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    Love your new car!! How schnazzy! 😀 And I gotta say, I totally make funny faces on my food too– you gotta stay entertained somehow when you live alone haha!
    Enjoy your weekend friend!

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    I very much enjoy playing with my food!

    Love the new logo :)

    Spicy Tuna is awesome…I love me some Spicy Salmon as well (which I will be having later on tonight!)

    Have a lovely weekend Laura!

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    Wowza to your new BMW!! My boyfriend had two BMW’s… a 325is (which he totaled .. with me in it haha not fun!) and then an M3. He loooooved his BMW’s so much. Probably too much 😉 but they are good cars! His younger siblings started driving and how his brother has a z3 (I think?) coupe and his sister has a 325is. …. I drive a Chevy s10… fun times :p

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    nice car – I love it.

    and be ready for more TVP from me – girlfriend, you have created a TVP monster? I.Cannot. Stop.

    safe travels – Jason used to do this twice a week – up at 4 for the early jet and back on the late one same day – (company jet so he got to skip the airport shenanigans, but still…) long days for ALL of us. it’s FRIDAY, yay!

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    Space Gray! I want one just for the color name. Love the logo, love the car, love that you’re a rockstar, love that I’m not the only one that plays with my food. So shitty flight or no? I’m diggin’ your week recap.

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    love the new car!! Is this a lease or an own? And did you man up and get a stick? (Mark wants to know of course). :)

    Love the new logo. Actually, I’m more happy that YOU love it.

    • Laura says

      Lease – I get to bored to own cars. 3 years and I need a new toy. :) No stick… driving in ATL traffic with a manual es no bueno. (Sorry, Mark….)

      You rock. The end.

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    Being the car junkie that I am, I just have to say very nice choice 😉 And I don’t play with my food so much anymore, but I remember making mountains and valleys in my mashed potatoes as a young kid, and then using peas and carrots to make forests and houses 😀

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    My food isn’t exciting enough to play with. Womp womp :( Congrats on the new car! I too am pretty loyal once I find a brand of pretty much anything I like…Cars, vitamins, protein powders, jeans, shoes. As Martha Stewart says “It’s a good thing.”
    The new logo = fab.

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    Wow- love the logo! She’s so talented. I especially love that there is a “weird but good” line on there. Yay for the new car, too!! Hope you survive the travel day- sounds pretty awful.

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    The logo looks amazing! I didn’t know you were 29, you look so young! I thought you were my age ha ha. Yay for new cars, I love the bmw too. I can’t see myself going with another brand! I haven’t played with my food in way too long, now I want to make a smiley face sandwich. We’re so cool;)

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    LOL I love you! That face is adorable. And I love the new blog logo. And I love all your other happy things. Yay Friday yayyyyy!! Call me tomorrow whenever you can and we’ll go get arepas!!!!!!!

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    Better yet, who doesn’t play with their food? And if not, what’s wrong with them? Love the new logo and multiple hair colors (mine changes with the seasons) and congrats on the new car. I’d say my happy ending is being done with the work week, except I brought a ton of work home with me for the weekend, so my happy ending would not be traveling to Dallas and back in a single day. Man, that’s rough. I feel for ya.

    • Laura says

      I like the way you think!

      I have seasonal hair too. Dark in the winter, blond-ish in the summer. It s a rule like no white after Labor Day. 😉

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    Woah! Lovely car 😛 I kind of have a thing for BMWs too, maybe I’ll have one one day ^^ I think I’ll pick up some TVP next time I’m at Whole Foods… your TVP oatmeal has been tempting m for too long 😛

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    Aww, thanks for the birthday shout out…even though I suck and am only JUST NOW seeing this! Haha! Love the new wheels! Does she have a name yet? You know you HAVE to name her! Oh, and your bagel breakfast…Wilson…totally WILSON! Lol

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