Dec 03

Gift Guide for Food and Fitness Lovers + Giveaway

Gift giving is a big part of the holiday fun.


Almost as fun as gift-getting.

It is December 3rd whether the weather got the memo or not.  I went on a jog yesterday in shorts and a tank top and was sweating while passing houses decked out for Christmas.   Bizarre.  My iPhone said it was 66 degrees, but I think it cleared 70.


Since it is the month of giving, I wanted to share some of my favorite things (aside from whiskers on kittens – that goes without saying).  These are tried-and-true items – I already own most of them!

Whether you are brainstorming something for your favorite food-lover or for someone whose idea of fun is working out, I hope this will give you some ideas.


2012 Holiday Gift Guide


1. Shun Knife

This is my favorite knife.  It’s a fantastic tool, but what makes it even better is that they make a left-handed version!  Santa brought me one last year and it’s basically the only knife I use.  Speaking of… I need to get mine sharpened for Christmas!

2. Magic Bullet

I used this thing religiously before I got my Vitamix.  It can take some abuse, and you can blend smoothies right in the cup for a quick breakfast or post-workout refuel.  I still use mine for small tasks like whipping cottage cheese for Apple Cupcakes or single-serving dips.  But if you really loved the giftee… you’d buy them the $450 Vitamix.

3. FitBit

My FitBit inspires me to walk 10,000 steps and 20 flights of stairs a day, something I need since I am a cube monkey.  I don’t use all the features, but it also can track sleep and calories (though it’s not entirely accurate as it can’t tell when you’re lifting weights or at a standing desk).  Warning: If you are a little OCD, this may not be the best thing for you.

4. Handful

Greatest sports bra ever… if you’re a member of the itty bitty titty committee.  It’s not a super-support bra, but if your pecs are biggest part of your chest (like mine) it’s perfect.  There’s even a little layer of padding so you don’t like like a flat-chested 12-year old when you’re at the gym.  AND they are having a $12 closeout sale on the size large.

5. Peanut Flour

I talk about it all the time.  If I were to find peanut flour in my stocking, I’d be one happy girl.  Better yet, if I could just get a year’s supply… Mom, are you reading this?  If you order through iHerb.com, use discount code USO924 for $5-10 off your order!

6. Grow Your Own Wheatgrass Kit

Wheatgrass is awesome stuff.  It’s full of amino acids, chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.  It’s also expensive.  I want to grow my own!  You don’t even need a juicer to use it if you have a Vitamix!  It will blend up the grass like a champ.  The Wheatgrass Kit can be found on OpenSky at Robin McGraw‘s new Insider page (yes, it’s Dr. Phil’s wife).


Here’s the giveaway part….

To celebrate Robin’s new healthy living collection, OpenSky has offered to give one reader a $25 credit to use anywhere on the site!


OpenSky is a “social shopping site that helps people discover, buy and share unique goods that match their individual taste. Users can connect to friends and industry insiders in Food, Style, Beauty, Healthy Living, Electronics and Home Décor for exclusive information, advice and insider product recommendations.”

I’ve been a member for over a year now and have found lots of great products.  They will often have sales on my favorite vegan protein powder (Sun Warrior), and its where I found my Kombucha homebrew kit (I’m on batch 8!).   My favorite Insiders include: Robin McGraw, Bobby Flay, Dorie Greenspan, Tracy Anderson and Jackie Warner.


 Receive up to 4 entries by:

  1. Join OpenSky
  2. Tweet: You could say something like: I entered to win a $25 @OpenSky gift certificate in the @sprint2thetable #giveaway http://wp.me/p16jDn-1OI
  3. Be Social: Pinterest Follow Me and/or Pin Something of MineInstagram Follow Me, Follow Me and Open Sky on Twitter
  4. Comment: What is on your wishlist this year?


Please leave a *separate comment* for each entry!

Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, December 6th.  The winner will be announced on Friday, December 7th.


I quit posting a workout recap on Mondays… it seems like it was getting too repetitive/boring to read.  If anyone has thoughts on that… feel free to share.  For now I’m going to do away with it. 

Is it still warm where you live?

Have you ever tried any of the things on my gift guide?



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  1. Julie

    I joined OpenSky!

  2. Julie

    It’s rainy but not terribly cold where I am. I will be in Asheville, NC in less than 2 weeks and heard it’s warm there too.

    I’ve tried the peanut flour. I actually just got some. It’s more dense than the PB2 I purchased before.

    …and I tweeted! https://twitter.com/juliegohealthy/status/275495281892675584

  3. Jessie

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of “Open Sky” before. What a cool site. I just joined.

