Marvelous in My Random Monday

Warning: This post is totally random.

Making it reflective of the thoughts that run through my head.

I’m really loving the idea of focusing on why life is good on my (former) least favorite day of the week.  Katie’s Marvelous in My Monday link up is a great reminder to keep the good weekend-vibes up!

Marvelous Monday

There was a lot of awesome this weekend.  Most of it is completely unrelated… if you aren’t a fan of unfocused posts this will drive you nuts. #sorryimnotsorry 😉


At the end of last week I was inspired by a FitFluential twitter chat to make my own standing desk at work.  I’ve long been a fan of sitting on a stability ball at work, but I still dislike sitting ALL day.  In a big company it’s hard to get approval for a fancy standing desk, so I did a little improv:

Homemade standing desk

Much better use of those Girls Scout cookies, no?

Side note: I made it through cookie season only having eaten 1/2 of a Samoa.  I would have eaten a Tagalong, but never did find a box of those lying around.  No one wanted to share the best flavor ever?!


Saturday morning called for pancakes.  I finally got around to trying out the Strange But Good pancake recipe Alina shared a couple of weeks ago.  Her Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancakes were inspired by my Oatmeal Cookie Shake!  I loved the creativity.  Please overlook my inability to make brown food look appetizing.  These were amazing.

(Shameless plug: Go back and check out last Friday’s link up – it was the biggest one yet!!!)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancakes

My only modifications were to replace the 2 T of banana with more pumpkin puree and to use carob chips instead of chocolate chips.  The nutritional yeast in these (and the shake) may sound strange, but it makes the recipe!

I topped them with sugar-free syrup, but they honestly didn’t need it.  Next time I’m eating them plain like a cookie.


After my workout, I did a little shopping.  I don’t know what happened, but over the past couple of years I have totally lost interested in clothes shopping.  I’d rather buy workout clothes and fun groceries!  Saturday’s goal was to buy new clothes for work, but instead I found a jacket and some lip plump.

This jacket was on sale and then an addition 40% off at Banana Republic – $180 jacket for $90.  Score.

Banana jacket

Photo from

And the lip plump… that was an impulse buy at Sephora.  It added a little more pout to lips, but it tingled more than anything!

Soap & Glory lip plump

I’m pretty sure I bought this for the name alone.

Saturday night I had a date with my best friend for the first time in MONTHS.  I really missed her!  We had a fabulous meal at Miller Union.  One of my favorite ways to eat is to order a bunch of small plates and a single entrée to share.  I have to try everything!

This is round 1 of the small plates.  A kale salad with pecans, fenneland orange and grapefruit segments, massaged with creme fraiche dressing.  In the middle is a feta cheese dip with fresh veggies.  And wine.

Miller Union kale salad

Sunday was going to be a rest day… but I got restless.  And I had some wine to sweat out.

I popped in my old DVD standby – P90X Plyo.  After all that bouncing I had to get a calf shot.  My trainer has had me doing weighted calf raises 3x a week to elongate my calves… but I never really believed it was possible.  Now I think it actually worked!

P90X burn and Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl

I refueling with an old favorite: my Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie.  Xanthan Gum is one I’ve used for a long time to thicken smoothies up, but after this Butternut Banana Shake post I took several of your suggestions and bought Guar Gum to use too.  What resulted was a creamy concoction so thick I ate it from a bowl with a spoon.

Xanthan was great for getting smoothie thick, but that Guar really amped up the creaminess.  Definitely worth a try if you don’t already use it!


After my workout I heard a massive thud.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but I live in a city.  I have become accustomed to tuning out noise.  I’d totally forgotten about it until I left for the farmer’s market.  That noise was this happening:

Tree down in Midtown Atlanta

After days of rain storms, this huge old tree split at the base.  The marvelous part?  That building is abandoned and no one was hurt!


