Sep 25

Satisfying Creamy Asian Kale Salad + WIAW

There are no short cuts.


That doesn’t seems to stop people from trying .

Satisfries?  Really Burger King?  According to this article, the fast food chain has developed a lower fat french fry.*  One serving is 190 calories, 8 grams of fat, and 210 milligrams of sodium.

*Yes, they are really called Satisfries



Apparently Satisfries taste like regular fries – they are made with the same oil as the full-fat version.  The trick is that Burger King uses an oil-repelling agent in the better that lowers the fat content.

This is kitchen wizardry, not a nutritious french fry.  I can’t stand when companies do this because it’s misleading to consumers.  Yes,ultimately it’s up to the individual to do their research… but they DON’T.  They see these products come out and think eating fries for lunch every day is a good choice (with a burger and a diet coke).

Right or wrong, the timing couldn’t be better.  The U.S Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is requiring restaurant chains to post calorie counts on their menus next year.  I wonder how many more menus items like these will be popping up?


This is WIAW was crazy.  I was in back to back meetings and pretty much only left my office long enough to pee and run to the fridge for more food.  Thank god for food prep.  I’m sure people think I’m nuts.


Read on for my San Francisco treats, and then check out Jenn’s blog. for some more “normal” days of food.



I’m still going with my new Aminos in my morning cocktail.  I am liking it!  It’s not a sweet, but I think that’s nice on my taste buds early in the AM.

The food part… well, let’s just say I won’t be leaving the house without tasting my breakfast first ever again.  This was going to be a genius idea – mixing ingredients for an oatmeal mugcake the night before so all I had to do was nuke it in the morning.  2 mistakes: I tried a totally new recipe and I microwaved it WAY too long.

mugcake fail

At least the Cats mug made me smile.


Mid-Morning Snack:

Porgy with celery sticks and my lentil hummus.  Porgy was a new fish to me.  I really liked it – it’s heartier, more similar to chicken than a flaky fish.

Bonus: Progy is fun to say.

 porgy fish



This was salmon sashimi with lavar, Ezekial bread, and a massaged kale salad.

The dressing (massage lotion?) was my take on Heather’s Creamy Chickpea Salad.  If you’ve never use tofu in dressing before, you MUST try it.  I can’t believe how creamy and delicious this was!

Creamy Asian Kale Salad

Creamy Asian Kale Salad

  • 1 bunch of kale
  • ~10 shiitake mushrooms, diced
  • 1/2 C chopped asparagus
  • 3 ounces firm tofu
  • Fresh lime juice (from 1 lime)
  • 1 tsp dijon mustard
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 1/2 tsp dulse (seaweed flakes)
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 tsp coriander
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • Red pepper flakes, to taste


Toss together kale, mushrooms, and asparagus.

Blend together dressing ingredients, and massage into kale mix.  

Can eat immediately, but best if allowed to marinate overnight so that veggies soften and flavors infuse..


Mid-Afternoon Snack:

Pork Belly of the sea! Sea bass is my favorite fish.  Hands down.  I ate it in my office with roasted cauliflower and sweet potato (topped with the cinnamon I keep in my desk).

sea bass



Dinner continues to be more snack-like on my new schedule.  I snacked on some (unpictured) granola before hustling to the gym.  When I came home after 9p, all I wanted was my chocolate-beet smoothie.

I was out of beet powder (my Whole Foods quit carrying it!!!), so I tossed in a raw beet!  The Vitamix blended it like a champ.  Topped with more granola, then inhaled.

chocolate beet smoothie bowl


Then I needed round two.  Double roasted kabocha and peanut flour sauce.

I could eat this every meal.

roasted kabocha and peanut sauce


I’m so sad about this… I made my Carrot Cake Batter Protein Bowl using French Vanilla Designer Whey.  Was planning to top it with a Banana Nut Quest Bar.  And I did.  But not before I burned it.  I ate it any way, obv.  Note to self: Don’t put your Quest bars under the broiler and walk away.

Topped with cocoa powder-coconut flour sauce and Nuttzo.  Because that makes everything better.

burned quest


Don’t forget to enter the Designer Whey giveaway for a 1 year supply worth $500.  Contest ends tonight at 11:59p!

Satisfries.  Do you buy it?  Would you buy it?

Do you keep a stash of spices in your desk or purse?