  4. Jessie

    Tweeted your giveaway, and I’m also now following Open Sky on Twitter.

  5. Jessie

    This year, I’m asking for an ipad touch mini =). It’s started getting pretty cold over here in Kuwait, like 65. Before moving here, I would’ve laughed at whoever said 65 degrees was cold, but since experiencing 120 degree weather.. this is freezing!

    1. Laura

      I think I’d love the weather there!

  6. Ed

    Followed ya on Pinterest…seems like a cool site, checking it out!

  7. c

    Thanks for the opportunity – love your blog!

  8. janet @ the taste space

    Nice list, Laura! I’ve decided to stop biking now that the salt came out. Today is probably the only day I *could* go biking but decided to risk rusting my bike… because that would be NO FUN. So jealous of your tropical weather. :)

  9. Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers

    Great stuff! Sadly, I’m the only foodie and fit lover in my family, so I think everyone would pout and roll their eyes if I bought them any of this. I can add it to MY list though. ;)

  10. Fran@BCDC

    Great gift ideas, Laura! A good knife makes life so much easier! Have the Magic Bullet and need to use it more! Have a great day!

  11. Laura @ LauraLivesLife

    I’ve always wanted the magic bullet… Maybe that would inspire me to finally start making smoothies!

    1. Laura

      It is worth it! I got mine with a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon and I think it ended up only being $35.

  12. Ruta

    I followed you on Pinterest.

  13. Ruta

    On my wishlist this year is a silpat baking mat and, as strange as it sounds, a punching bag! I’m a weirdo, aren’t I?

    1. Laura

      Not at all! I’ve always wanted a punching bag.

  14. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    This is amazing….mostly because less than twelve hours ago I said to Mama Smart: “I need to wait until the bloggers start talking about what THEY want for Christmas, because that always gives me ideas for what I want on mine.” :)

    Peanut flour is a GREAT idea…of course, I might just cross off everything and write: Vitamix.

    [Except don't tell Vitamix, but I think I'd prefer just to have another food processor...better for Nutty Butter.]

    1. Laura

      Vitamix does suck at making nut butter… shhhhh…

  15. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I’m not sure if that counted as an ‘entry,’ but I do follow you on twitter, and IG, and all that other jazz…

  16. Alexandra

    These are some GREAT IDEAS!!! AHH thank you so much for posting these. I’ve been stumped with gifts for my dad and I think he would love that Fit Bit thing….maybe not the bra though hahaha ;)
    Have an awesome day friend!

  17. Sara @my less serious life

    i love how you cautions against OCD people getting the fit bit. Hi, my name is Sara and I have OCD. and as much as i want this – i shouldn’t have it. your warning is appreciated. :)

  18. Tayla @ She'll Be Free

    I joined open sky!

  19. Tayla @ She'll Be Free

    I tweeted!

  20. Tayla @ She'll Be Free

    I followed you and oepn sky on twitter!

  21. Tayla @ She'll Be Free

    On my Christmas list is new clothes and a camera!

  22. Tayla @ She'll Be Free

    I followed your board on pinterest!

  23. Miz


  24. Danielle

    I’ve been dying to try out the fit bit too! I just think it seems like such a cool thing to have and anything that makes me takes extra steps is totally worth it!

  25. karina

    2 of the 6 things on the wishlist are on the one I sent to my parents! Peanut flour and a fitbit! I also want some new running tights

  26. RavieNomNoms

    Haha great list! I wish I was a part of the itty bitty committee. Think these bras would work for the uber boobers? ;-)

    1. Laura

      Probably not… unless you really don’t need support!

  27. Elle

    No entry for me… just wanted to say I love your list… HANDFUL BRAS are the only ones I ever wear anymore. Love them.

  28. Alex @ therunwithin

    I need some sort of hand mixer for christmas, but mostly I am asking for gift cards.

    1. Laura

      I always tell my mom that nothing says “I love oyu” like cash.

  29. Alex @ therunwithin

    I am already part of open sky

  30. Alex @ therunwithin

    I follow you on twitter!

  31. Kris

    I LOVE the Shun chefs knife… and there is a place locally (because they are made here locally, maybe?) that I can get mine sharpened for free. not at all why I chose it, but it’s nice ;)

    I think Jason and I both would love a wheatgrass kit!

    1. Laura

      Lucky!!! I want another this year. And a trip to Portland.

  32. Allie

    If I got a stocking full of peanut flour…Yup, I’d be happy. Other than that, my wishlist is all books and a vacuum cleaner. I’m one wild child these days.