Finally, one of my favorite activities.  Kombucha brewing!  I love kombucha, but it does get pricey.  Months ago I purchased a Brooklyn Kombucha home-brew kit on Open Sky and I brew my own stash every week.  It’s unbelievably easy.  Click here to head over to Open Sky if you’re interested in starting!

Kombucha home brew

Recycled ACV bottles are perfect to store it in!

This week’s flavors:

  • Blood orange with cinnamon and ginger
  • Rosemary with cinnamon and ginger
  • Chili pepper and ginger


One more marvelous: today is leg day with my trainer. #hurtssogood  

Does sitting at a desk drive you nuts?  How do you stay active at your job?

Do you like kombucha?  What flavor would you like to brew?


  1. says

    my post tomorrow is JUST like this – random, Random RANDOM. :)

    I saw that photo earlier – but just now noticed the building – WOW. (I was looking at the car). so glad nobody was hurt!

    ALL of those kombucha flavors sound fantastic – especially the chili pepper!

    when I have had a desk job, I was up walking around as much as possible, and I did have a standing desk at my last position! I have a yoga ball chair in my home office, and I also stand at our (bar height) kitchen table while working too… what I REALLY want is a desk over my treadmill…

    • Laura says

      That buildin was actually slated for demolition… guess this speeds up the process! :)

      I’m working form my bar right now. It’s the #2 reason I favor working from home. Sweatpants are #1.

  2. says

    Wow that’s kind of crazy about the fallen tree, but I’m glad that no one was hurt! I need to look in to a standing desk… I’d really love a treadmill desk, buuuuuut a standing desk would be a good fill-in until I can make that happen.

  3. says

    Now that I think about it, I didn’t have a single girl scout cookie this year. And there were tagalongs at my office (though I think samoas are the best). I made up for it yesterday though with some cadbury mini eggs.

    Making kombucha scares me. Specifically the scoby scares me.

  4. says

    A standing desk is definitely a great idea! I’m going to be working mainly from home next year, so I’m getting my dad to build me a treadmill desk from their old, unused treadmill.
    I actually just tried kombucha for the first time yesterday. I liked it – and I can definitely see the appeal in brewing your own. Stuff is expensive!

  5. says

    Haha the thing I love about being at the lab is sometimes I’m on my legs the whole day! Have to sneak out of the lab to grab something to eat every so often. Yeah… I wouldn’t be able to handle an office job.

    Woa! Thank goodness no one got hurt with that tree!!!

  6. says

    I’m thankful no one was hurt in this crazy weather! I’m so tired of it. After running in the pouring rain on Saturday, I was done with the wet weather. Where in the hell is Spring???

    Your calves are amazing! You are doing great work and it shows!

  7. says

    I’d love a stability ball instead of my work chair!

    I haven’t had GS cookies in over 10 years lol That said, I hear they’ve changed in taste.

    Glad no one was hurt with that fallen tree! Yikes!

  8. says

    So much going on in this post & I love it… I don’t even know what to comment on although I did some on Instagram already!

    We are opposites with training as I was an easy gainer including calves – yours are looking great!

    So glad you got to see your friend!

  9. says

    That tree! So glad no one was hurt.

    I’ve been meaning to try making kombucha forever but just never get around to buying the stuff. You gotta let me know how that blood orange flavor turns out!

      • says

        Not only can I, but my midwives are constantly asking me if I’m getting enough probiotics. I probably wouldn’t drink any that I made myself since there’s a higher risk of getting an infected batch, but the commercial stuff is downright good for me.

  10. says

    Wow! Glad the house was vacant! Big tree!!! I wanna get that lip plumper but think I’d panic when it tingled, thinking my lips may fall off! Lol!!

  11. says

    Ugh I hate sitting all day. I get up and stretch often and sometimes just stand up to type. I would love to have one of those treadmill desks. Good to know on the gums. I’ve been using xanthan but it’s been hit or miss. I need to properly measure but sometimes it’s so thick I can’t drink it.

