Obnoxious Orders + WIAW

Lately there seems to be a streak of obnoxious.

Or maybe I’m having a streak of impatience?

We’ve become a nation of “have it your way.”  But has it done nothing more than turn us into entitled, bourgeois consumers?  We can have virtually anything we want almost instantly.

Take Starbucks.  Yesterday I ran across this article filled with the most obnoxious Starbucks orders.  At first I thought they weren’t SO bad… but keep reading.


My favorites:*

  • Decaf, Soy Latte With An Extra Shot And Cream → Soy, decaf… with CREAM?  And an extra SHOT?  I’m naming this “The Oxymoron”
  • Quad Grande, Non Fat, Extra Hot Caramel Macchiato Upside Down → Upside down?  This is coffee.  Not a cake.  And why bother with the non-fat after all the damn sugar you’re drinking?!
  • Caramel Macchiato, Venti, Skim, Extra Shot, Extra-Hot, Extra-Whip, Sugar-Free → You are aware that whip isn’t sugar-free, right?
  • Grande Chai Tea Latte, 3 Pump, Skim Milk, Lite Water, No Foam, Extra Hot → If you have a pump number specification, you miiiiight be high-maintenence.  And lite water?  As opposed to full-fat?

*All of this is in good fun… I’m sure people (read: my boss) think the way I order in restaurants is obnoxious.


It is rare that I buy coffee.  It’s rare that I even drink coffee.  That said, I do dig this Mocha Protein Frapp.  I know, I know, leave it to me to prefer a protein drink…

Mocha Protein Frapp

Who needs Starbucks when you can have a homemade protein mocha frapp with a fraction of the sugar?  Make this and save yourself $6 and 20g of sugar.


This day of WIAW eats was odd… there were some semi-fails and a wave of nausea… but  let’s face it, eating is always the best part of my day.


Read on for my eats, and then check out Jenn’s link up for everyone else’s delicious days.



My morning cocktail (apple cider vinegar, water, Glutamine, and Fitmixer Aminos) happened, as usual.  I swear this is the biggest addiction in my life.

Breakfast was a pancake experiment… it’s not there yet.  Will keep working.  That said, everything is better when topped with bacon and peanut butter sauce.

Pancake experiment

Mid-Morning Snack:

I don’t buy packaged proteins very often, but I do like the Trader Joe’s Balsamic Chicken.  Its full of flavor and high in protein.  Perfect for busy weeks!  I ate it with raw corn and riced cauliflower mixed with hummus.

That sounds odd after typing it out loud… hmmm…

Chicken and cauliflower rice


My favorite: Sea Bass.  I prepare it during my Sunday food prep.  It’s simply coated with fresh thymerosemarygarlic, black pepper, and lemon, then I bake it on foil in the oven for 12 mins (400 degrees on convection roast).

I ate it with a side of veggies I pre-roasted on Sunday.  To reheat them, I just place them in the oven under broil so they get nice a crispy.

Sea bass and roasted veggies

Afternoon Snack:

The smoothie love continues.  After my workout this afternoon I made a strange… but strange… smoothie bowl.  I think it would have been fine if I hadn’t added so much wheatgrassstrange smoothie

In my smoothie:

  • Chocolate protein powder
  • Wheatgrass
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli slaw
  • Maple extract
  • Cinnamon
  • Fresh ginger
  • Liquid Stevia
  • Toppings: TruWhip, cacao nibs and raw oats

I had an awkwardly timed hair appointment after work, so I had a second snack to tide me over.  My favorite thing.

Kabocha squash!  I roasted it like I did in  this #strangebutgood post and topped it with a quick sauce of peanut flour, almond milk, almond extract, cinnamon, and a couple drops of stevia.  And cacao nibs (I think I’m addicted).

Cocoa Kabocha roast with peanut sauce


I went to get my mane tamed, and while I was in the stylist’s chair I got oddly nauseous.  It was so weird!  Suddenly I just felt like I might have to run to the bathroom.  I drank water, breathed calmly, and made it through the cut.