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  1. Lisa

    Oh gosh, it really irks me when companies do that to their food. Ugh, it’s unhealthy and it makes me sad that people are just uneducated about health and will choose those things because they believe what the companies are saying. I’ve seen it with my friends all the time…oh how silly.
    Okay rant over..
    I am seriously loving these kabocha bowls lately. SO dang good.
    Like there must be something in kabocha that makes it addicting, because I swear everyone is addicted to it…hm.

    1. Laura

      I know!!! It’s hard to know who to blame, or who is perpetuating the problem. UGh.

  2. Jemma

    Satisfries…are they for real? However I am impressed that these fast food places are making a conscious effort to provide healthier alternatives.

  3. Tara @ Sweat like a Pig

    Lol I can’t believe Satisfries are a real thing!! French fries are actually my favourite indulgence. I usually have them once or twice a week. I just tell myself they’re healthy because they’re potatoes. Oh and we tend to have the big fat wedge-type fries over here, so I figure they are healthier too haha!

    1. Laura

      I’m so bad – I only like the skinny fries (wedge fries are too potato-y). And they need to be fried in duck fat.

  4. Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

    I’m completely disgusted with Satisfries. What a crock…and people will buy into it. Gah!

  5. Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers

    Mmmm, mug cakes n’ cake batter protein bowl. Sounds like a yummy day of eats!

  6. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    That is so stupid- just like this new initiative they are bringing out here in Australia- a fat reduced and calorie reduced AVOCADO. What is the point of eating it then?

    I thought I was a seafood connoisseur but compared to you, I epitomise the amateur status- I have never heard of that fish but it sounds awesome- both in taste AND name.

    1. Laura

      We have low fat avocados here to!!! WTF?! I did try it once. It’s nasty.

  7. Linz @ Itz Linz

    satisfries – BARF! itz not that i NEVER eat fries (but uhh rarely do… especially from fast food places) but when i saw this on the news yesterday morning i was like are you freaking kidding me?!?! like this is part of the reason why america is so obese!! itz ridiculous!!

  8. Coco

    I first heard about those Satisfries yesterday. Why are fires battered to begin with? Just eat fewer regular fries ….

    1. Laura

      That’s what I wondered! Who batters fries?!

  9. lindsay

    OH Good heavens, what were they thinking? I bet the fries are made with olestra and make you have diarrhea. That’s real satisfying.
    Love burnt food. I’d eat your quest bar

    1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

      I’m with you, Linds. Burnt food…yum. Who cares about carcinogens anyway?

      1. Laura

        I’ll take burnt Quest bars over butt leakage any day!

  10. Miz

    I CANT decide what I think about the fries.
    we dont do fast food.
    we dont do fries BUT I have let the child have that UNREAL candy stuff which is the same notion:

  11. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    An oil-repelling agent? That’s frightening! Thanks for sharing- I must live under a rock, I had no idea.

  12. Davida @ The Healthy Maven

    I hate to admit I’d probably just go for the real fries. Go big or go home. I’m also a fry snob so if Im gonna indulge it better be good!

    1. Laura

      That’s exactly how I feel!

  13. Pamela Hernandez

    Really Burger KIng? Another “halo of health item” to try to clear up for my clients. Thanks for the information sharing because I had’t hear about this yet.

    1. Laura

      Thanks! Just imagine the doors this opens…

  14. Alex @ therunwithin

    mm all looks so good. I still have yet to master how to eat kale without it being cooked. this sounds tasty

    1. Laura

      Add some acid (lemon/lime/vinegar), and let it marinate over night. It will soften enough to comfortably eat. :)

  15. Khushboo

    Your sentiments towards Satisfries are on par with mine….they sound ridiculous! I don’t remember the last time I ate at Burger King but if/when I do, I want the real deal…please and thank you!!

    1. Laura

      Same here. If I’m going to eat it, it better be good!

  16. Lee

    Those Satisfries remind me of when those Wow chips came out. Ooh, chips with no fat…until everyone got a leaky gut or whatever they called it! My feeling is that if you’re going to eat fries, eat real ones (that are good) every so often and you’ll be fine. I do have to admit, I got an ice cream cone from McDonalds the other day. I blame pregnancy.

    1. Laura

      It’s all fun and game til someone get anal leakage…

  17. Maureen

    What scares me is that there are people out there who would eat these fries thinking they are doing something HEALTHY for themselves.

    1. Laura

      That’s my biggest issue too. People need to THINK.

  18. Becki @ Fighting for Wellness

    Holy cow, I had no idea that’s how they were making the Satisfries “healthier” than the regular. I’ll probably give them a try so I can have a full opinion of them, but it will require a special trip to Burger King since that isn’t something we ever do. By the time I make it to one the Satisfries may be dead and buried (which is what I’m kind of hoping for).

