PB & J Topped French Toast + WIAW

My favorite porn is #yolkporn.


I can only imagine the search terms I’m going to get from this…

When I saw this video on Lifehack yesterday I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys.  It’s (allegedly) a fool-proof way to cook a sunny side up egg.

In case you need the definition a perfect sunny side up egg should have the whites just cooked through, but the bright yellow yolky deliciousness should remain runny.  Like a silky syrup for your toast or oats or salad or jicama nachos… anything!

Warning: this video will make you crave butter.  And egg, obv.

The guy’s name is Mr. Breakfast.  He must be an expert.


In other news, I failed and didn’t have a runny egg on WIAW.  I did win at food prep though!  After a few weeks of being less than planned, I was happy to have my meals ready for me today!WIAWbutton

Read on for my prepared food, and then check out Jenn’s blog.  I don’t know if she’s doing the link up though… because she had her bagel baby!!!!!!!

♥ Congratulations and welcome to baby Mia! 



Of course I had my morning cocktail (apple cider vinegar, water, Glutamine, and Fitmixer Aminos) to start my day out right.

I was feeling like something decadent for breakfast in honor of the short work week.  That only means one thing: french toast.  My protein-filled toast tasted like a treat with the peanut flour sauce and strawberries.

Note: I order peanut flour from iHerb – use discount code USO924 for $5-10 off your order.

PB & J Topped French Toast

PB & J Topped French Toast

  • 1/4 C egg whites
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ginger
  • 4-5 drops liquid Stevia
  • 1 large slice of bread (I used p28 High Protein)
  • 1 T peanut flour
  • 1 tsp sugar-free syrup
  • 1/8 tsp butter extract
  • Almond milk (adjust to desired consistency)
  • Strawberries and granola (to top)


Beat together first 5 ingredients in a shallow bowl.  Soak bread slice in the mix, flipping once to coat.

Cook in greased pan over med-high heat until browned.

Meanwhile, mix together peanut flour, syrup, butter extract, and almond milk.  I used 2 T almond milk; add it slowly and adjust to your desired consistency.

Plate toast and top with syrup, berries, and granola.



Things got busy and I missed my mid-morning snack so I had an early-ish lunch.  I packed up the chicken, tabbouleh, and celery sticks from my food prep, and added to that some hummus and a piece of Ezekial bread.

Chicken and tabbouleh


Mid-Afternoon Snack:

No need to eat boring food just because you’re sitting in an office.  This snack was incredible: salmon sashimi, lavar, edamame, and kabocha.

Totally normal work eats, no?

edamame, lavar, and salmon sashimi


Late-Afternoon Snack:

My schedule was thrown off and I had to busy out an emergency bar to power through my workout before dinner.

Note: I don’t actually like these.  It was a freebie. 

Detour neapolitan bar



I was going to eat the snapper from my food prep… but after I workout all I want is a smoothie bowl.  Eating solid food after a workout just doesn’t appeal to me.

My new staple is this Chocolate Beet variety.  Last night I wolfed it down with oats, fig, and a bar I made as part of meal prep (side note: I want to make some adjustments before I share – sorry!).  Extra spinach.

chocolate-beet protein shake



Smoothie bowls are like dessert to me, but that didn’t stop me from having a second dessert.  The post-Labor Day fall mood struck and I made a Sweet Potato Pie Protein Bowl as my midnight snack.  I’ve been adding coconut flour to everything lately – it makes everything deliciously cake-y.

With all the toppings I had to take a bite shot for you to even see the pie!

Pumpkin Pie Protein Bowl

Pumpkin Pie Protein Bowl

  •  1/2 C sweet potato, mashed
  • 1/2 C no-salt cottage cheese
  • 1 T coconut flour
  • 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/4 tsp almond extract
  • Liquid Stevia, to taste
  • Almond milk (adjust to desired thickness)
  • Optional toppings: popcorn, figs, cacao nibs, breakfast bar crumbles


Mix it all together and devour!

Note: you could blend it to smooth… I was too impatient. 😉


How awesome that it’s already Wednesday?! 

Do you have a hard time eating solids after a workout?

