Spring is Marvelous

Something about Spring makes life better.


Until the pollen hits.

Last week I was in a bit of a funk.  It was rainy and cold, I was tired… but spring arrived just in time for the weekend!  I want to carry over this weekend weather high into the week, and Katie’s Marvelous in My Monday link up is my favorite way to focus on the good and start the week out right!

Marvelous Monday

Almost everything involved the outdoors – something I’d forgotten how much I love!


There’s only one right way to start the weekend – pancakes!  I made Heather’s Peanut Butter Cookie pancakes and topped them with a fresh strawberry sauce.  My only change to her recipe was to omit the rice flour and reduced the liquid to 1/3 C.  They were perfect!

With the spring berries on top, it was like PB&J cookies for breakfast.

Peanut Butter Cookie Pancakes


Those pancakes fueled the best workout I’d had in DAYS.  This week in the gym I had just not been feeling it.  I’d be half way through a workout coaxing myself with post-workout foods if I finished.

Not only did I have a great shoulder/glute day in the weight room, but I was feeling so good I decided to run some sprints before heading home.  Those sprints are great for the glutes and I could feel it the next day!

Carrot Cake Smoothie

After than calorie torch, I made myself a massive Carrot Cake Smoothie… I needed some cool-down fuel because I then met Carol and her puppy for a 6 mile walk in the park!

I don’t know how we walked so long – I was already tired.  We just started talking and the time FLEW by!

piedmont park


We parted ways and I headed home for a (much-needed) shower before meeting a friend for dinner.

I don’t know about you, but my #1 favorite thing about spring is patios.  Sitting outside with my flip-flops on, a teensy sunburn, and a margarita makes me happy.  Simple pleasures.


Sunday I woke up early (read: before 9am on a weekend) to play softball.  We won both games!  Our team is undefeated in a men’s league.  Hahaha! :)

I didn’t have time to make Sunday morning bacon… but my favorite meat-treat still managed to make a cameo.

Bacon socks


Sunday is also my grocery store and meal prep day.  I hauled my sweaty, dusty self (#sorryimnotsorry) to the farmer’s market and Whole Foods for the weekly stock up.  No real diet changes yet, but the competition is coming up fast and next week it will be lock down time.

Despite having bags of groceries from 2 stores, I made it up to my condo in one trip.  I saw this on Pinterest, which perfectly captures the moment.  Please tell me I’m not the only person who is this stubborn:

two trips


I also bought myself flowers.  Flowers go a long way in brightening up my week, especially when I work from home.  It’s nice to look over and see their natural brightness after staring at a computer screen for hours!

Besides, if I waited for someone else to do it I’d be waiting a looong time. 😉


Another favorite of mine in the warm weather is watermelon.  After a long 2 days in the sun, I was happy to have a refreshing watermelon salad… and finally, my Sunday bacon.

Sweet, salty, and a little earthiness from the beets.  It’s the perfect spring salad!  #strangebutgood


watermelon bacon & beet salad

Watermelon, Beet, & Bacon Salad

  • 1 C watermelon, diced
  • 1/4 C beets, roasted and diced
  • 2 strips crispy bacon
  • Cilantro, to taste
  • Freshly ground pepper, to taste


My teensy sunburn got worse on Sunday.  I forgot that with spring comes the need for sunscreen.  #fail

Do you ever buy yourself flowers?

What is your favorite part about spring?



  1. says

    Totally agree, Spring makes me feel more springy, happy, and peppy. Something about the whole environment, weather, and foods.
    Oh, jealous of the weather you got! it rained almost all weekend over here.
    Sounds like a great weekend for you! And yummm that watermelon beet salad looks amazing!
    Happy Monday!

  2. says

    Haha I couldn’t help but laugh at that grocery trip pic- that’s me totally ;)! It looks like Spring has finally sprung in your neck of the woods and what better way to celebrate than with fresh flowers…not that we ever need an excuse to buy our own flowers!

  3. says

    We don’t have a car here, so we always do one trip only! We decided to shop at the ‘nice’ grocery store yesterday, which is almost a full mile from our house. Talk about a long trip hauling groceries! Oh well, it’s good for my muscle endurance haha

  4. says

    ahh yes, i need those socks! rock it! and i need a margarita on the deck and maybe that salad and pancakes. Did you see mine? i failed miserably at making them. oh well

  5. says

    I LOVE that cartoon. That is pretty much what I look like every day when I come home, hauling my school bag, computer, lunch box, and whatever groceries I just ‘had to’ stop for on the way home. :)

    LOVE the combo of watermelon + beets. Of course you would have to go and add bacon…

  6. says

    Aww this is an AWESOME post! I love it all!