    1. Laura

      I’d be a little scared to try them… who know what’s in that oil repellent!

  19. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    Ugh, that is a marketing for you. People are going to go to burger king thinking that they’ll be doing themselves a favour! And that name just makes me cringe…

  20. Parita @ myinnershakti

    When I read an article about these new fries, I just shook my head. I feel like more and more traditionally unhealthy restaurants and places are doing what BK did, and it annoys me. I wish companies were more transparent and I wish even more that people would invest in their health, do research, and make better choices.

    1. Laura

      You and me both. I wish schools would help more too by not offering the grease-ball options at lunch and in vending machines.

  21. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    All the hype and marketing around junk food just makes me sad (and pissed). People honestly think they’re making better choices. I see it with clients. And part of me is mad that people don’t take the time to really read labels, to educate themselves more, but also I get angry that we allow marketing to do what they do. A fry is a freaking fry. And fat repellent? I think I’d just rather the fat LOL

    Now, about that kale…yum! And I have cinnamon, stevia (3 different kinds), and red pepper flakes in my work drawer (along with protein powder, protein bars, peanut butter…I won’t go hungry LOL)

    1. Laura

      I know… it’s hard to choose a side to blame. I blame everyone!!! ;)

      You have me beat with that desk stash! I just have cinnamon, red pepper flakes, calcium chews (chocolate fix), emergency bars, and wasabi edamame.

  22. Natasha

    haha you crack me up…stashing away cinnamon in your desk?!?!?! true foodie!
    I actually envy your creativity when it comes to food…like I can never think to make such interesting dishes (let alone have the time)!!!

    I would definitely not buy those “healthified” (big quotations) french fries. I don’t really support the fast food industry, so I pretty much don’t buy anything from any fast food chain.
    I hate how things like this convince people that eating low calorie = healthy! Totally sends out the wrong message! But I agree, there will probably be more foods (read: chemical experiments) popping up in fast food restaurants.

    Have a great Wednesday :)

    1. Laura

      Thank you! I have a lot of time in traffic to dream up food combos. ;)

  23. Kierston @candyfit

    Ew! Just ew lol

    Your recipe sounds delish though! Yum!

    1. Laura

      Does this happen in Canada too???

  24. RavieNomNoms

    Um, that is disturbing. I hate fast food, so gross. ICK

    I love your WIAW! It all looks so nommy! :-)

  25. Abby

    I don’t eat fast food and often do the “eye roll” when companies like BK tout something as being “healthy” instead of just being less of a train wreck. If they can create fries with less fat, oil and salt because they’re concerned about health, why don’t they just switch to making all their fries that way? Oh yes. Because that wouldn’t sell. Much like the chemical replacements for “real” food in an attempt to be low-fat/low-sugar, I see these popping up all over the place.

    This just in: Real food is not a fad. Eat real food. Not junk. The end. (Steps off soap box) ;)

    1. Laura

      I’ve actually never eaten at BK… this just solidifies why. LOL!

  26. DJ

    I will probably try them just to try them. I usually skip fries even at nicer restaurants just because there are only a few kinds I really like and there are usually other side options I like more. Your kitchen wizardry comment made me giggle… I could use some of that to clean my kitchen. I’m surprised so many others commenting seem to know so many people that will rush out to overeat these fries and think they are healthy – I know very few people that ignorant. Guess I must be super lucky.

    1. Laura

      You are lucky! I find that being part of this community I easily forget that MOST of America doesn’t put out the effort to (aren’t as obbsessed with? ;) ) educate themselves about food and healthy choices that we do.

  27. Kat

    You LUNCH looks amazing. Love me some sashimi.

    1. Laura

      We should have a sushi date!

  28. Natalie @ Lift,Sleep, Eat

    Aw no, poor burnt Quest bar! I hate it when that happens, devastating!
    I think the whole thing with Satisfries sounds ridiculous; it will probably just lead to people eating larger portions of them because they think they’re virtually fat & calorie free with it being a ‘healthier’ option…
    I have never heard of porgy before! When I was first reading it I thought you were using a shorter nickname for porridge haha!

    1. Laura

      I think that portion problem is what happened with those 100 calorie packs too. They aren’t filling so people just reach for another. Should have just had real food to begin with!

