Keeping it Healthy in San Francisco

 Vacations are an important part of staying healthy.


Mental health is no joke!

I took Monday off of blogging because my friends and I impulsively decided to extend our stay in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  My sanity and I needed it.

It was a fun-filled weekend… there was plenty of debauchery, but we stayed active too.  Curling giant bottles of wine counts, right?

Blue Ridge


We braved rain and chilly weather to go paddle boarding.  It was my first time!  I think it would be more fun if it had been warm amd sunny… and you best believe I’ll be trying again!

I didn’t fall in once!  Fear of cold water will give you balancing super powers.

Paddle boarding

The dog (Milo) went down the river too!


The more “traditional” relaxation activities ensued as well.

The cabin’s hot tub was well-loved.  We refueled with a feast cooked by the lovely Latina women on the trip.  And we played board games that involved poetry writing.  Have you ever heard of Quelf?  Good fun!

The poem for me. :)


I may not be a natural at everything, but relaxing?  Relaxing is my jam.

Kat is having her own relaxation time after taking the Bar Exam.  Of course, her version includes winning races in San Fran and running a 50K.  You know, for fun.

Read on for this force of nature’s adventures and healthy travel tips!


My San Francisco To-Do List – Keeping it Healthy

Because I’m not working full-time yet, I am actually taking some time to relax, enjoy life, go on a couple of trips and maybe do a little conferencing.  This week I am in the San Francisco Bay Area (Editor’s note: Color me jealous.  This is one of my favorite parts on the country!) for the annual Lavender Law Conference, but I tacked on the weekend to do essential “Kat” things.

To Do List


As many of you know and experience, it can be hard to stay healthy on vacation.  Laura did a great job on her birthday trip with running, and some healthy meals (Editor’s note: Shameless plug… this is the post I did about that on my California trip).

I’m having a similar trip, and still enjoying cool food (Editor’s note: I’d break up with you as a friend if you didn’t 😉 ).  I’m also enjoying the cider, wine, and cocktails, but nothing to excess.


My favorite tips for keeping a healthy vacation:

  • Find rock-star baby-sitters for your fur-babies.  It can put your mind at ease, and keep stressors low.  I could not be here with out Khristina and Tara helping me out.
  • Try to stay with a friend, if possible.  It makes many of the following tips easier.  (My friends Sara and Jenny are angels for hosting me for 10 days).
  • Go to the grocery store and pick of some of your favorite healthy staples!  (I immediately got apple cider vinegar and bee pollen).
  • Plan a few nights to have meals at home.  You know what’s in your food, and can make healthy (and delicious) choices.  (Doesn’t hurt that Sara is also an awesome cook!)
  • Make or find fresh juices and don’t have a heavy breakfast every day. (Oh, and Sara juices with fresh fruit and veggies every morning… I’m in heaven).
  • Plan to be outside!  It’s the easiest way to stay active – weather walking, running, biking, hiking, etc.  (I planned two races and 3 other day trips!)
  • Breath Deeply.
  • Actually try not to think about work!  I didn’t check email all day today.  Laura can attest to this, as she thought a blog was not coming for Thursday!
  • Give yourself a break.


I know a lot of them overlap, but how many of you still sometimes work (even a little) on vacation?  I bet more of you than want to admit it.  But time off, to renew and regenerate is key to happy, healthy living.  It can help you be a better girlfriend, wife, employee, mom, friend, etc., etc. when you get back.

Note To Self


I know breathing deeply doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is.  (Editor’s note: I have to remind myself of this on the regular.)

Sara and Jenny have taken me to 3 overlooks, just to enjoy the views, breath, smile, and relax.

Wildcat Canyon Road Overlook from Berkeley

Wildcat Canyon Road Overlook from Berkeley

San Francisco From Twin Peaks – check out how the fog opens up!

San Francisco From Twin Peaks – check out how the fog opens up!

(all photos taken from the same spot within 5-7 minutes)

San Francisco from Sausalito

San Francisco from Sausalito


I also decided to keep it active and fun by exploring tons of new trails!  I first had a Cinderella 30K race at Joaquin Miller Park and the Redwood Regional Park on Sunday (and I placed in my age group!), then I did some exploring in the city on Monday (who knows how many miles Jaime and I walked).

Tuesday I ran/hiked all the trails on the southeast side of Tilden Regional Park, and Wednesday I went to Half Moon Bay for a walk on the beach, and to Huddard Park for the MOST FUN run of the week.  I was flying.

Joaquin Miller Park

Joaquin Miller Park

Tilden Regional Park

Tilden Regional Park

Halfmoon Bay & Huddart Park (redwood central)

Halfmoon Bay & Huddard Park (redwood central)


Next weekend, I get to participate in the Mount Tam 50K.  It’s got limited entries, and I got in off the waitlist!  yay!

I could go home now and not be disappointed.  But the conference starts today, and I’m super excited to network, learn a bunch, and maybe even party a little with the folks from the conference!  (Editor’s note: My career counselor in grad school taught a class called “Networking or NOT working” – SO true.)

I feel compulsive about wanting to share my adventures with you guys (Editor’s note: Welcome to being a blogger)!  But I guess there will be more in two weeks!