After I got home I wasn’t hungry, but I knew it was time to eat.  Cheese toast sounded good, so I made that with some Ezekial bread and sample packet of Dubliner cheese I found in the fridge (hope that wasn’t too old…).  Then I added a bunch of stuff.  Swordfish (just a bit for protein – seafood isn’t appealing when feeling puke-y), sugar peas, hummus, and roasted tomatoes with basil.

odd dinner


I still felt a little off, so I went with Greek yogurt hoping the good bacteria would work some magic.  A bit ‘o #strangebutgood always makes me feel better. :)

Popcorn is an awesome dessert topper.  I buy mine in the bulk bins and pop it in brown paper bags in the microwave.  This was topped with melted cherries.  The underbelly of this deliciousness was Greek yogurt mixed with 1/2 scoop of protein powder, carob powder, cinnamon, a little cayenne, and a few drops of Stevia.

popcorn protein geek bowl


After leg day on Monday, I am so sore today that just the thought of walking hurts.  Can that cause nausea??? 😉

What is the most obnoxious thing you order?  Mine is salad.  Basically I want to build my own.  I don’t want the cheese if it’s the crappy shredded stuff, I do want to add red pepper flakes, the dressing must be on the side, and – for the love of god – don’t salt anything.  Is that so hard?!

What do you eat when your stomach doesn’t feel right?


  1. says

    Oh man, those Starbucks orders are brutal haha. I love my Starbucks but wouldn’t be that demanding;) I’d totally take my coffee home and just do those adjustments myself I think.
    My most obnoxious order would definitely be salad or veggies as well! I’m SO super picky, I’m sure the people working kind of want to stab me.
    Whenever I feel a bit off – I reach for the carbs! They’re my go to.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Oh and don’t be worried about your kabocha addition, because I currently have one too.

  2. says

    I worked as a barista, but it was a coffee cart and usually the people were getting free coffee bought from another company so it usually wasn’t too bad. Now when farmer’s market came around….it was a whole different ball game. Although it is kind of nice to know someone by their very specific drink. I always order sugar free and soy milk and I know Dave rolls his eyes haha.

    Hope you feel better soon! When I don’t feel well I usually go for something bland like crackers or cereal…or the classic chicken noodle soup and sprite. :)

  3. says

    Oh my GOSH, these Starbucks orders!! Our Swiss Baristas would kick me out of the shop if I’d say something like this. We are too nice to be so demanding :-)
    Sorry for feeling nauseous! I hope you feel better by now. I LOVE porridge with mashed banana and a little salt mixed in when my stomach feels off.
    Oh, and I am superpicky with salads too. No onions, dressing on the side, no white bread (or no bread at all on the table please) and no croutons. Let’s hope there IS something left on that plate, haha.

  4. says

    Haha WOW- here I thought I was an obnoxious customer with my ordering & substitutions but after reading that list, I am every server’s dream apparently! Starbucks is one of the places I am actually very low-maintenance with my ordering: iced americano with soy milk on the side or soy cappuccino!

  5. says

    Some great eats here! And i love your Starbucks swaps. Those drinks really are out of control–so much crap and calories and that’s all in a drink!

  6. says

    I sometimes feel so bad for barristas who have to deal with such orders, I guess its a double edged sword- they have all those options in the first place! I had the same experience with wheatgrass in a smoothie, it said chocolate on the packet (I think the brand was amazing grass) and lets just say even though other smoothie components (protein powder, peanut butter, milk and bananas) were dominant, you could still taste something ridiculously earthy! Powerful little packets!

    Most obnoxious thing I order would echo you regarding the red pepper flakes, and also I tend to switch side items on menus or get heavy sauces separate!

  7. says

    One of my best friends always orders a venti-quad- breve-mocha with lite ice and no whip
    So essentially he has four shots of mocha espresso filled up with half and half, but “no whip” because he is on a diet. LOL. It’s like a $7 drink. It’s absurd!

    I always just get an Americano – hot or iced depending on the weather! Or hot tea. I would never order such an elaborate drink – so obnixious!

    I think i know that random nauseous feeling – it comes on super fast after eating something. usually if i eat an apple or baby carrots on a really empty stomach I feel really sick.

    The best thing that I found is letting it digest, not eat, and drinking some cold lemon water. Then when I’m hungry again I reach for a more starchy food that is more soothing on the stomach!!

    Hope you had a great day and that your haircut looks fabulous :)

  8. says

    Decaf with an extra shot makes no sense!

    I’m definitely on the obnoxious side when it comes to modifying restaurant meals especially salads! Last week, we went to this restaurant near my house that has these rice bowl things. I ordered mine without queso, feta or sour cream and added guacamole and tofu. Hey, I’m paying for it, I should get what I want!

