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A smart blogger would have posted a “What I Ate on Vacation” today.

I got too excited and posted my favorites on Monday.

There are a few things I didn’t yet share from Napa (besides the wine – that post is coming!).

The thing that earned me the strangest look from Lisa was probably my extreme excitement over seeing GT’s Classic in the CalMart (not to be confused with Wal-Mart).  The Classic is the version GT’s was forced to quit selling at many major markets due to the alcohol content.  This is silly.  Kombucha is fermented tea… but there’s not even enough booze for a buzz!  I chose the Gingerberry and didn’t get drunk in the least.

GT's Classic Kombucha

This next item DID pack a punch.  A Maple Bacon Manhattan from JoLe.  It was bacon-infused rye, Carpano Antica, and maple syrup… with a side of candied bacon.

I was only going to have a taste… but holy yum.

Maple Bacon Manhattan

Lunch somehow was missed in my Monday food post.  Our driver in Napa recommended that we try a new concept called R+D Kitchen.  It’s owned by Hillstone, which makes it a chain (I’m morally opposed to eating at chains)… but we bit the bullet and tried it out.  So very glad we did!

As with Houston’s, the food and service were top-notch.  We shared toasts to start – one with hummus and one with goat cheese and figs.  The hummus was very good – heavy on the tahini, which is ideal in my book!

R+D Kitchen toasts

For my meal I ordered a omelette with spinach and goat cheese.  It may look funny, but the omelette was fantastic.  It was done french-style.  It’s difficult to find a good one, but they executed it flawlessly!

It also came with roasted tomatoes and a side salad.  Those tomatoes made the meal!

R+D Kitchen omeltte

I know this is getting long… but one more!!!  Remember the “scenic” walk to dinner I took my friends on?  I think this view at Sol Bar was worth it:

Sol Bar

Most of the meal was too dark to take pics of and we were in such a night place I felt wrong using a flash (*gasp* I do have some shame).  The entire meal was mind-blowingly delcious, and our server couldn’t have been more fabulous.

I did get one decent shot of my birthday dessert.  Chocolate Decadence with Ortiz Farms raspberries, soft cream, and cocoa nib dentelle. Words cannot describe.  It’s the last (30th) birthday cake I’ll have, I swear.

Sol Bar birthday cake


This day of WIAW eats was fun for me!  Monday morning I woke up to find that my fridge and freezer were not working.  After a brief panic, I managed to get a handyman out and have the thing fixed for less than $150.  It was also the perfect excuse to clean out my food stash and restock!  Restocking is the best – the farmer’s market didn’t know what hit it!  I was SO excited that I got home and did my food prep right then.  Snapper, cod, gazpacho, roasted kabocha, and bison burgers.  At 9pm.  :)


Read on for my fresh fridge eats, and then check out Jenn’s link up for everyone else’s delicious days.



My morning cocktail (apple cider vinegar, water, Glutamine, and Fitmixer Aminos) is still going strong.  I am now so addicted that I brough the Fitmixer to Napa and purchased a bottle of ACV from the market there.

Something lit a fire under my butt, because I woke up in the mood to run sprints.  I can’t explain it.  Anyway, after the humid 30 minute run I couldn’t think of anything but a smoothie bowl.  Cold and now chewing required.  Does anyone else have a hard time chewing foods after workout?

Wheatgrass protein smoothie bowl

In my smoothie:

  • Vanilla protein powder
  • Wheatgrass
  • Spinach
  • Cinnamon
  • Fresh ginger
  • Lemon liquid Stevia
  • Cardamom
  • Toppings: plum and raw oats


I was so excited for this meal that I didn’t bother with my usual mid-morning snack.  During my Monday night food prep I roasted snapper with cilantro, fresh ginger, lime juice, pepper, and cherry tomatoes.  That was eaten for lunch along side a cup of gazpacho and a bag of veggie Pirate’s Booty.

