In a Rut & Bacon Truffle Parmesan Popcorn

All day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday.


I am especially happy it’s Thursday today.  If it was only Wednesday this week would be reallllly long.

I don’t know what it is, but this week has seemed tedious.  Work, workouts, even cooking.  I think I need a vacation.

spring break

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to be an adult.  No authority, no homework… I do what I want!  Wellll… the thing I didn’t realize is that you actually DO have to answer to people (bosses, bills, cops…) and there really IS homework (work you were handed at the end of the day, house work, working on my fitness, other obligations).

I’m not necessarily complaining.  I normally love working out and I’m happiest when my job is busy.  It’s just this week.  This cold.  Bad dates.  Girl Scout Cookie cravings (I swear those little people are stalking me at the grocery store!).  I need a vacation.  Some place warm.

Thankfully, I have friends like Kat to cheer my up.  Not only will she meet me for a glass of wine and a second dinner after a bad date, but she also write a guest post (see below), that perfectly describes my feelings right now.

So now you should quit reading my whining and listen to Kat, who reads my mind and makes me feel more connected:


It’s part of human nature to sometimes feel like “no one gets you.”  We have to make an effort to realize that it’s not true!  You’re never alone – someone will always be able to “get you” if you just reach outside yourself.  (Editor’s note: get outta my head, Kat!)

Being A Person


So, I have to share – I was in a RUT! Every kind of rut – a running rut, a yoga rut, a dating rut, a food rut, and opening up about my feelings rut.  UGH!

How to kick yourself out of a rut?  First steps first – admit it to yourself… then tell people!  When people relate to you, they often offer suggestions that help you pull out of your rut and kick you into high gear with a new, better attitude.

Who's Awesome?


And having an amazing Friday night girls night opening up to some of your closest friends and sharing a lot of wine your feelings doesn’t hurt either.

K Trifecta: Kelly, Kat, & Kim

K Trifecta: Kelly, Kat, & Kim


To get out of my running rut, I decided to run some new places, with new friends, and make better, solid plans!  This helped my running rut because it made me want to run even more than I already usually want to!

I made a plan with a new friend, and a woman from yoga.  BOY did that help! :)  It made me get back to my smile-when-I-run mental amazing state, and enjoy my solo runs even more. (I know, crazy, running with people made me enjoy solo runs more???)

Running is my quality time


Have you ever noticed that smiling literally makes you happy?  It’s true.  Whatever muscles you use when you smile trigger something in your body, that triggers something in your brain… let the experts tell you about it.  It can also make you younger, prettier, friendlier, and on and on.  The point is – SMILE.  (Editor’s note: this actually works.  I was skeptic, but after Kat told me this I grinned my way through my 8 hour race!)

I ran 15 miles on Monday (Yo-Run-Ga! – 7 before yoga & 8 after).  On my way home, I was almost GIGGLING.  I was smiling so big and bright.  I love love love to run.  It makes me high.  BUT, not everyone can relate to that.  So, apply it to your favorite thing/activity!  Smile while you do it!

Run yogi run


Now, to get out of the yoga rut. I was taking the same classes over and over and over. I was hitting a plateau – not trying as hard, not getting much stronger, not learning new poses. Perfect solution – try a new teacher!

Turns out I didn’t even really like the new teacher I tried, but I learned something and it helped me to enjoy my regular classes even more.

Yoga pose

I want to learn to do this!


I really want to start learning new poses and breaking out of my shell.  Maybe I will try a new studio or ask some of my favorite instructors for tips.  I know I’m strong enough and flexible enough to do more!

The dating rut?  I have no idea how to get myself out of this one.  Ask someone else for advice on this.  (Editor’s note: Good Lord, don’t ask me. #fail)

Hey Girl Boyfriend Material


The food rut!  Okay, seriously, who else ends up buying the same groceries over and over and over?!  It’s like I have been reusing the same listforever!  And you know what I make?  The same meals.  I know, shocking!