  9. says

    I used to have a BAD Sbux addiction, but now I go about once a month and I only get an iced coffee with a splash of half & half and no sweetener because I add my own stevia. People think I am so boring!
    Question about the sea bass – does it taste fishy? I like Tilapia because it has a neutral flavor, but need to venture out in the fish department!

  10. says

    That’s some pretty intense Starbucks order! And I feel slightly obnoxious when I order all my teas unsweetened 😉
    When I’m feeling off, I go for carbs. Cinnamon toast is my go-to for an off stomach…or a hangover!

  11. says

    I avoid Starbucks for that reason exactly.I feel like people who order those coffee’s aren’t really coffee drinkers anyway and just want a liquid dessert. They’re also the people who want to have others think they’re posh bc they went there. Not the case maam/sir, you went to a chain!(steps off soapbox)

    When I get coffee I want just a large cup with almond milk. DONE! haha That is kind of obnoxious itself too bc some places don’t carry almond milk and I can see the annoyed look when they correct me with the soy option. haha

  12. says

    I once saw a photo of a SB ticket for a “free” drink. It rang up to something like $80 or something. This makes me embarrassed for myself. Ordered an extra shot this week in the drive thru and it was translated as “extra hot”. Really?

  13. says

    Haha, I just saw that this am! I am a coffee drinker I hate to admit it, but I am. I do love Starbucks but I am normally really easy. “Tall Americano”. haha That’s it. Then I bring it home or to work and put my own coconut milk in it. WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM!

  14. says

    When my stomach is upset, I love eating eggs – might sound strange, but they really work, and most other proteins don’t really appeal to me if I’m feeling sick. And my most obnoxious order is also salad … usually ask them to add some veggies, subtract the cheese and candied nuts, and put the dressing on the side. I always feel bad (like I do when I send stuff back to the kitchen!), but I figure you should ask for what you want … you’re paying for it! Also … I think you mean “high protein” not “low protein” for the chicken … yeah?

    • Laura says

      Makes perfect sense to me! Eggs are comfort food.

      And yeah… low protein chicken was NOT right. Thanks for that correction. :)

  15. says

    sniff peppermint oil! i swear it works wonders! i have a bottle of pure peppermint oil and whenever i have an upset stomach i smell the bottle and sometimes put some on my wrists and neck. i swear it always makes my upset stomach go away or at least subside a bit. you can also just suck on a peppermint :)

    • Laura says

      The salon had mints on the counter – I should have popped one of those in my mouth! I always suck on peppermint when I have a headache.

  16. says

    I might be one of those demanding people at starbucks. Okay, not really but I do have a pump number, its always one because otherwise the flavoring is way to strong for me. I like your squash toppings :) I have been loving kabocha dipped in almond butter.

  17. says

    I love putting popcorn in desserts as well; because its so light you get so much for the actual weight/calories of it as well! Mmmm
    I’m definitely obnoxious when it comes to ordering salads too..I like taking things off and adding things from different salads..I swear sometimes the servers must hate me haha!

  18. says

    I’m a simple orderer – I don’t drink coffee (occasionally I get Chai at Starbucks).
    Hopefully the nausea doesn’t return today – I usually just go with something simple like crackers and maybe cheese when I feel a little off.

  19. says

    I’d like to say that I’m not that obnoxious when I order my coffee because I usually just order a cappuccino, but I’m REALLY picky about how it’s made and there’ve been more than a few occasions where I’ve had to ask them to remake it because there was too much milk and not enough foam. I always feel kind of bad for it, but I figure if I’m paying that much for coffee, I may as well be satisfied with it.

    • Laura says

      I get it. I returned popcorn at a mvie theater once because it wasn’t hot. for what they charge it should be the best popped corn ever!

  20. says

    Ok I’m embarrassed but my Starbucks are way high maintenance. And I think it’s because I know I’m about to pay $5 for coffee, so I have no shame in having them jump through hoops while making it. Terrible, right? My mom rolls her eyes while I’m ordering just to drive it home that I’m being ridiculous. Don’t care. Love it. Yes, I ask them to write “Princess Sparkle” on my cup as often as I can remember it too. Home run.