    LOVE that you bought yourself flowers, I have done this here and there too, nothing wrong with that! I like to buy at trader joes since they are so cheap!

    Love the bacon socks, too damn cute, haha!

    Glad you kicked butt at the gym, some days I am not feeling it either, so I understand.

    Yay for spring and sunshine!

    Happy week to you, make this one awesome! <3

    • Laura says

      Cheap flowers ar ehte only way to go – my farmer’s market has them for next to nothing!

      I think you have the better excuse for not feeling the gym…

  7. says

    Yes! Spring puts me in such a better mood. It’s just nice to be outside. And I’m excited that you told me that Barcelona is dog friendly. We were just talking about trying to find other places that were aside from The Park Tavern, Midway and Brewhouse.

  8. says

    Awwwww that recipes makes me so happy :) It looks so good and the addition of bacon is awesome!

    I also love that pansy pic – totally reminds me of myself, as well :) I never make more trips. I just always load myself up haha.

    Congrats on all of your softball wins 😀 How exciting girl!

    I also just want to say that I am currently eating your scones – they are wonderful! I’m texting my Mom and telling her I have some left for her and my Dad to try tomorrow 😀 I am making a new board on Pinterest for “favourite recipes” and THIS is going in there FIRST THING :)

    Love you

    • Laura says

      I am so, so glad you loved the scones. I hope your family likes them too! Thanks for the pin – totally honored! :)

  9. says

    Lucky you being able to sit outside and enjoy the sun…its still freeeezing in the UK (its pretty much never going to get warm..maybe I should just accept it haha).
    I totally get what you mean about coaxing yourself with post-workout food to get you through a workout! Just thinking of a tasty treat that awaits you when you’ve finished definitely helps to push you through if you’re not feeling it!!

  10. says

    I agree that this weekend of beautiful weather hit at the perfect time! My favorite thing about spring is seeing everyone get outside and get active. For me, there is no better motivation. I also loovee the fact that you sent yourself flowers! The pancake and watermelon salad recipes both looks delicious, must try them!


    • Laura says

      I didn’t go so far as to send myself flowers – these were form the store. I’m too cheap for that. LOL! :)

  11. says

    I m that grocery carrying person every Sunday and living on the 3rd floor I should have learned something by now- but I am stubborn too 😛 I love sitting on the patio – one of those pleasures of eating out :) lovely salad there. Have a marvelous day XOXO

  12. says

    Ooo! Me me! I definitely buy myself lowers! It’s funny you should mention it, because that’s exactly what I did this weekend too 😉 It’s been snowing for the past three days, so I figured I could use a little spring in my life. And the badass grocery carrying? Totally me.

  13. says

    You hit the nail on the head for my week last week. Workouts were tough, mood was tough…everything was just UGH. I enjoyed a beautiful run with Tony on Saturday morning and then we stopped into Holeman and Fitch for drinks before heading to a surprise party. I was bummed I was in your beck of the woods and didn’t see you! We weren’t planning to go there, but since it was a surprise party at TukTuk and tons of events were going on, we wanted to make sure we didn’t have trouble with traffic. Next time though!

    We ran outside again today and while amazingly beautiful, the pollen is rough! I’m still chocking up the pollen. I don’t care, I am seriously loving the sunshine. Mascara and eye makeup is overrated sometimes. 😉

    Have a great week Laura!

    • Laura says

      I am so sad I mised you guys!!! And I love H&F… we should plan a night to meet up soon.

      Yeah, the pollen is already high… it’s going to be a very yellow spring, I’m afraid.

  14. says

    I couldn’t believe how far we walked either! It was like we blinked and six miles were gone. TEAM US! So glad we got to hang out… you’re so fun! 😀 I’ve got our restaurant list in my head 😉 PS I got sunburned too… my shoulders hurt! haha! totally worth it though…

  15. morgan says

    OMG I think we are weirdly best friends! I totally bought flowers on the way to the office this morning just because it was so springy & nice outside & I needed it inside as well :) daffodils! we had snow yesterday & even though I spent most of the day in the gym, it felt like spring!

    off topic but I really like your watch, have you had it awhile & do you love it? I am a recent blog reader so you probably posted all about it but I am behind the times. I started Triathlon training a month ago & I am looking for an easy to use, big & simple but keeps track. Thanks & enjoy the rest of your spring day!