To get out of the food rut, I have had a few strategies:

  1. Eat out more! If you do this, you will draw inspiration from menus, and eat different things.
  2. Shop in the frozen section.  No, don’t actually spend a ton of money buying the frozen meals, but use the ideas to go buy stuff to make similar, more fun items.
  3. Buy something, anything, that you wouldn’t normally buy, then go online and search the ingredient for recipe ideas.  The advent of the internet is glorious!  (Editor’s note: So true!  I just bought curry leaves = awesome.)


One other thing I like to do, is find something I like, and do it better!  For example, I had Bacon Cracker Jack Popcorn (below) at Harper Station.  UGH – It could be done SO much better.  (Editor’s note: I had the same thing at Holeman & Finch 2 weeks ago… and thought the same thing!)  So I later made Bacon Truffle Parmesan PopcornWIN.

12 Lb Popcorn

Yes, it’s real!

I couldn’t help but recreate it after coming home to a 12.5 pound bag of popcorn on my door step, thanks to my friend Jimmy!

Popcorn is one of my favorite foods.  In fact, I eat it almost every day!  Not always as decadent, usually just some EVOO and Salt.

H. Harper Station popcorn

H. Harper Station popcorn


Mine was SO much better.  First of all, the “Cracker Jack” from H. Harper Station was way too sweet.  Second of all, their bacon was NOT crispy – and it was COLD. Turn-off!  Third, who doesn’t love truffle-parmesan anything… and then you add bacon!?  AMAZING WIN!

And I got the idea for the cute little serving cups online – bonus if you’re going for portion control. I refilled my “personal size” like 3 times.  (Editor’s note: Bring me some!!!  Inviting a friend helps with portion control!)


MY Bacon Popcorn = Amazing

MY Bacon Popcorn = Amazing

Bacon Truffle Parmesan Popcorn

  • 1/4 C popcorn kernels
  • 1 T coconut oil
  • 1 T truffle salt
  • 4 strips of bacon, cooked crispy and chop finely
  • 1 C shredded Parmesan


Cook the popcorn in the coconut oil; this gives it a better texture.

Then coat the popcorn with truffle salt.  Add bacon (finely chopped and crispy) and Parmesan.

Use a large spoon to stir it all together.  Devour.

Notes: This is not a healthy meal option.  You could also sub the truffle parm and do bacon chocolate popcorn!  YUM!  Next time.

Editor’s note: Make it vegan with bacon bits (yes, they’re vegan) and nutritional yeast!


Tomorrow is Friday.  Kat’s post made me smile.  *deep breaths*

What kinds of ruts have you been in, and how do you get out of them? TIPS!?

What is your favorite unhealthy snack?



  1. says

    I agree, this week has seen incredibly long! Not sure why that is, but I feel like it should’ve been Friday at least 3 days ago.
    I think I have to try this truffle salt, I hear it’s pretty good stuff, but shamefully have no idea what it is…um yah, embarrassing.
    Favorite “unhealthy” snack? Hm, tough one. Maybe chocolate? I only eat dark, so I guess it’s not really bad. Clearly I can’t think right now 😉

    • Laura says

      You know truffles? Like the black and white ones from Italy? It’s that. In salt. Truffle salt is also insanely good on eggs and with butter. Mmmm…

  2. says

    Cake in a mug is my favorite unhealthy snack. I could just make it over and over and over.

    The only way I can find to get out of a running rut is to either work out on the elliptical for a few days or treat myself to an audiobook. They’re ridiculously expensive, but listening to a new one on my run and only listening to it when I run (not in the car or out running errands etc) always gives me something to look forward to. I can get lost in the story for an hour or 90 minutes and not get bored by running the same route for the 3000th time.

    • Laura says

      You know you can rent audiobooks on iTunes? I’ve never done it, but someone was just telling me about it this morning!