  21. says

    It’s been too long since I’ve stopped by! I’ve been following your IG though 😉 but now I’m officially back to blogging! Just posted a WIAW post myself.. kinda weird after that many months, hehe. Love it though! OK enough with the rant.. great eats as always girl! Some pictures look familiar 😉 The popcorn thing I totally do too!! It’s a great topping for anything I think! XO Lianne

    • Laura says

      Thanks for stopping by and welcome back to blogging. :) IG is the best for stayin in touch – and for getting ideas. :)

  22. says

    I always thought I was an obnoxious orderer until I met my gym friends and some of them are worse than me! But then I think about it and it’s clear that we know what we’re doing. 😉 I get so angry when salads come dressed even after you ask for dressing on the side OR just a side of oil and vinegar. It’s like Helloooo were you not listening!? The simple mistakes always irritate me most.
    I do have a coworker that orders venti skim vanilla lattes with whip. She says that she feels better getting the skim and likes when the whip melts into the drink making it thicker. Um… 😉

    • Laura says

      Gym people are the worst. You should see me in competition prep. I don’t even try on business trips – I jus tbring my own food. :)

  23. says

    I am the most obnoxious salad orderer. I admit it. I like it how I like it, but also with food allergies, there are some things I have to ask for. This makes me pay 4 times what I should for a bowl of lettuce and two slices of cucumbers every time I go out. The price and my order are equally obnoxious. 😉

  24. says

    I hardly ever eat out!!!! Saying that, I am a Sally from When Harry Met Sally – :) YIKES!!!

    OK, I would ask you if you are sure you are not pregnant BUT…. 😉

    I love your strangeness!!!!

  25. says

    I am definitely guilty of a few obnoxious orders, but they are more to avoid dairy etc than anything, and at Starbucks I keep it simple with black coffee or iced tea haha. And I am loving all this popcorn in your nightly creations lately, it has sparked a serious craving!

  26. says

    Oh gosh, those orders are ridiculous. I used to work at Big Apple Bagels, and we had a guy come in an order something very similar to those things. He would stand right near the counter and literally walk us through step by step because it was so wacky. He was very nice about it and gave whoever made it a tip, but still…wouldn’t it be cheaper (though perhaps not easier) to buy an espresso machine and do all that yourself? Crazy.

  27. says

    I have definitely gotten nauseous DURING leg day – especially when it’s too hot in the gym (I really would always prefer a cold gym). Weird that yours came on randomly during a haircut, I would ask if you’re pregnant, but I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that one. 😉

  28. says

    Omg, that decaf with an extra shot KILLS me!! I used to go to Starbucks all the time in college, but then once I started cleaning up my diet and became more sensitive to sugar, it was harder and harder for me to find a drink that I could stomach…so as not to be lopped into the pool of obnoxious bourgeois consumers, I just quit going altogether…funny, I don’t even miss it now! Oh and “bourgeois” may just be my new favorite word! I’ll have to be sure to tell the man-friend about that one…he HATES going to Whole Foods and Trader Joes because that’s where, as he likes to put it, all the “white people” go! Bahaha!

    I DO need to get a little more obnoxious when it comes to my orders in restaurants. I tend to be a little naive when I read the menu and don’t take into consideration that they will practically BUTCHER a dish without so much as a warning…while in Memphis I ordered some sweet potato fries that came out COVERED in cinnamon sugar yet nowhere on the menu did it say that is how they were served! I was SO disappointed! Sweet potato fries are already SWEET! Why the hell do you need to add sugar?! Also I got some fish tacos the other day that were drowning in sauce! I need to remember to start asking for stuff on the side and questioning the waiter more…I mean hell, if I’m (or really the man-friend most of the time) paying for it, then I should get what I want!

    PS, peanut flour/butter sauce + bacon makes ANYTHING better…even cuts and scrapes…try it next time you need a bandaid! 😉

    PPS, are you only just NOW discovering the amazingness that is cacao nibs?! I’m STILL hoarding SAVING what’s left of my stash from the Dekalb market!

    • Laura says

      Don’t that think the wrong way… but I’m surprised you’re not more obnoxious! I thought it was a wide-apread food blogger affliction. Haha! I HATE when I get SP friens covered in crap. They are SWEET potatoes. No need for more sweetness… ugh!

      P.S. Bacon band-aid?

