Work It Out At Home

We’re all busy.


My calendar is nightmare-inducing.

This time of year things get hectic.  You don’t have to sacrifice your fitness due to holiday craziness though!  Today’s Work It Out is something different – a routine you can do at home with NO equipment.



This quick, full-body workout is demonstrated by Jacklyn, a trainer at my gym, House of Payne.  She started doing figure competitions in her 40s.  When I met her, I thought she was 30.  Diet and exercise pay off!

Check out the video below for a video explanation of each move:



Printable/pin-able graphic of the workout:


Make time to run through this 4x to get a quick 20 minute workout.  Or just do one round – whatever you have time for!

On days when I’m in a rush or on the road, I’ll do one round of a simple workout like this just to get the blood flowing in the morning.  You can always find 5 minutes!


Remember last week’s Kitchen Workout?  It’s about eating to fuel your body properly.  Calee (who designed the awesome logo above) created a graphic with my guidelines!  Again, these are guidelines that work for me.  Come up with a list of you own.  Calee came up with these for her “Operation Pants Fit” goals.


Have you joined the Kitchen Workout?


How are you doing with it?  I’m doing decently well.  Weekdays are easy, but this weekend I definitely slipped a bit… I blame the giant unguarded container of  peanut M&Ms.  Whoops.  The important to remember that every day, every moment is a new opportunity to get back on track.  Beating yourself up over M&Ms is silly.

Feel free to post/pin/tweet the #KitchenWorkout graphic and show your clean eating pride!  Check out last week’s post for tips and recipes!


I caved in and created a Facebook page for the blog.  Click here if you would be so kind to like my page. :)

Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to Open Sky!

Do you prefer to go to a gym or workout at home?

How are have worked it out in the kitchen lately?



  1. says

    I like a mix of working out at home and going to the gym. Switching it up to fix my schedule helps! Plus, it keeps me from getting bored 😉

  2. says

    I was all on board last week with the clean eating challenge (and usually that is ALL I eat, TRUTHFULLY!!). However, this past weekend it all trended downward. I would like to blame the holiday Theo chocolate bars that were on sale at whole foods, the countless Hershey kisses as we put up and decorated our house for Christmas, and the homemade gingerbread I made yesterday, but I can only blame myself.

    I believe I am in need of a fitness ‘goal’ in order to bring myself back to reality. Not only that, but I noticed with all of the sugar in my system over the last couple of days = crappy night sleep, getting up MANY times and tossing/turning.

    As far as working out, I am on top of this 100%. I love both the gym and my at home gym. Whatever my mood is. I just make sure to MAKE.IT.COUNT!

    • Laura says

      We all do it, but I think the secret is not to dwell on it and realize you have a million chances to get back on track.

  3. says

    love these workouts. I think more people should concentrate on working out when they can with simple exercises instead of stressing out over routine this holiday season. Ya know?

    so what blow out crunches?

    • Laura says

      Exactly! I do these in hotel rooms when I have limited time on the road.

      You mean how to do them? Its just like the video – you come up very slowly, concentrating on blowing all the air out of your lungs. Great for pulling the abs in!

  4. says

    As you know there are no gyms near where we live so it’s all about at home workouts or apartment gym workouts for me. Honestly, it’s not so bad. I really like quick, high intensity routines and those are perfect at home. And not having to spend 20+ minutes driving to and from a gym allows me to spend time doing other things I love. Win win!

  5. says

    I definitely prefer working out in the gym (love my heavy weights!) but home options are needed once in a while too. The gym I use will be closed over Christmas break (about 2 weeks) so I’ll definitely be giving this one a shot. Thanks Laura!

  6. says

    I prefer working out in the gym, but I get too lazy to actually drive there. Weird? So I end up working out a t home (and running) a lot.
    I am kicking my kitchen workout into high gear this week! I’ve had way too many splurges since Thanksgiving and I can feel and see a difference.

  7. says

    Oh great looking workout. I love the plank ups. And those get ups – there is a Cathe Friedrich workout where she uses something similar. Haven’t done them in ages though. I used to only workout at home, but then I really fell in love with working out at the gym. I loved my spin class and then having access to all the equipment like squat racks or assisted pullup machine that I don’t have at home. Plus it can be a little less boring at the gym .