      • says

        I tend to be partial to the chocolate because it keeps the batter moist. I hate dry cake. Though I’m trying to get a good speculoos cake going, because I love the spread.

  3. says

    Full 30 min. for lunch! Ha! I hear ya on that.

    Great guest post. Love the ideas for getting out of a rut. Planning does help me as well as trying something new. Love the popcorn recipe…popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.

    • Laura says

      I know! I just eat at my desk. And I work form home a lot, so there really is no set time for anything.

  4. says

    Ruts are so hard to get out of, especially in the food department for me. I was in one a while ago, you see, I’m a repeat food offender. I’ve gotten better about it recently, but I still seem to go with the same old same old…I am working on it. I happen to love the unicorn statement! I swear that’s how I live my life.

  5. says

    Girl I totally understand! Can we plan a Blend vacation? Well…I guess Blend kind of is one but I could use one sooner than that too. I also couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult and I have been reminded why it’s not quite as glamorous and I thought… 😉

  6. says

    Ruts make me sad and it makes my quite the Debbie Downer to be around. I find I get into food ruts. Next one I have I will merely suggest that we go out to eat to pull out of it.

    That popcorn is amazingly creative, way to go Kat!

    Laura–I want to hear more about these dating nightmares.

    • Kat says

      Thanks!!! Did you try the popcorn yet!?

      Dating STINKS. I just want to either be in a comfortable relationship or be entirely alone. Entirely alone with friends, of course. Until then, singlehood ROCKS. Learning from my mistakes and others’ (like Laura’s) stories that convince me there is no fun middle ground.

  7. says

    this popcorn has my name all over it. I love this post. I think I hit ruts a lot and I always thought being an adult I would just not feel this way once out of school and all. it is all about like she said switching it up and doing something new.

  8. says

    You’re tellin me. Ugh. I was thrown off all week. On Tuesday, I felt like it was Monday (bad sign) then last night, for some reason, I stayed up TWO hours later than I do on a weeknight because I was convinced in the back of my mind that I didn’t have to go to work the next day (today)! Sadly, this meant that I could not get out of bed this morning when the alarm went off. And then I couldn’t find my car in the parking garage bc my fiance parked it last night and didn’t tell me where it was! Oh gosh.
    Bad date?? Oh no!

    • Laura says

      Whoa… 2 hours is a lot! I hope you get to sleep in this weekend! the car thing… oy. I lose my car in the farmer’s makret lot all the time. And I park it myself. LOL!

  9. says

    so, since you were confused about Tuesday and lost a whole day, losing and hour this weekend will be A PIECE OF CAKE!! :) *happy dance* *happy dance* *daylight savings happy dance*

    I am really loving Kat’s posts lately. I am reading the newest book by my favorite, Augusten Burroughs, called “This Is How”. it’s not his normal autobiographical stories or even fiction, it’s amazing. right now where I am reading, he is talking about the phenomenon of people really staying within an average of a 6 mile radius for most of their days… (this was based on cell phone tracking!) … then people wonder the why of things – I never meet anyone to date, I never do anything new, etcetera. interesting to see a take on it here today! XO

    • Laura says

      It WOULD be… except I have to be on the ball field at 8am Sunday. Which is really 7am. I love to play… but ouch.

      I’v heard about that book! I need to get that on my Kindle.