Random Vacation Pics

Random Vacation Pics


Kat’s post this week is making me want to go back to SF!  Also, I giggled while posting the hot tub pic… 😉

How do you stay active and healthy on vacation?  Do you turn off your cell phone?

Any tips for more stuff to do in the San Francisco area?  There might be zip-lining in Sonoma on Sunday!



  1. says

    Well I am sold… I need a boob job. LMFAO!

    Oh and when I travel I always make sure that my hotels have GYMS in them! And even better: that the hotels I stay at have KITCHENS in the rooms!! 😀 Those are the best!

  2. says

    BB = Beautiful Boobs! Sorry, so cheesy, but I mean it.
    But on to the topic of the post – i LOVE all the healthy travel tips! When I was in the US for 2 weeks, I made sure there was a gym in the hotel or that we could rent an apartment with kitchen. Also, I went to Whole Foods to stock up on healthy snacks and breakfast that I could eat in the room or bring with me!
    I checked out outdoor activities and went to Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp 3 times, which I loved!!

  3. says

    funny i shared a post last week about how to actually rest without guilt because I think we get so caught up with everything we think we have to do that we don’t fully enjoy the down time. You did a great job of it and looks like a BLAST!!!

  4. says

    Haha Laura, you can guess what I want to comment on in the hot tub photo…looking awesome, lady!
    And as for vacations, I usually don’t do traditional workouts (go running or hit the gym) but I do make sure to get in a lot of exploring (and shopping) on foot to keep myself active

  5. says

    Curling wine bottles or even just raising the glass counts absolutely! And great tips for travel. I always worry about the furbabies so knowing they’re in good hands helps. We usually try to stay somewhere with a kitchen if possible or microwave and fridge if nothing else and hit up the grocery stores.

  6. says

    Laura – love that you took time away AND that extra day!! You should cut back from blogging every day – good for you! :)

    Kat – LOVED your adventure although a 50K is not relaxing to me! 😉 It all looked amazing & SF & that area is fun & so diverse!!!

    • Kat says

      Jody, Thanks for the comment! I was just reliving this adventure and finally reading the comments. Although a 50K may not be “relaxing” per say, it’s always fun to explore and experience adventures when traveling, too! :) Hope you are well.

  7. says

    Looks like so much fun! And those are great tips. I still like to workout when I’m on vacation because I love endorphin’s! So I wake up a little earlier than everyone to get in a workout in the morning so I don’t miss out on any of the fun. I definitely try to “give myself a break” too so if I don’t feel like it, I don’t go :)

  8. says

    That looks like such a fun vacation! Those mountains are my favorite. And that bottle of wine isn’t too bad either. 😉 Where did you go paddleboarding? I can only imagine how cold that water must have been. We went rafting in Tennessee last year and the water was so freaking cold it burned. Yikes!
    I love those tips for a healthy vacation…piece of mind for my dog is number one on my list!

    • Kat says

      Peace of mind with the dogs is definitely a priority. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful partner in crime to help with the dogs and friends to help with the cats. How do you plan for time away from your dog?

  9. says

    You look awesome! I’ve only been stand-up paddleboarding once, but I loved it. And I also love the idea of “mental health days” … have been thinking about using Labor Day as a complete “do whatever you want” day … massage, lounging all day in PJs, reading, etc. Sounds glorious!

  10. says

    I have always wanted to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding, maybe it’ll be on my 30 before 30 list? That means I have to do it before June, pressure is on. Also, I would like to curl some of those huge bottles of wine as well!

  11. says

    How do I get on you and your friends next vacation??? Looks like a blast! I want in 😉

    I find it much easier to be active on vacation because I’m not sitting at a desk all day! Eating on the other hand is challenging. I try to stay with friends or when possible get hotels with kitchens so I can cook some meals but vacations are for loosening up and letting go so I’m totally okay with indulging in some decadent meals too :)

  12. says

    Looks like you are making the most of your time here in NorCal! I just tried SUP a few weeks ago in Tahoe and loved it. I agree about finding a good sitter for your fur babies making for a healthy vacation. I always worry about them and usually bring them with me.

    If you’re in the city, you should try to eat at Plant Café- they have awesome and healthy food. Zip lining in Sonoma sounds like a blast- have fun!

  13. says

    Blue Ridge is a great place to relax that’s still close enough to home! Where did y’all go paddle boarding? I’ve only been on Lake Blue Ridge but looks like y’all might have done the river. I may need to try that out!

  14. says

    These are great tips Kat, and I’m so glad you got the chance to just unwind and relax after finally being done with the Bar exam. I bet that still feels amazing.
    Part of relaxing and what makes a successful vacation for me is enjoying myself without going to extremes. It’s not fun for me to finish a trip feeling slow, sluggish or just plain less about myself because I gorged to extremes and didn’t work out. I like great food in moderation, and I like exercise so vacations are a time to allow me to enjoy those things without regular life getting in the way. I’m also a huge fan of NOT checking email while on vacation. I let the office know if they need me, they have to text me because I will not check email. It’s a good system and it allows you to fully recharge.

    I hope you have a great time at the conference and good luck on your 50K next week. You are awesome.

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