Strawberry Fields Forever

Let me take you down…

strawberry fields

Random fact: I listened to The Beatles religiously high school.

I’ve been religiously adding berries to everything lately.  You’ve seen these if you follow me on Instagram, but here’s round up of some marvelous strawberry creations last week.


You may have noticed that I love to add fruit to seafood.  Most of the time it’s in the form of a salmon creation
(Like salmon and peaches. Try it.)  Last week I was on a crab bender, and so this salad was born:

Strawberry Crab Salad

Crab and Strawberry Salad

  • Crab meat
  • Strawberries, sliced
  • Basil
  • Balsamic
  • Lime juice
  • Pepper
  • Paprika


Strawberries are also good for breakfast!  Friday morning I treated myself with a breakfast pizza.  Normally this would involve yolk porn, but I was out.

Instead, I made a creamy spread by blending my cottage cheese, and used bacon and strawberries as toppings.  The kicker was the fig balsamic glaze I’ve been adding to everything.

Strawberry breakfast pizza

Strawberry Breakfast Pizza

  • Flatbread or pizza crust (I used P28)
  • 1/4 C no-salt cottage cheese
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp ground ginger
  • 1/4 tsp almond extract
  • 3-4 drops liquid stevia
  • Strawberries
  • Bacon, pre-cooked and broken into “sprinkles”
  • Optional toppings: hemp seeds, cacao nibs, balsamic


Top pizza and place in oven under broil for a few mins.  

Sprinkle with hemp seeds, cacao nibs, balsamic… or other toppings of choice!


Lastly, we must have strawberries on dessert!  My #1 favorite “healthy” dessert is my 150 Calorie Chocolate Cake.  Who knew 2 minutes in the microwave could produce such a perfectly moist individual cake?!  I followed my original recipe, but used mashed sweet potato in place of the apple sauce.  I think I’ll be doing that from now on – it was fabulous!

For the strawberry topping, I simply mashed up some fresh berries in a bowl, added a tiny bit of balsamic, and microwaved it to warm.  The heat juices the berries even more, making for a delicious fruit syrup.

150 calorie chocolate mug cake with strawberries


One more thing… I’m now a strawberry blonde!  I went lighter for the summer.  Yes, my hair color is seasonal.  Holla at Karen and Lava Hair Studio.

Short red hair

How’s that for a berry Marvelous Monday? Check out all of the Monday Marvels at Katie’s linkup!

Marvelous Monday


I have a little announcement tomorrow… I’m a little nervous about it, but I’m all about being real.  Suspense.

What is your favorite way to use strawberries (other than plain)?

Do you change your hair or something about your “look” seasonally?



  1. says

    Strawberries are my life lately. I’m so addicted to their sweetness. Especially in smoothies, dressings, or salads. Yum.
    Love the hair color on you, it looks awesome!!
    And I’m also all over that strawberry breakfast pizza. Especially being a sweet lover over the savory things.

  2. says

    Berries aren’t in season in Mumbai buuut I’m off to London in a few weeks and cannot wait to lap them up! Love the sound of the breakfast pizza! Another “strange but good” use of strawberries is in a grilled cheese with chevre and balsamic glaze- gourmet much? ;)!

    • Laura says

      Yes!!! I love them on grilled cheese. Have you tried canteloupe? It’s good with proscuitto on a grilled cheese too.

  3. says

    Strawberries + bacon, not so sure about that but strawberries are a LOVE of mine, literally I have a sweet spot for berries and am so grateful it is not a BERRY FUL SEASON! No more defrosting organic berries! Thanks for sharing your 150 calorie cake, it sounds ammmazing! Have an amazing day! Love + Shine CourtStar

  4. says

    Thank you for the title reference! I love that song!
    My hair style and color always stay the same, but I used to be very experimental during high school and college.
    I’ve already spent a small fortune on berries this year. Why are they still so expensive?! Oh right, the floods. I love pairing berries with soy yogurt and muesli. And with a dash of cinnamon. Always.

  5. says

    Seasonal hair – I love it! And it looks great on you :) The farthest I go to keep my look seasonal is my nail color and makeup… I go darker in the winter and lighter in the summer. Other than that, I guess the only other change is that the sun lightens my hair. And don’t hate me but… I actually prefer blueberries over strawberries 😯

  6. says

    I used to love changing my hair colour on a regular basis! The craziest I’ve done was fire engine red and orange. I looked like a troll doll and I loved it :)

    Recipes look fab…as do you!

  7. says

    I totally should have picked up strawberries at the store yesterday. The breakfast pizza sounds fantastic. Does a strawberry daiquiri count? I just blend up strawberries with ice and vanilla vodka. If the berries are a little more tart, then add in a bit of vanilla stevia.

  8. says

    SUSPENSE!! geez.

    I love your hair! I used to have seasonal color too 😉 in the summer it was blonde (like platinum, what??) and in the winter it was … kinda purple. Definitely need to revisit that color soon…

  9. says

    So first – new color is awesome! You always give me a case of hair envy. Not brave enough to cut it/dye it ever!