  10. says

    Sigh. I’ll run away to someplace warm with you. This week has made me feel exactly the same way. I’ve been in a no-exercise, too much TV and too many salty disaster foods rut recently. And I have no idea how I’m going to get out of it. I guess whenever I decide its time not to be a fat@$$ anymore, that will be enough? I keep reminding myself of bikinis

    • Laura says

      Let’s GO! Ugh. Today was actually nice though! Finally. And it’s going to be 70 on Sunday!!! :)

      And you are NOT a fat ass. (You can say ass on my blog.) 😛

  11. says

    I’m right there with you on the rut thing. Definitely on the food thing, and workouts, too. I took this week off as much needed, long overdue deload week from the gym, and have been able to spend a little more time cooking (although the creative aspect is still lacking), doing yoga (which I hadn’t in too long), walking, dancing, and having me time. It’s definitely given me a new perspective on how I need to refocus my time and energy. I think it’s a good thing to do proactively, rather than waiting for life to feel like walking through quicksand, which is what I’m hoping to do from here on out. Yay for admitting it! 😉 Sometimes I think the smartest people are the ones who can admit when they, or something, is wrong or not working, and actually do something about it.

    • Laura says

      that sounds like the perfect week. Maybe I’ll ask my trainer about a little rest next week. Though I think I put it on mylsef more than anything. Must change perspective!!!

  12. says

    I love your solutions to getting out of running, yoga and food ruts! I’m sort of in a running rut right now, but I’ve promised myself that it’s ending today. I’m going to run, and not care how fast or how far I go, I’m just going to get out there and do it. I usually need a “clear my head” run to help get me moving again. Sometimes a vacation is also just a 30-60 min massage for me, that’s another way to get myself out of a rut!

    • Laura says

      I bet that cruise sunshine helped! I think that’s part of my problem – the cold and grey drag me down.

    • Kat says

      Months?!!! Girl – I wish you the best of luck getting out of the ruts! Maybe a new activity all together?! I want to try rock climbing!

  13. says

    Girl scouts are going to get me with those dang cookies. I bought two boxes because I got roped into it and I just want more. Totally there with you on the rut. I’ve been there all of January and February and I’m FINALLY starting to climb out of it. Hang in there! And stare at that Ryan Gosling picture some more.

    • Kat says

      Being gluten free, the cookies didn’t rope me in… but we all have our own vices. I WISH I could consume a box for old time’s sake!

  14. says

    I GET IT!!!!! Life can be very stressful & way too full as an adult & especially working NOT in the home! Been there & done that. Now I have to go back most likely – UGH!!! BUT, friends help & let them help! Kat had a great guest post! Very yum non healthy recipe! :)

    Sending virtual hugs – I DO GET THIS!!!!!

  15. says

    I agree!! I get into food ruts all the time and I search & search for new easy & healthy recipes. Love this popcorn though, sounds soo good.

    • Kat says

      I hope you tried it!!! I have to admit I’m sort of back on my food routine… but still throwing in treats. I just bought chocolate covered potato chips at Trader Joe’s!

  16. says

    I am RIGHT there with you girl! I have to admit I AM a little nervous about my surgery tomorrow…er, TODAY (I really should be in bed right now don’tcha think?), but I’m not all that sorry about having to be out of work for the next two weeks. I just hope I’m not laid up and miserable half the time…you know because I totally want to take advantage of the system and have a mini vacay while I’m at it want to follow the doctor’s orders and recuperate quickly! 😉

    Good for you Kat for jumping in there and digging out of those ruts! And congrats for finding the joy in running again! I love your tips for getting out of the food rut…I swear I’ve found some of the best inspiration while wondering up and down the aisles at the grocery store!

    Favorite unhealthy snack: movie theater popcorn…by the handful…mixed with dark chocolate that I snuck in with me! 😉 Shhhh!

    • Laura says

      I hope everything went well!!! I’m thinking about you. xoxo ATL is a grat place to vaca… errr… rest and heal… 😉

      I go to the grcery store to entertain myself. Farmer’s Markets are like going to the mall for me. LOL!

    • Kat says

      I hope you’re recovering well!

      Thanks for the comment. OMG movie theater popcorn – *the* only reason to go to the movies. Seriously.

  17. says

    Ugh ruts are the absolute worst my friend, work ones definitely!
    Sending you absolute best vibes!!!
    Keep looking at that gorgeous Gosling!