Red Snapper and gazpacho

Afternoon Snack:

Despite having had a hearty lunch, I was still unnaturally excited for my afternoon snack.  Bison burgers!  I’ve been craving them for a long time.  This burger was so easy – I just mixed each patty with steak sauce and added red pepper flakes before cooking them in a pan.

I don’t use pre-made sauces often, but I did find this Robbie’s Naturals brand a Whole Foods that I love.  It’s low-sodium, low-sugar steak sauce.  (I also dig their BBQ sauce.)

Bison burger with Robbie's sauce

The side salad was also delish – red spinach, zucchini, asparagus (it’s been long enough to bring it back), shiitake mushrooms, thyme, lemon juice, and black pepper.


I’d been thinking of this all day long.  Sea Bass.  I think it’s passed swordfish as my favorite fish.  I ran home from my workout, coated it in thyme, rosemary, garlic, black pepper, and lemon juice before putting it in the oven for 12 mins (400 degrees on convection roast).

This gave me time to prep my salad: red spinach (nothing like spinach – it has a thick stem and is a little spicy), cherry tomatoes, and Persian cucumber.

Sea Bass and red spinach

Obviously I needed carbs after leg day, but I saved it for a little dessert…

Kabocha squash!  I roasted it as instructed in Friday’s #strangebutgood post and topped it with Peanut Butter Cannoli.

Cocoa Kabocha roast with peanut sauce


Nothing wrong with two desserts!  I almost had more roasted squash but decided to aim for variety.  And #strangebutgood-ness.

Shredded carrot, no salt cottage cheese, cinnamon, stevia, ginger, and vanilla topped with chocolate protein fluff made from vanilla protein powder, cocoa, beet powder, and stevia. Topped with massive blackberries and cacao nibs.  Just trust me.  It’s good.


Sorry for the picture-heavy post.  This was a lot… but I’m so excited about ALL the foods!  #lovemyinnerfatkid

Are there restaurants so nice you won’t take pictures?

If you could try anything in this post, what would it be?  I don’t think anything was terribly odd…


  1. says

    I was always so confused by this kombucha alcohol content thing. Like really, it’s not going to get anyone buzzed. So it’s silly. Shouldn’t they be banning cough syrup then and things like that. Who knows – this world is odd sometimes.
    Drooling over your kabocha squash dessert – it’s totally my favorite squash for Snacking on. You can’t go wrong with it…ever.
    And I had a smoothie for Breakfast too! So unlike me, but it was the only thing I was craving for some reason.

    • Laura says

      It’s so crazy – it’s required becasue there’s more than 0.5%. So minimal! To put it in perspective, wine has about 14%.

  2. says

    You eat fish, JUST AS MUCH AS I DO…. AND I LOVE IT because you give me ideas as to how else to prepare it! I am such a creature of habit and like ALL FISH with spaghetti squash! However, tomorrow my friend Tara (she has been in couple of my videos) is coming over so we can film a “tricked out” recipe… That has to deal with fish… LOL – Yeah, I am the only one laughing right now, because the recipe is from a very funny source that you would NEVER expect! 😉

    • Laura says

      I can’t believe I didn’t like seafood until 1.5 years ago. Crazy!!! I haven’t had it with spaghetti squash. That needs to be remedied.

    • Laura says

      I love Hake, but rarely buy it for some reason. Much change that next week. We made Hake “cakes” at a cooking class in Chile!

  3. says

    Most people would be all over that chocolate dessert…I personally want to try that kabocha squash with PB cannoli- sounds like a rather divine combo :)!

  4. says

    You are one committed gym bunny, prepping such gourmet meals for your meals! Nice one! Its a hard task to only pick one thing from your post, but that french style omelette.. when I first saw the picture, I was like…did Laura eat a slab of butter… looks intriguing!

  5. says

    ya i would feel bad using a flash too. I’ll imagine the meal for you. I am sure it was superb! And i’m still mad about the whole classic GT being pulled. yes 2 years later I am still mad. Stupid woman who complained about the the alcohol content. RUBBISH!