  8. Shari says

    I love that the video accompanies the graphic… I wasn’t sure what some of those were! I’m definitely trying this. I prefer working out at home because I just don’t like being around strangers when I’m sweating (or let’s be honest most of the time) but sometimes I just don’t get it done at home.

  9. says

    I’m going to have to google some of the moves in that workout to find out what they are, but it looks like a good one!

    I prefer to workout at the gym because I like being able to use weights and cardio machines. Also going to the gym forces me to workout, but if I stay home I get too tempted to just skip it!

  10. says

    Gym or at home…kind of depends. If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have said home, but now I’m kind of loving the weights at the gym. I like working out with Tony at the gym, but I normally do my morning routine at home. HIIT is my preferred home workout for sure.

    I love this quickie at home workout. Perfect for full body workouts on the go!

    • Laura says

      I’ve changed like that a lot too – for a long time I was doing almost exclusively home workouts and now I’m addicted to the gym.

  11. says

    I’ll workout wherever, so long as I get it in. If I’m on vacation someplace without a hotel gym, I just make up my own workout in the room. I usually end up using different muscles and have that lovely post workout soreness.
    Keeping it clean(er), I did a lot of prep work in the kitchen on Sunday so I have breakfast and lunches covered for the week, and even some dinners ready to go. Last week I didn’t eat enough; this week I’m ready.

  12. says

    It’s always worth bending the rules for peanut M&Ms. I mean, c’mon, peanuts AND chocolate? Irresistible. I’m terrible at making myself work out at home, but I’ll save this workout for a good idea when traveling! And Jacklyn’s legs. Woah, lovely muscles!

  13. says

    Yay!! I am in desperate need of some at home no-equipment necessary workouts so thank you for sharing this!! I much prefer working out at the gym in a group fitness class or with a trainer/friend, but sometimes you gotta do it at home and right now with my life, that is what needs to happen.

    • Laura says

      It’s all about doing what you can! I’m sure you are crazy busy with school and work – I’m in awe! Can’t wait to see you this weekend!!!

  14. says

    I love working out at home, if I had a spin bike at home I think I’d much prefer to just be at my own house. I’m not sure why, but I’m lucky I have the motivation (and equipment) to get workouts done on my own and at the house. I like this workout:)

  15. says

    I much prefer working out at the gym- the change of environment motivates me much more. Although while I am in London, home workouts are really going to come in handy. I rather do quick workouts at home than spend me holiday at the gym :-)

  16. says

    I like both the gym and home! I worked out only at home (and outside) for almost a year before getting back in the gym. They are both great and both provide amazing workouts (if you’re creative). My poor TRX is probably mad at me getting back in the gym. 😉

  17. says

    Amazing video and thank you so much for sharing! I love the first exercise! Haha I love the butt lift ones… I should start doing those again 😛

  18. says

    Sweet! I’ve been looking for some fresh ideas when it comes to workouts! On Sunday, I decided to mix it up and created a quick full body circuit that I was able to do in about 20 minutes and my hamstrings are STILL sore! Haha, I LOVE it!

    I used to work out at home all the time and would shout from the rooftops how buying a gym membership was a waste of money…then I got my discounted Y membership from a friend of mine…and now, even on days where I do workouts that I COULD do at home, I still drive to the gym to do it! Lol

    Oh, and prepare yourself for a Heather marathon commenting spree…I’m a WEEK behind!

      • says

        Haha! Well, LUCKILY after having it wrapped all night last night, the swelling went down and I can use it almost normally now…what a relief! The first thing I thought when it happened was, “Damn, this is really gonna put a cramp on my workouts this week.” Second thing I thought, “How the hell am I going to blog this week?!” Haha!

  19. says

    Can you believe that all I do is workout at home? If I went to a gym then I’d lose control, go up in weight, and there goes the flexibility!

    I’m ok with this kitchen workout, but no drinking on school nights???? I think my liver would go into shock. That or either start yelling FEED ME!!!


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