  18. says

    I love the food rut ideas, and I have used almost all of them. Although I get tons of inspiration from restaurant meals, I have never thought to just go check out the frozen food section at the grocery store. Genius!

    I’m starting Dating Rutters Anonymous.

    • Laura says

      Yes! I get morning emails for a couple of local places that change their menus daily. And I am on the mailing list for random restaurants across the country just for ideas. It’s my idea of classic literature. 😉

      Screw dating. I’m going to marry my kitchen.

  19. says

    Dating rut…. there is no way out. It sounds cliche, but once you stop “trying” things usually start looking up. I went on every blind date, date, friend set-up, whatever when I was single, and then one day just realized I was sick of the madness. And a week later, I met Greg, without even trying.
    I’d love to hear your bad date stories! I have a million. They’re fun to look back and LAUGH at. People are very interesting.
    Oh- and I showed Greg a photo of this popcorn last night. I think he let out a moan (in a good way).

    • Laura says

      That was my first method. It didn’t work, so then I thought I should make some effort. That didn’t work. Back to method 1. LOL! I honestly don’t care anymore. I think I was feeling the pressure from being in the first year of my 30s. Whatever. I’m happy being the 3rd wheel. 😉

  20. says

    SO trying this popcorn! Sounds absolutely devine! Good idea about shopping the frozen section for meal inspiration. I do always try to get something different when I go out to eat for the same reason.

    • Laura says

      There is only one place where I order the same dish (flourless chocolate cake – OMG, so good)… otherwise I’m always trying something new too. Life is too short! :)

    • Kat says

      Unless there’s something I can’t eat, I love to switch it up! There is one restuarant (urban pl8) where I have officially tried everything on their menu except for one thing! (because it’s not GF)

  21. says

    I’m totally rutting right now. Mainly with food…first world problem? I was in a job rut for a while, but I had a great annual review a few weeks ago and finally got a decent reward for my hard work. My workouts fluctuate as far as rutting goes (is rutting even a word?)…when I find a new workout music mix, it’s like a reset. Right now, I’m rockin’ a Pitbull mix with a little Will.I.Am and some random remixes, including KungFu Fighting by Bus Stop (whoever he is). I’m going to try your spaghetti squash pizza crust…which sounds awesome!…and way less complicated than that cauliflower crust mess. I love a good recipe without a laundry list of ingredients. Thanks for that!

    • Laura says

      Congrats of being recognized at work!!! I know that’s a huge boost.

      Soooo… I’m confused on the cauliflower crust. That’s only 3 main ingredients (caulifloweer, quinoa flakes, and egg white), and then you can add spices from there. 😉

      • says

        Um. Your cauliflower crust recipe is not one that I’ve seen. But now, I’m excited to try it! Most recipes I’ve found have like 6 to 8 ingredients. Obscure ingredients. One recipe called for “blanched almond flour”, tapioca starch, psyllium husk, and like 6 herbs and spices that I had no reason to buy except for this 1 recipe. No sir. What the heck am I going to do with psyllium husk and tapioca starch? Obviously, I was looking in all the wrong places for this recipe…

    • Kat says

      I, too, have first world problems. *face palm* – I couldn’t decide which jacket matched my outfit best today. That would be embarrassing to share, in most circumstances where people don’t suffer from first world problems

  22. says

    Welcome back Kat. You were missed last week and congrats on the major mileage.
    Ruts – yes, big work rut right now called too much f@cking work, but it will pass. It always does.
    Favorite unhealthy food: Ice cream. I don’t even keep any in the house because I would eat it every single night. I cannot contain myself if ice cream is in the room.

    • Kat says

      Thanks Meghan! So nice to hear when I am missed! :) I wish I liked ice cream that way- but I buy the organic truffles from WholePaycheck and dip them in EVOO and sea salt… and that just kills me! Thank god i am incapable of eating the whole box. I would be sick regularly!

      Good luck with your work! You can do it!! 😀


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