  16. says

    The watermelon and beet salad sounds wonderful! My favorite part of spring is the fresh produce and flowers at the farmers market! I always just feel so happy when the weather starts warming up and everything smells like spring.

  17. says

    Sounds like a lovely little weekend there. This could be part of my Week In Review link up tomorrow; it’d just be a WeekEnd in Review.
    I love that you are still kicking ass at your softball games. I am rooting for your team from afar.
    The grocery bag thing is totally me too. I will literally load up my arms to the point I’ve got indents from the bag handles if it means I can do it one trip. All bets are off when I bring home kitty litter though (soon to be you….). Those come in forty pound boxes and I need all my strength to get those into the house, but I always turn down the assistance they offer at the pet store. I even sometimes act insulted they think I need it. :)
    I also buy myself flowers; I can’t help but smile when I see them. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to just cut flowers out of my yard and then bring them into work and keep them on my desk. Yep, I bring myself flowers at work. Strange, but good??

    • Laura says

      Thanks for the cheer-section from afar. :)

      I get SO offended when people try to carry things for me. Don’t they know I’m a BEAST?!

  18. says

    Spring in Atlanta is a double edged sword…on the one hand, bring on the sunshine and warmth, and on the other, bring on the pollen and allergies! I still miss it though!

    If you love flipflops and sunburns, you must make a trip to Miami soon! Mi casa es su casa my friend!

  19. says

    Woaah, can’t believe your competition is so soon 0.0 Where did the time go?

    I never really buy flowers. I’m more of a potted plants or fake plants kind of a gal 😛

    • Laura says

      My thoughts exactly!

      I have one potted plant that refuses to die. It’s incredible, but casue I can kill anything.

  20. says

    That picture is right on the mark! I always walk to the store because it’s like six blocks away and I don’t have a car, so every week that’s me right there. I’m usually walking home doing weights with the groceries, partially because I need to keep my arms moving so they don’t die, and also because I figure why not get a workout in while I’m at it. lol

  21. Kanoelani says

    I totally love spring… but… my allergies… DO NOT HAHA!! I love it though so beautiful so I unfortunately cannot buy myself flowers, insert sad face :-(!! My favorite thing about spring though is the beautiful weather and oddly enough all the beautiful flowers & such even if it makes me sneezy and icky lol. That’s what I have meds for lol. OMG, on a side note, I made the Mexican Spaghetti Squash pie today!!! AWESOME!!! I <3 it!! #strangebutgood

    • Laura says

      I feel the same way! There’s already a layer of pollen covering everything.

      So, so glad you liked the pie! Thanks for letting me know. :)

  22. says

    I would rather have my circulation cut off than make two trips of carrying groceries! I feel ya!
    The bacon socks rule. I bet they got you a lot of attention!
    I definitely buy myself flowers more than I get them from Greg. My bday and Vday are two days apart, so I usually get them once per year- right in between the two. Meh.
    But that’s okay- I get almost just as much joy out of buying them for me (or sending them to someone unexpectedly!).

  23. says

    You like patios…I actually love sunburns. Crazy, I know. But there’s something about the first sunburn of the season (my friend Matt calls it a “tanburn” because it’s that critical base layer setting the stage for many more to come. Or well, that’s how we justify it). We are not advocates for sunscreen. Except on our noses. That Pinterest photo of the grocery trip is perfect. I always load on like 8 bags of groceries on my arms just so I don’t have to go back to my car…even though it’s right there in the driveway. I buy myself flowers all the time. Not bouquets, but real flowers definitely brighten up my house. And, if a dude bought me flowers, they probably wouldn’t match my decor. Better to handle the flower thing on my own…haha

    • Laura says

      I actually like a little “color” too… but within reason. Once I got so burned my shoulders turned to hard scales. Ick.

  24. says

    Dude, you seriously have me craving PB&J pancakes now! I can’t believe I never thought about that when I made these! I’m so glad you liked them…it always makes my day when you try my pancake recipes! 😀

    Congrats on winning streak woman! AND on spending so much time enjoying the wonderful spring weather! It has been a fantastic week and half (cold front came in two days ago…boo!) up here weather wise so I’ve been trying to take advantage the best I can.


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