Do you ever eat something you don’t love just because it’s free?  I don’t know why I’m so compelled…



  1. says

    Ohh yum to all of your eats! Especially that beet smoothie and french toast. I still need to try my hands at the beet smoothie. Luckily I just majorly stocked up on beets at the market today!
    I definitely have a hard time eating in general after workouts, so I try and wait a bit and just sort of force it down. That probably isn’t the best though;)

  2. says

    Oh man, a thousand times yes … I CANNOT throw away food, even free food. I actually spend more brain power than I think is normal figuring out ways to plan my eating so I don’t waste food. Feel your “pain” here! Your work-day eats look amazing, especially the pumpkin bowl … hope the new work situation is going well!

  3. says

    I CANNOT watch that video BECAUSE I CANNOT EAT EGGS OR BUTTER !!!!! GROARRRRR!! Meanie! And oh heck no, I need to LIKE THE FOOD I AM EATING – Wait, scratch that… Anything that I can actually eat, yep… It’s in my mouth!

    • Laura says

      Mwhahahaha! I really want to get strange with you in the kitchen one day over some kabocha.

      P.S. I loved your green toast!

  4. says

    With my normal workouts, I’m fine to eat pretty much right away. But when I do events training, the thought of food makes me want to puke! But there’s no way I could refuel with just liquid – it doesn’t feel like real food haha I just wait a little longer and then eat everything on hand!

  5. says

    I totally get the thing about not wanting to eat solid food after a workout. It seems to totally mess my stomach up! So smoothies it is.
    I love your midafternoon snack! Looks so delicious!
    Oh, and I eat a lot when it’s free. Though I have to be careful, since our office is PACKED with food all the time for everyone and believe me – 90% of it is junk. Booh! :-(

  6. says

    I have been eating greek yogurt to see how my stomach handles it so hopefully I can eat cottage cheese soon and be able to whip up some of your delicious recipes! I am a liquid kind of gal after a workout to, eating real food directly after just aggravates my tum tum! Love all of these recipes! Thanks for sharing gorgeous! Love + Shine CourtStar

  7. says

    My mom would be ever so proud of you- she is a sucker for freebies…even for stuff that she would never think/choose to buy! Although some people feel starving after a run, I seem to completely lose my appetite…it usually takes a while before it kicks back into swing.

  8. says

    Not going to comment on any of your meals because, as usual, epic/random/amazing and so…laura. But commenting to let you know I just spat out my mouthful of dinner when I read Jenn had her bagel. Ahh the little things that amuse me. Nice one, soldier!

  9. says

    The other day I went for an intense second run in the afternoon…I felt sooo nauseous afterwards that I couldn’t eat anything (or drink) for about 4 hours….

    So ya, sometimes it is really really hard to stomach food after a particularly intense workout!

    Hahah I actually don’t ever feel compelled to eat freebies, especially if it something I don’t like! I have been curious to try those bars though, but now I think I’ll pass….

    Have a great day :)

    • Laura says

      4 hours?! I’m surprised you didn’t pass out! 😉 I used to make really light protein shakes in my running days. The heat is a killer!

    • Laura says

      I think they had a funky sugar alcohol or something… it normally doesn’t bother me so much but these messed with my belly.

  10. says

    hmmmm mashed sweet potato, cottage cheese, and coconut flour :)?? i will have to try that :) just posted my breakfast on IG and thought of you <3 i always have to have a shake pwo. i feel better doing that and i feel like i miss out if i miss my pwo shake haha

    • Laura says

      I like it a lot, but it’s best toasted in some way. It’s a little chewy otherwise. The flat bread is good any way you do it though!

  11. says

    Can never go wrong with french toast in any form! And I’m usually ok for solids after a workout – just having a smoothie makes me feel like I didn’t actually eat a meal. I need something to crunch on! Which means that if I am feeling a smoothie, cereal or something goes on top 😉

  12. says

    Great eats – especially that breakfast, yum!!! I haven’t had Detour bars, but I don’t plan on trying them anytime soon. Ever had someone tell you they bought something because they saw it on your blog, but then you’re like… ummm… I gave it a poor review though?!? Anyway, just sayin.

  13. says

    Haha! I so often eat stuff I don’t like because its free – I’m trying to get out of the habit but I feel like I must have it! Weird since I haven’t even paid for it..you think I’d be more likely to be like that with stuff that has actually cost me something!
    That pumpkin pie bowl sounds amazing – I’m definitely getting into the Autumn/Fall flavours now!