  29. Nicole @ FruitnFitness

    I don’t keep spices at work but it would be a good idea! I have been bringing cinnamon and cocoa roast kabocha as an afternoon snack to work. I think my coworkers thing I’m crazy to eat cold squash. A burnt quest bar is still a quest bar, you can’t waste those!

    1. Laura

      That’s my FAVORITE way to roast kabocha. Try adding a little cayenne. ;)

  30. Bonnie

    I love all your eats! Again, just so impressed with your creativity. Never heard of “porgy” but I love saying it too. ;) Groceries must get expensive with fish as snacks, let alone meals, hey? Definitely worth it for the health aspect, but I find I don’t buy it very often because of price. Just curious about that! Must be a good addition to keep you on track for your training though…I’m reminded that I need more fish in my life!

    1. Laura

      It’s a LOT cheaper than when I am going out! Plus, I shop at local markets so that cuts cost a lot. Ex: Swordfish is $29.99/lb at WF but $9.99/lb at my market. And most of the fish they fillet for you right there!

  31. Heather @ girlyeverafter

    Fast food chains are the WORST!!! They’re insulting their customers intelligence by selling this junk, but are getting away with it because a lot of their customers don’t really care. So sad. I worked for a marketing group and a chain specifically asked for copy to be used for their demographic, “The Struggling Southerner”. OMG WTF!!

    1. Laura

      You can’t be serious??? I don’t know if it’s more sad they labeled them as such… or that it’s true. :(

  32. She Rocks Fitness

    I would honestly just eat the regular full fat sized fries, but I cannot remember the last time I had fast food. I saw this on the new yesterday morning while I was getting ready to go to the gym and I think I laughed out loud. It’s bizarre. Ah kabocha how I love thee…I have one on my counter that needs to be devoured.

    1. Laura

      Same here. If I want fries, I get the good stuff. But honestly I can’t eat too many these days. Chocolate cake is another story though… ;)

  33. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    What bothers ME is that restaurants post calories and people don’t pay any attention because we are making these environmental changes but skipping out on the education aspect that bridges individual behavior changes and environmental ones.

    End soapbox. [Future PhD Health Educator here. ;)]

    1. Laura

      Exactly. Amen. Can you overhaul the school system after you graduate?

  34. Amy @ Long Drive Journey

    I agree with Sarah. A lot of research shows that posting calories is largely ineffective in getting people to eat better. They just eat a lot and feel bad about it (sometimes). I honestly thought the BK french fries would probably be gross so I’d stay away from them for that reason. You’re right though – there are a LOT of gimmicks out there.

    1. Laura

      That blows my mind. I saw them on the menu at IHOP a few years ago and it paralyzed me. LOL! 1500 calories for pancakes?!

  35. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    Love massaged kale (my husband does too!). This salad looks yummy. I feel somewhat guilty to say that reading about fries gives me a little craving, they are one of my weak spots. I rarely indulge though, mainly because you never know what else is cooked in that oil. Oh, that and I appreciate my health too much to make them an every day treat (cause they wouldn’t be a treat then,would they?).

    1. Laura

      I thought of you as I was writing a VEGAN recipe (finally). ;)

  36. Courtney Bentley

    Yummy eats I love that you have a sweet treat every night I have been bringing that into my eating plan and its been a nice change. Kale salad is my favorite I miss my dino kale! Lots of love C

  37. Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat

    Well, I have a lot of pinning to do because there’s so much I want to try! The kale salad, the beet smoothie, the double roasted kabocha, carrot cake batter protein bowl – all sound amazing!!!

    1. Laura

      Thank you!!! Let me know if you try any of it. I love feed back and seeing others’ twists. ;)

  38. Kristina

    the Satisfries remind me of the ‘fat free’ chips that just… went right through ya! the word repellent should not be in food, not MY food anyway.

    1. Laura

      That was my thought too. *shudder*

  39. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    Satisfries. What a crock, and what irritates me most is the same thing you said. People will eat the chemical stuff thinking they’re doing themselves a favor and it’s really just worse. Although let’s be real, the full fat fries from BK are full of other chemicals anyway. I counted the number of ingredients in an Egg McMuffin once: seventy-five! No joke.
    I’m not against the concept of fast food, but I am against the quality they actually give to people. It’s crap. I’d rather just make my own fries.

    1. Laura

      75?! Now I have to go look that up…

      I’m against fast food. The taste offends me. ;)

      1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

        75! And that’s being generous. I did a whole post on it I was so enraged.