    And YES berries on everything!! I roasted strawberries for the first time in a cherry balsamic and put them on some ricotta with a little raw honey.

    and i also had a strawberry basil scone recently.

    But strawberries on cheerios or strawberry shortcake are childhood favorites.

    • Laura says

      Balsamic is so good on fruit. I do a cherry balsamic chickepea salad that you just remimded me of… lunch!

  10. says

    I’m pretty sure we’ll be officially into berry season here by next week…so excited! Blueberries are my favourite berries, but fresh strawberries with real whipped cream is pretty amazing.

    And the hair looks fabulous!

  11. Cora Matheson says

    My FAV way to use strawberries = strawberry/avocado/cheese melts. Oh me oh my. I make a balsamic strawberry glaze by stewing strawberries with balsamic vinegar until thick, then mash some avocado with lemon juice and salt, spread both onto toast and layer with either swiss or goat cheese. Place under the broiler until bubbly. Yummmmmmmmmm.

  12. says

    I love strawberries sliced on my yogurt creations, frozen and blended with bananas in “soft serve,” or of course chocolate covered strawberries :). None of those are sweet-and-savory, but I like the idea of the crab salad!!

  13. says

    YESSS to the strawberries and the strawberry blonde! I am sure that looks awesome on you.

    I love the Beatles. I think I listened to them religiously throughout high school and college. Can’t beat a classic.

    I am so glad that strawberries are coming back in season! We have a strawberry farm like 5 miles from the house that we pick at every year! YUM!

  14. says

    I love strawberries in ice cream!! LOL but I also love them as jam, in yogurt, in smoothies, on salads…. they are so yummy.. Your hair looks awesome!! Excited for the announcement tomorrow!

  15. says

    When I was little I got exposed to all the “good” foods when I went on sleepovers..
    I was so weirded out one time when a friend’s mom put out strawberries and a big azz bowl of powdered sugar.
    So I mimiced my friend and we dipped them in the powdered sugar (and probably got high we ate so much).

    Probably won’t be doing that again as an adult but it does deserve mention.

  16. says

    The only thing I change about my look is that I switch from Dansko clogs to flip flops. :)

    OK, so do you think I could do a strawberry salad with my leftover trout??? I wanted to make something with it like that, but I was actually going on a blueberry fish salsa idea….strange but good?

  17. says

    Love strawberries!!
    And, I love the new hair color!!! I change my hair color seasonally, too (or when the mood strikes!).

  18. says

    Course I always love your recipes but… I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!

    Nope – no seasonal for me – I am a What Not to Wear or even put on the face – no knowledge of that stuff! :)

  19. says

    Babe, how you be even sexier than when I saw you a few weeks ago? STELLAR.

    P.S. The Beatles are the jam. Such my childhood too. And I now have Rocky Raccoon in mah head!

  20. says

    Strawberries really are good with everything, although I must admit I have never tried berries with fish before. I might have to Ty that sometime soon! I have been eating loads of berries with my breakfast the past few weeks. Soo good!

  21. says

    Love your hair!
    I still listen to the Beatles religiously. They’re my absolute favorite. People wonder if I ever get sick of them, but I’ve listened to them my whole life and I don’t think I’ll ever stop! Visiting Liverpool a few years ago was the best. 😉

    I’m SO trying that pizza the next time I have fresh strawberries. Holy yum.

  22. says

    I love strawberries, and I was able to score the best ones from the local farmers market last week. They were amazing and I had them with lemon juice/rind and ricotta cheese and also as bruschetta. I think strawberries and balsamic pair so nicely together. Your hair looks great, and much like you and my food, my hair color is seasonal.

  23. says

    Gosh I love your combos! You come up with things I could never think of! Love it! I usually have strawberries just plain but if I ever get fro yo, strawberries are always a must.
    Your hair looks FAB! I’ve had the same hair color/style for the past couple years. I used to change it up regularly but I’ve been less experimental lately. :\

    • Laura says

      thanks!!! I try to change mine everytime I get it cut… I’ve been going to the same stylist for 15 years, so I just tell her to do whatever she wants! :)

  24. says

    we used to be afraid to combine fruit with other things – especially fish or meat but our thoughts of food have changed and now we love fruit with just about anything. and we have to try your salmon and peaches sounds yummy

  25. says

    You look beautiful girl, I love the summer style!!
    And the Strawberry cake is my favorite here. I love to puree strawberries with acv, olive oil, ginger, lemon, pepper and honey and use this as salad dressing.

  26. says

    I was completely Beatles obsessed in high school also. I definitely didn’t have too many friends that shared my love though haha. I have been loving berries lately too, my body always craves whatever is in season which is great because I like to buy locally. Love the hair!

  27. says

    love the hair. my hair has seasons too. i want to cut it all off again ….. so bad. but i’ve been working so hard to grow it out!


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