. says

    Definitely a strange but good here! Actually, I’m not even sure if I could do this one…however, I like blackberries, beef not so much. Chicken may be a good switcheroo for me though. And blueberries instead of blackberries on that note.
    Otherwise I’d be in!
    Because now that I think about it blueberries stuffed in chicken is amazing!!

    • Laura says

      LOL! Awwwww… 😉 I think chicken would be great. I actually eat oats with my flax baked chicken close to competition time. So, like now. 😉

  3. says

    This is absolutely insane- Once again, our #strangebutgood offerings utilize the same theme- love it. #scarybutgood?

    Blackberries are the most uncommon berry here, so I will no doubt give that a go, although with the frozen kind 😉

  4. says

    You KNOW I love all your creations … but this one … I just don’t think I could do it!!! Beef kind of makes me squirm already (I’m not sure why, as I do eat red meat occasionally) … and then add breakfast foods? And berries? And salsa? Your creativity is amazing!

  5. says

    LOVE savory oats but rarely make them in the above form. I usually flatbread from oats & water- it’s a recipe I’ve been meaning to post forever but it’s SO good and a great alternative to bread! Love the idea of cooking oats with beef & salsa…the only thing I’d add is some avocado!

  6. says

    Yup, that definitely is strange. Not sure if I can go there with the beef since I’m really not a fan anyway. But TVP – I’m there! Gotta try your tip about blackberries and salsa. Now that sounds really good!

    • Laura says

      Heather, Heather… it’s like you don’t know me! They were so healthy I bet you could find room for them in your diet too. 😉

  7. says

    Throw together leftover breakfast sounds like my kind of breakfast! One time I made it a goal while the hubs was out of town to clear out the freezer and fridge and not go out and buy anything it was a crazy challenge and I should have blogged it but I did use my leftover beef mixed with oats for a type of beef patty meatloaf concoction that was ok but if I added some berries..might have been a different story! Lots of Love C P.S I hope to make it to a blogger conference one of these days when I am back in the USA so hopefully we meet then!

  8. says

    Well, since I don’t eat meat, this is one I probably won’t be making. HOWEVER, you did post enough of your TVP oats that I finally started doing that each morning. I love the added texture AND protein. Good call. Very good call 😉

  9. says

    I’ve had savoury oats and I love em, although I have to admit that my version didn’t involve any beef and was dinner rather than breakfast. As for favourite oat add-in — salt. Not only does it amp up the flavour, but it keeps my low blood pressure from making me too loopy.

    • Laura says

      I used to add salt… before I cut it out. My mom used to let us put a giant piece of slated butter on top to slowly melt into the oats and brown sugar. That was perfection.

  10. says

    I have been craving savory oats lately. I like to make savory Mexican oats with a fried egg, black beans, salsa, avocado, cilantro, and whatever else Mexican I can throw in. Now I just need to make it…LOL!

  11. says

    I do think you’re nuts, although it is part of your charm.

    I’m sorry. I can’t handle the word Beefy. I do think adding salsa to some ground beef would make a pretty fantastic burger or meatball though. :)

    I don’t eat oats, at least not in the typical HLB fashion, so I can’t give you an add on. Instead, I bake mine and call it granola.

  12. says

    Awww…wwwwww! I just realized I never got my post linked up! Boo!! :(

    I have to say you’ve taken the cake…er, oats? with this one girlie! I love me a bowl of savory oats (add a perfect sunny-side up egg and I’m in absolute Heaven!). I thought I’d done just about every combination out there, but I never thought to add beef! And for someone who’s eaten a peanut butter and bacon-topped burger for breakfast, you know I’ve totally got your #strangebutgood back on this one! Oh and by the way, I love the little thumbs up icon on the pic…#strangebutgood APPROVED! 😉

    • Laura says

      Awwww! I forgot to link you too!

      I feel so justified right now. Sarah said this wasn’t so strange! I’m going to harass her and use you as proof that it IS strange. And yes, I needed an egg on it. After this competition.

  13. says

    beef + oatmeal = meatloaf, so not at all weird. I need to try eating some meat or something for bfast. Maybe 93 lean or some ground turkey … that’s a smart idea. I can digest and am not allergic to meat.


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