  6. says

    figs are often a fabulous addition!! itz not the restaurant that makes me not take pictures, sometimes it depends who i’m with. although usually i don’t care at all and whip out my camera (aka my phone) to snap a shot! :)

  7. says

    I don’t get the kombucha thing either – I don’t think you can even find the classic stuff around here because of our liquor licensing laws. Such silliness. That dessert from the restaurant looks amazing! If chocolate is involved, I’m sold.

  8. says

    Maple Bacon Manhattan!? Holy cow. That all looks like so much fun. Great meals!

    I have been super into plums right now! I have been having them with my breakfast. Plain yogurt, fresh plums, raw almonds, flax seed and raw honey. FTW!

  9. says

    Such an amazing time & bday trip for you!!!! Maybe getting those boobies brought you good luck! 😉

    I am such a boring & PLAIN eater – I am fine with that so I love reading your food concoctions! 😉

  10. says

    I’m overwhelmed. I have to admit my eyes glazed over a bit at the end of the post. Pretty pictures–and delicious food I’m sure–but I am clearly out of blog-reading practice. :)

    I NEVER use a flash in a restaurant. So, I guess I also have some shame.

    I want that twinkle light-covered natural canopy in my backyard.

    • Laura says

      I know, I know… my eyes glazed reading it. Maybe I need to do an all text post to make up for it. And that post should be limited to 140 characters.

  11. says

    I won’t take pictures at corporate events or anything that is non blogger related, unless I’m out with friends that get it. 😉
    Figs and goat cheese, amazeballs! We have a couple fig trees in our back yard but they haven’t produced anything of substance…yet.

  12. says

    The atmosphere of the Sol Bar looks really amazing. The greenery and lights makes it seem really serene, but fancy. Like a restaurant that you would see in the movies!

    I have not taken many pictures in restaurants ever. I’d say that if it required a flash I would probably never… And if it was Olive Garden or fancier I probably would only do it if no one else could see. Lol.

    • Laura says

      Totally! That’s such a good idea!!! The vegan bacon bits I linked today could do the trick if you added maple syrup. Or you could take a tempeh bacon recipe and do the same.

  13. says

    I’ve decided that we should be foodie best friends. I seriously want everything that you post. EVERY TIME. If someone would bottle the maple bacon manhattan I would be such a happy camper, that and I love just about everything with cottage cheese.

    So glad that you had such a great time in Cali- can’t wait for the wine post!

    xx Kait

  14. says

    I’m full from dinner and this post has got me hungry again lol! I LOVE your smoothie recipe! I have the same issue in the mornings, and I just want something cold and creamy. I like freezing my smoothies in glasses for about an hour first, and then they taste like ice cream you can eat with a spoon!!:) I have to make that cottage cheese dessert- YUM! Plus, I’ve always, always wanted to try seabass. Right now, I’m on a halibut kick, but it’s so darn expensive! Great day of eats!

    • Laura says

      Oh, you have to try the sea bass!!! Make sure you get the fresh (never frozen). It’s pricey but I swear to you it’s worth it!

  15. says

    I have to agree, there are places (and settings) where it just doesn’t feel right to take pictures. By the look of that pic, that was definitely a moment to soak in rather than snap up! I’ve never seen or heard of a French omelette before…hmm, learn something new every day! And omg, you know I’m a weenie when it comes to hard liquor but that Manhattan is mesmerizing…or maybe it’s the candied bacon…or the fact that my inner dipper would be all over that combo in a heartbeat! Ha!

    Everything looks pretty un-strange to me…with the exception of the Pirate’s Booty…I just don’t understand the fascination with those little air puffs…though I’ve never tried the veggie ones, but if I had to choose ONE thing, I’d take a bowl of that gazpacho! I’ve still yet to try it! The man-friend is about to have a MASSIVE amount of tomatoes ready in his garden, so I have a feeling this will be changing very VERY soon!

    • Laura says

      Lisa was fascinated with the bacon too. She hated the actual drink. More for meeeee!

      The veggie Pirate’s Booty is the only one I like. You have to look at the expiration dates too – it gets stale quickly.

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