  14. says

    Dora soybeans! I bet L would eat those. I’ve been calling them power pods and told her they’ll turn her into a frog, which she loves. She eats a few and ribbits a few times and calls it good. The pbj french toast- mmmmm.

  15. fitnessfood says

    In the pumpkin bowl, what can I replace the almond extract, coconut flour and almond milk with? I am allergic to tree nuts (not peanuts).

  16. Stacey says

    Good Afternoon,

    Betterwithveggies gave me your site in reference to training I’m in the Atlanta area, if you could please reach out to me about your training and with whom thank you!

  17. Amelia says

    Great eats….especially the salmon sashimi. Right up my alley along with tuna. Mmm…sushi… (WTF is normal anyway? My H brought this up recently when I commented that my eats are sporadic and so not normal. He corrected me by saying, “what is normal? Do you mean the SAD diet? You are so not the standard!” He knows me well. :) )

    Depends on the kind of workout, intensity, and duration as to whether or not I can eat right afterwards. Usually, lifting gets rid of any hunger I had or makes me want to yak if I drink afterwards. Spin class or a regular run outside make me hungry—but I think it is due to having time to THINK about something to eat. HIIT, no way hosea! Just like lifting. :)

    If a product tastes like crap or I don’t like it, I wont finish/ eat it, even if it is free. No point in wasting anything crappy in your body.

  18. sara @ fitcupcaker says

    That dessert looks so great, I love your ideas! I also got some nutritional yeast and peanut flour from iherb with the coupn code, I cant wait to try some of your recipes with them!

    • Laura says

      Thanks! Let me know how you like them – I’m addicted. :)

      The P28 is good. The bread is best toasted, but the flat bread is good either way. I also love their crunchy PB.

  19. says

    Soooooooooooo, been gone so I need to backtrack & see all about the job or even if you wrote about it yet.. sounds like you are trying to get used to the office thing & eats…. I actually try not to eat things I don’t like unless I was signed up to review & then I don’t eat it all if I don’t like it….

    I am that early morn workout so I do like to eat food afer the workout! :)

    Hope you are liking the job!

  20. says

    Where do you get your endless creativity from? I can’t get over how much colour and variety your meals boast every week. I mean it! Also, I’m slightly envious of your Dora edamame. And there are no words for your Protein Bowl – aaaah-mazing.
    Funny how you mention not being able to have solids after a workout. Maybe it’s because my workouts are usually runs and never lifting but I actually need something crunchy or chewy when I return.

  21. says

    As always everything looks so good! I love how creative your afternoon snack is, defiantly not your usual office eats. I tried figs for the first time this weekend and feel like half of the wiaw’s I’m reading today have fresh figs included.

    • Laura says

      Did you love them??? Figs are like candy to me. I have a fig scone recipe on here some where… it’s dangerous to make. 😉

  22. says

    Boo to bad bars.

    I love that you take sashimi. I love sashimi but have never considered taking raw fish to work. Guess I’m a little nervous about storage and freshness and such.

  23. says

    I have one of those Neapolitan bars to try and I have high hopes so I hope I’m not let down. By the sound of it I don’t think you were impressed.

  24. Heidi says

    I’ve seen the p28 protein bread before and want to try it, but haven’t known anyone else to ask. What do you think of it in plain and cooked form? The french toast looks so yummy!!

  25. says

    Look at you with your fancy work sashimi! Haha, better than my popchips and fresh green bean snacks. I was wondering, I haven’t tried coconut or peanut flour. which one would you recommend first? I tried PB2 and wasn’t overly impressed, but it seems like you use peanut flour a lot. Just wondering which one I should try first. Thanks!

    • Laura says

      I like peanut flour the best… but I really, really love PB (hated PB2, btw). Get both! They’re not expensive on iHerb. 😉

  26. says

    SEE?! What have I been trying to tell the world about coconut flour?! It’s basically cake…in powder form! 😉

    Aww, I liked the taste of the Detour bar (which was odd because I think most of their flavors suck) but it did NOT like me…womp womp sensitive tummy! :(

    I LOVE that you took sashimi to work to eat! Haha!


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