125 Reasons Why Clean Eating Isn’t Boring

No Shit.


I’m going to start calling this blog the “No Shit Zone”

Today’s Work It Out is a guest post from Amanda the Amazing.  She is a great runner with an inspiring story about coming to healthy living.  It has led her to a healthy, balanced lifestyle – the kind we all aspire to!



Her post is about keeping clean eating interesting.  I think it play right into my two favorite topics: Strange But Good foods and the No Shit Diet.  When many people first approach a lifestyle change they have this idea that they need to follow some sort of diet trend or that being healthy means boring foods.  Not so!

A diet isn’t a lifestyle change.  That’s why they don’t work.  You have to experiment with food and find the path that is right for YOU.  For me, that has boiled down to a lot of strange (but good) concoctions to keep food interesting, and to sticking to a basic idea: keep it balanced and include variety.  Seems obvious, right?  Did you just read that and think “No shit, Sherlock”?

No Shit Diet

Amanda has started a clean eating project that incorporate this mindset.  It’s a brilliant way to clean up your eating without getting bored or feeling deprived… and she’s even offering support!

Read on for her fabulous perspective, and a great list of foods to get you started!


125 Reasons Why Clean Eating Isn’t Boring

I love reading magazines…actually I might have a bit of an over subscription issue (Editor’s note: Same.  We need 12 steps…).

They provide me with new workout ideas, meals and general motivation to stay focused on enjoying my active life.  But sometimes it’s abundantly clear that even though they focus on health, they have bills to pay and maybe their info is a little skewed.  Have you seen any of the covers that rave about “125 Power Foods” then you flip it open to find the list doesn’t contain a single vegetable and only one fruit called the “grapple(Editor’s note: I hate to admit I sampled one… it’s tastes as creepy as it sounds) which I think we can probably agree is not local or non-modified.

Just because a label says fortified or enriched or whole grain or even natural, doesn’t mean it is actually natural and good for you.  Can you remember ever seeing maldexitrin for sale?  Do you realize how much salt they add to keep products “shelf stable”?  That sodium bloats us and causes all kinds of other health problems that I will leave to doctors to tell you about.  (Editor’s note: So true.  Salt hangovers exist.  More on sodium here.)


The Clean and Lean Project (along with super studs like Laura) have gotten me refocused on choosing foods that are going to serve not only my physical goals, but my performance, my health, my skin…my life!  I think this kind of diligence for the most part is a really great thing, as long as it’s also tempered with not becoming overly worried about every morsel we eat, sometimes chocolate is exactly what the body needs (Editor’s note: AMEN!)!


That being said, one of the biggest questions I get after mentioning clean eating is “WHAT WILL I EAT?!” or clean eating is so BORING.  To anyone who says clean eating is boring or bland, I first say have you seen any of Laura’s posts on strange, but good?

After that I think it’s time to bust out my list of 125 power foods…tell me you can’t find delicious, exciting and filling on this list!

125 Whole Foods

HAHA!!  125 foods that are non-processed and I didn’t even need to include bland icky iceberg lettuce.  (Editor’s note: Cheers to THAT!)


Amanda of RunToTheFinish.com is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist with a true passion for running.  If you are looking for more tools to help you make Clean Eating a lifestyle, checkout the Clean and Lean Project, which teaches participants how to create new habits and kick the sugar cravings.


Don’t forget to click here to enter and win one of 6 canisters of Designer Whey Sustained Energy!  Staying satisfied is a great way to keep the  munchies at bay.  And it’s fun to rhyme.

What is your favorite clean food/dish?  Feel free to link up recipes!

Does anyone legit love iceberg lettuce?  Aside from when it’s covered in blue cheese and bacon. 😉



  1. says

    Totally all about this! I love the idea of those project, especially the fact that heck yes – sometimes the body needs some chocolate but other times we crave wholesome healthy foods.
    It’s all about listening to the body, but keeping health in mind too.
    Haha, funny you mention iceberg lettuce because I actually LOVE it – just plane by itself. I could probably eat the whole thing – I think it’s because it’s so crunch. I don’t know why I just adore it. Guess I’m an oddball.

  2. says

    This list reads more like 125 foods I love!! I always thought I would struggle giving up processed foods and quick eating solutions but I have found that since I embraced this healthier eating style, I have been happier, healtier and I never get bored of finding new combinations to try!

    • Laura says

      That’s exactly how I felt! And agree – it’s so much more entertaining to invent your own clean recipes.

  3. says

    I FACKING LOVE CLEAN EATING! I made the most delicious and utterly scrumptious CLEAN RECIPE TODAY – Can’t say much more than that because I actually filmed it and will post it on my blog, 😉 BUT OMG OMG sooooo yum! I don’t know why people think healthy foods are boring, drives me BONKERS!

    • Laura says

      I’ve been putting tumeric in everything since reading about it! It’s really easy to incorporate.

  4. says

    Great list! I love most of the things there (except the meat of course)! And I’m not a fan of iceburg lettuce – more of a spinach person!

  5. says

    I am loving that list of all of those whole (and delicious!) foods. As someone who used to eat nothing but junk, I am shocked by how “clean” I eat now. But I am also really excited and happy about it. And from the food that I have been making and eating over the past year and a half, I can definitely say that clean eating is SO NOT boring!

    • Laura says

      Thank you so much for sharing this salad!!! I love that you got 10 whole ingredients in. Totally impressive. :)

  6. says

    I love this post. People often sigh when I tell them I am choosing a salad, but little do they realize my salads contain tons of protein and grains! Hello quinoa, sweet potatoes, tuna, endgame and chicken. I will definitely be sharing those 125 reasons with those who think “clean eating” is a fad diet (weight loss), not a lifestyle! :) Oh and, that is great that you didn’t need to include iceberg lettuce. :) I much prefer kale, spinach or arugula!

    • Laura says

      I so agree! I say salad but when I bust out my idea of a “salad” people tend to come around. 😉

  7. says

    Great post. My favorite clean food these days is zucchini that’s been spiralized to look and act like pasta. Covered with fresh tomatoes and veggies/nuts, is so delicious and satisfying.

    As for iceberg lettuce, my husband loves it and it’s his lettuce of choice. We just joined him out in the Colorado mountains for vacation after he had a 500 mile biking event, and he picked up groceries – lo and behold he had 2 heads of iceberg. There’s nothing nutritional about it and even though I have told him this in the past he still likes it. I think for it’s crunch – what else could it be? For dinner last night I made his favorite, steak and potatoes with a side iceberg salad. He was happy as a clam. All other nights he eats healthy since I do the cooking. An occasional indulgence is ok but when you eat healthy 97% of the time that 3% is actually hard for the belly to enjoy.

  8. says

    Clean eating seems SO boring – because you forgot to add kabocha to the list 😀 – just including pumpkin doesn’t count. Really, though, I think that list is fantastic and I especially like that it contains easily accessible foods and no expensive “superfoods”, protein powder or the likes. Because aren’t fruit and vegetables the ultimate superfoods already?
    With the huge variety there is I wouldn’t be able to pick just one favourite clean food/dish. Oh, well, maybe anything vegan that contains kabocha ;)?!


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