  40. Megan (The Lyons' Share)

    Don’t even get me started on customer deception. It’s SO SAD that people are led to believe they are being healthy and given crap … in this instance and so many others. Also, you completely grossed me out by calling the dressing a massage lotion! Thanks a lot ;)

    1. Laura

      Hee hee…. I cracked myself up writing that.

  41. Hannah

    I can’t wait for The Cheesecake Factory to post calorie counts. I’ll be able to eat two slices a day. Probably nothing else, but it’s not like I’ll need anything else.

    1. Laura

      Ewwwww! There’s better cheesecake!!!!! You need to come back down here.

  42. Taylor @ LiftingRevolution

    Good looks yum as always! I am with you, annoyed with companies sticking “healthy” labels on foods. Something that rebels fat? Yea, because that sounds normal and natural. gross.

  43. calee

    You know what I would call “satisfries”? Some good french fries from a local pub. OMG fries and ketchup. Seriously. I never really cared about french fries until I learned I was allergic to potatoes.

    Side note: going to a local pub tonight and forgoing the salad for a burger because I can. Though, i’d rather have the salad, but it would require so many special instructions. So burger it is. With a beer. Because … dollar pints. You can live vicariously through this. I am actually living vicariously thinking about it because I can’t remember the last time I had a burger.

    1. Laura

      I’m so jealous of your burger right now. I want a steak. Hold the satisfries.

  44. Angelee

    What let downs with your mug cake and quest bar debacles!!! I’m the same as you though. My heart breaks (literally) when a meal doesn’t go right but you better believe I’m still eating it no matter what!

    1. Laura

      Same here! Or it goes to the freezer (graveyard).

  45. Lianne @ EAT and get MOVING

    Yum yum yum.. all I have to say today ;-) XO

  46. Lianne @ EAT and get MOVING

    BTW… when I said yum yum… I ment your food… not those darn fries :| FTW… why do companies screw with our foods sooo much!

    1. Laura

      LMAO! I wondered. ;)

  47. Jody - Fit at 55

    I saw the whole thing on the fires & of course the newscasters had no idea what they were saying when they talked about the less fat & all… they really are not a whole lot of difference – yes somewhat but still – such BS cause you are right, people do not research!

    We already have calorie counts here for places with a certain number of locations…

    1. Laura

      We have calorie counts at a lot of places too. Often what shocks me is the sodium, not the cals.

  48. purelytwins

    want your lunch right now :) looks sooooo good!!
    we can’t seem to trust any company these days…

  49. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I want to SHOVE SATISFRIES up Mr. Burger King’s………….. What a doosh!

    PS: I cannot wait until we meet. We will have the most amazing feasts all day long. And probably gain 10 pounds… OF HARD CORE MUSCLE from all the deliciousness.

    1. Laura

      There’s no question! We will eat and then lift heavy stuff and then eat more!

      I wish you were in SF… I’m going to be going there a lot.

  50. Jess @ JessieBear

    Omg why is fast food so NASTY?? At least your salad looks delish!

  51. Anonymous

    I’m so glad you liked that dressing! I think the idea came from a mayo dressing I was reading about and decided that tofu obviously makes a good substitute. The things that go through my brain are strange. :) And now I have to find Porgy fish.

    1. Heather @ Better With Veggies

      If you couldn’t tell, that last comment was from me. :)

      1. Laura

        I wonder if I could freeze it and bring it to you… ;)

  52. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Note to self: don’t put ANYTHING under the broiler and walk away!! Rookie mistake girl…ROO-KIEEEE mistake! :P

    Sea bass is the new favorite? Really? Even over our precious steak of the sea?! I’ve only had it maybe once or twice, but don’t really remember it being life changing. I’d still take swordfish or halibut over sea bass any day! And I keep EVERYTHING at work: nooch, cinnamon, protein powder, peanut flour, oats, bars, popcorn…hell, it’s a regular {healthy} convenience store in my locker! Haha!

    1. Laura

      I know, I know… #fail

      Have you had GOOD sea bass??? It’s like buttah!

      1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

        Apparently we’ve not met…please, introduce us! Oh, and invite the bourbon cookies! ;)

  53. Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

    I totally keep a jar of cinnamon in my desk at work. Also hot sauce. It’s totally necessary for lunch-time goodness. Love that sashimi and massaged kale salad lunch. Looks amazing!!

  1. Plantain Zucchini Muffins | Sprint 2 the Table

    […] I actually do use a lot of “real” dishes.  Often I eat my breakfast from a coffee mug […]

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