    • Laura says

      I find with the gums that a little goes a loooong way. Most often I don’t measue, but just add a little shake. It’s maybe 1/8 tsp.

  12. says

    That photo is crazy! Glad no one was hurt. Yikes.
    I had 1/2 of two different G.S. cookies at my dad’s a few weeks ago. I think one was a thin mint and one was a shortbread one. I don’t even remember- they don’t really do it for me. Fresh-baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on the other hand (heck, ANY fresh-baked cookies) are another story.
    I had to throw my scoby away, but am planning on buying a new one after the move. The flavors your brewed sound so yummy! I definitely look forward to making some soon!

  13. says

    I can gratefully say that I don’t sit at a desk. Being a teacher, I am all over the place! ..and I know I am lucky.

    I have never tried kombucha…… honestly, I am kinda scared of it!

    • Laura says

      Don’t be scared! It’s really good stuff. I’d recommend starting with the GT’s Cirtus or Strawberry flavors.

  14. says

    Glad you tried the guar and xanthan combo, and liked it! Sometimes it takes a little experimentation to get it right (at least, it did for me), but then it works like a charm in smoothies!

    I just had my first Kombucha recently, and am considering brewing it myself. I’ll have to look at the link you provided. I’m thinking a starter kit would be a good idea for me.

    So jealous of those calves! I’m still have issues with my lower legs–they feel tingly all the time. So I’m afraid to do any heavy weights with them. I don’t want to aggravate things further, but it’s really getting old now.

    Happy Monday!

    • Laura says

      It’s worked well 2x now… but I only add a teensy bit!

      Let me know if you start brewing! I love it – couldn’t belive how easy it was.

      I feel you on the getting old… I’m taking my glucosamine like a good little onld lady now. 😉

  15. says

    I love random posts! And reminders that I need to buy some real-world clothes sometime soon too. But gym and food shopping is so much more fun…

    Killer calves! And I love the DIY standing desk option. I don’t know what I’d do without my standing desk at work! Keeps me (slightly) saner while spending hours staring at a screen…

  16. says

    Random is fun. :) I’ve never had to sit all day… when I was the director of a non-profit, I was up every half hour or so helping with random programs or checking in on things. I get so antsy too! Saw that tree on Instagram, so glad no one got hurt!

  17. says

    Ah I envy people with somewhat active jobs! Love what I do but it’s way too sedentary! Fortunately my hours are flexible so I tend to schedule my workout mid-day to get my legs moving after a morning of sitting at my computer!

  18. says

    I love random and I love it for MIMM! I feel I have lots of random posts these days, nothing wrong with that 😉

    Can’t believe that tree! Glad nobody was hurt, but that is crazy!

    Killer claves girrrrrrrrrrl! Damn!

    Happy Monday!

  19. says

    I really need to get on this Strange But Good bandwagon. I have so many random combos of food that I just adore and while I like to keep them a secret, I guess it would be nice to share!!

    Your calves are sick girlfriend. I noticed them on Instagram yesterday and was like, DAMN! 😉

  20. says

    OK there is no way I could stare at that box of cookies all day and not cave. I always eat pancakes like cookies! Syrup grosses me out. Cute jacket! So part of me hates sitting at a desk (the specific part of me is my hip flexor), but sometimes I don’t mind it so much. I know thats blasphemy in the blog world, but I kinda like lazing around during the day since I do so much outside of work… even though I guess since I’m doing work I’m not actually being lazy.

  21. says

    There are a lot of people in Victoria who sell Kombucha scobys it’s kind of neat actually how popular it is here!
    Drooling over all the smoothie recipes you mentioned in this post. I think I need one…now.
    Oh goodness, that tree is so scary! Glad no one was hurt.
    A standing desk would be pretty neat! I should look into one for sure.

  22. says

    ohmygosh!! So glad that no one was hurt. That’s scary. Your standing desk from a Girl Scout cookie box? Amazingly brilliant. I hate sitting all day. I really do. I need to be better about getting up and moving around more during the day.