      P.P.S. Nooooo… I eat them every night. I go through a container every couple of weeks. 😉

      • says

        Haha! No, I’ve always been pretty “normal” when it comes to ordering, but I think it’s high time I started making use of my blogger affliction! Ha! I am so sick of stuff coming to the table that looks completely different from the picture I had in my mind…and some shit you just can’t pick off! Dressings on salads is the worst…followed closely by that nasty bagged shredded cheese! You know one of the ingredients that they add to that stuff to keep it from clumping together is basically equivalent to SAW DUST?! Gahhhh!

          • says

            In the cheese, not the dressing. It’s called “cellulose gum”…that’s what turns white and speckly on cheese that’s been sitting out for too long! X-P

            When it comes to dressings, honestly, I prefer a balsamic vinaigrette WITHOUT oil! That’s what I make for all my “salacious salads” just mixing it up by adding different sweeteners and mustards. I’d rather get my fat IN the salad from avocado, nuts, and cheese instead of drowning it in olive oil based dressings. I told the man-friend the other day that I’m about to start carrying around a little bottle of my homemade stuff in my purse whenever we go out! ha!

  29. says

    Those are some crazy Sbux orders! What is lite water?! Really! Haha. Your mocha protein frapp looks really, really good and refreshing 😀

  30. says

    My comments: what the hell does “upside down” mean? No, I didn’t know that whip is sugar-free, because what the hell is “whip”? I thought it meant whipped cream, which should be… just cream?, WHAT THE HELL IS LITE WATER? Jesus this is why, back home, I’d drink long blacks. Just a long espresso, really. No milk, no sugar… jeebers.

    Also, I just baked salmon with basil, smoked paprika, and pepper, and it made me think of you. xo

  31. says

    Hahaha, I rather enjoyed reading that Starbucks article. Probably because I’m a barista part-time and I hear basically a version of all of those on a daily basis. It can get pretty ridiculous. Most of the customers are great but man, some of them I just want to tell them “No, you can’t have that because that is stupid.”

  32. Melanie says

    Okay, I admit to giving pump-specific orders, because I eat very little sugar, and the only sugar I drink is either a tea latte or iced tea at SBX once or twice a week. Their default pump amount is ALWAYS too much sugar.too sweet for me, so I confess to saying, “Grande Black Tea Latte, one pump of classic.”

    I always tip, if that makes me less of a tool!

      • Melanie says

        It’s basically a latte, but made with tea instead of coffee. I’m not a big coffee drinker. They have them available in: black tea, Earl Grey (aka a London Fog), and I think white tea. They are really good, Laura, and my once-a-week treat.

        • Laura says

          I’m fascinated. I going to order one at the airport this week (Starbucks is my airport treat on business trips).

          • Melanie says

            They’re really good. But sweet, unless you order it with less pumps than the default amount. And I want you to film it if you order it that way. Let me know what you think!

  33. says

    I too am guilty of specifying how many pumps! The Starbucks standard is 3 for tall, 4 for grande, and 5 for venti (though if it’s an iced drink, they bump venti up to 6). I always ask for two pumps because otherwise that’s way too much sugar!

    My standards are grande bold with two pumps of vanilla, or venti iced with two pumps of hazelnut. Not THAT bad :)

    • Laura says

      I’m going to order something at Starbucks and specify pumps now. I don’t even like sweetener, I just want to be that girl. LOL!

      Side note: You’re not going to be in the Chicago area anytime soon, are you? I’m about to start a project there.

  34. says

    Raw corn and riced cauliflower mixed with hummus sounds heavenly. Not odd. Get it right. 😉

    I am such an obnoxious orderer (is that a word?) in restaurants, but at least I’m no longer an anything-tarian, because that does make things a bunch easier. Of course, I find that if you smile pretty and ask really nicely…and don’t get upset if they say no, most people aren’t bothered by special requests.

  35. says

    I’m the worst at restaurants and I’m not even a vegetarian/vegan or have a ton of allergies…I just like my food to be the way I want. I RARELY order something without some form of a modification, which I know off hand because I check menus online before I go places 😛 I’m not picky about trying new things, its more that I’m picky about my macros…as you can understand with prep. Sodium is a biggy for me and ordering a salad is always fun because my protein is generally cooked dry, no dressing, no cheese, etc, etc and I whip out my lil baggy with my homemade dressing and generally some avocado. HA, I’m fun 😀


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