  23. says

    I love Kombucha but unfortunately I only have it occasionally.It is truth that fermented foods are very important for proper functioning of our guts but the sugar from Kombucha sometimes causes imbalances in the bacteria flora ,especially for people who have experienced candida overgrown before.

    Sitting in a desk is the worst.I used to hate it! It is frustrating to stay still for long periods of life and to make thing worse it is proven that every hour spent sitting on a chair decreases our lifespan. :(

  24. says

    I need to build a standing desk and/or use a stability ball at work. The amount of sitting I do bothers me so much. Sometimes I just get up and wander around for no good reason other than to loosen up my muscles. Ah, the corporate life!

  25. says

    I like random posts. They appeal to my self diagnosed ADHD, and this would actually be a greats post for my Week In Review link up party. You could double dip. I do it all the time. 😉
    Your calf is off the chain!!
    I workout at lunch time or else I would probably lose my mind, and I’m pretty sure if I sat on a stability ball, I would fall off it daily. Love the standing desk though. We’ve got some folks at our office who use them.

  26. says

    I love your standing desk, so creative! Standing all day is probably my least favorite versus sitting. Soon I won’t have to worry about it bc I’ll be working on clients, but I’m in major need of new shoes.

  27. says

    I love random posts, except then I have WAY too many thoughts to remember to put in this little comment box. But I will try. In no particular order.

    So glad no one was hurt when that tree fell. Almost as glad as I was that this round of snowstorms allowed us to keep our power. :)

    I need to make more kombucha. I had to go for an emergency bottle yesterday and if I wasn’t using gift cards I would be HURTING. I loved the pumpkin I made the first time, but with all this citrus, I think I’d definitely need to do an orange ginger something.

    I have guar gum AND xantham gum, and even though I did research on both, their uses still confuse me. I do know that guar is a heckuvalot cheaper since it comes from a plant and not a bacteria. (Well, that is my own personal reasoning. I don’t know that that is true.)

    • Laura says

      I do the same thing! Sometimes by the time I finish Heather’s posts I don’t even know what to say except you have just made me LOL (literally) through the entire post.

      I forgot you brewed! What about an orande-mint? I’ve been wanting to put mint in one.

      No clue about the cost, but your reasoning sounds reasonable. 😉

  28. Heidi says

    Oh my goodness! I saw the tree falling on the news and they had interviewed some of your neighbors. I had no idea it was so close to you! Glad everyone was alright.

    I tried out the strange but good pancake recipe this morning and it was fabulous! Thanks for another great one!

    • Laura says

      Thanks! I’m really glad we never lost power either!

      I’m go happy you liked the pancakes. Alina had a genuis idea there. :)

  29. says

    Ahhh, I actually LOVE totally random posts! I think it helps sooth my inner ADHD tendencies! 😉 But now I need to focus, so list format it is!

    1. I can’t believe you didn’t get a single Tagalong! And I was just trying to think…do they even have a “knock off” version? I mean, Keebler makes Grasshoppers for Thin Mints and Coconut Dreams for Samoas, and there’s Lorna Doone’s for the Trefoils…but what about the Tagalongs??
    2. I can’t tell you HOW many of my pan-cookies over the holidays were enjoyed straight up cookie style! Love it!
    3. Your calves are totally rockin’ lady!
    4. Guar gum is the BEST! I always use 1/8 teaspoon of that and xanthan in my smoothies!
    5. And finally, I really need to look into brewing my own ‘buch…since I’m officially addicted again! I’m down to only two bottles from my Valentine’s case! I’ve had a CASE in less than a MONTH!!! :O


  1. […] gone through a lot of “hacks” to have standing desks.  At one job I stacked up Girl Scout cookie boxes to set my laptop on.  When I’m at home working, I use the condo gym to build a treadmill […]

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