  33. Allie

    I joined Open Sky.

  34. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I already joined Open Sky so not sure if it counts.

  35. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I tweeted

  36. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    My wish list includes lots of running gear and some cycling gear. Pretty much my list is all fitness related. But that’s not a bad thing right ;-)

    1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

      And I should have said that I’ve tried that peanut flour. I actually found I like PB2 way better though. But maybe if I used that one for cooking/baking?

      1. Laura

        I should send you mine! Someone bought me a jar and I don’t care for it.

        1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

          What??? That’s just crazy talk LOL.

  37. Emily

    I’m already a member of OpenSky! I love that website!

  38. Emily

    I follow you on Instragram and Pinterest!

  39. Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement

    I’m already a part of Open Sky and it’s dangerous…so many great products. I got some fantastic items last month!

  40. Emily

    One thing on my wishlist is a glass straw! I keep seeing the big Dharma glass straws used for green juices/smoothies and I really want one!

  41. Grace @ Practicing Grace

    I joined opensky!

  42. Grace @ Practicing Grace

    I want a racing bike :) I can dream atleast

  43. Kelly@Chow-Daily

    My mom is really into the health and fitness thing so I’m always looking for good gift ideas for her. She already has a fit bit, but maybe I’ll get her a magic bullet, those things look awesome! I asked for a Garmin running watch from her and I cant wait to get it on Christmas morning.

    1. Laura

      The Magic Bullet rocks! My mom lives by hers.

  44. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Whiskers on kittens? How about bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens? ;) No entry for me, but just wanted to say hi and happy Monday :D

  45. Shari

    It is soooo warm here! 62 degrees in WI is AMAZING! Went for a walk at lunch without a coat or jacket of any kind. I was very very happy.

  46. Laura

    I never heard of Open Sky either, just joined!

  47. Laura

    Peanut flour is actually on my wish list this year. :) And I love handful bras… grow-your-own wheatgrass is awesome… fantastic list!

  48. Laura


  49. Caitlin D

    Just got a magic bullet for my birthda, and love it. :) As far as Christmas goes I’m crossing my fingers for a new pair of running shoes!

  50. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    I’m an OpenSky member!

  51. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    You and I must be on the same wave length because my gift guide posts tomorrow morning. ;) BUT as a preview, one thing on my wish list is a SpiBelt and after I lost my key on my run yesterday (and thankfully found it!), proves it has a major need in my life.

  52. kolya

    Wish list this year is practical foodie gift not stuff that ends up in a drawer/closet or regifted though that is sometimes helpful for hostess gifts. Oh and to lose 10 pounds!

    1. Laura

      LOL! I hope you get both. :)

  53. Hannah R.

    I joined Open Sky

  54. Hannah R.

    A couple things on my wish list are a tea kettle and julienne peeler as well as some new workout clothes:)

  55. Justin

    I signed up for open sky

  56. Justin

    I’d like to get an ipad mini

  57. Kierston

    A handful bra. I’d like me one of those!

  58. sarah

    Hmm, I would like a Gymboss interval timer, a shopping spree in Nike & peanut flour:).

  59. Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly's

    I need one of those handful bras and the fit bit is on my wish list!

  60. Jessica

    I joined OpenSky!

  61. Jessica

    I follow you on Instagram! My username is mrsjbguth.

  62. Jessica

    I’m hoping to get a food processor this year!

  63. Melissa

    Wish list:

    -vitamix (It’s been on the list for about 4 Christmas’s now)
    -new long johns…. its below zero here right now..
    -new camera
    -a puppy friend for my puppers… this just really came to mind because I just got done reading about Gina’s (Fitnessista) new addition.

    -A trip home… I didn’t think I’d make it home to ATL for Christmas but thanks to the loving parents… I got a round trip from Anchorage to be with them for the holidays!! Wish granted!

    1. Laura

      You should check out my latest post… ;)

  64. Melissa @ Treats With a Twist

    I follow you on IG

  65. Melissa @ Treats With a Twist

    I really just want giftcards to Anthropologie, Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table, Starbucks, and goodies from Tj’s, Whole foods, and maybe a bike and an ipod and jewelry (though I know I won’t get those but a girl can dream)!

  66. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    I’m on opensky!

  67. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    I love my handful bra!! I have another one on my wishlist. Along with kettlebells!

  68. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    I follow you on twitter, IG, and pinterest. Now that’s love. ;P

    1. Laura

      Awwww… I love you right back. :)

  69. Nicole F.

    I joined Open Sky!

  70. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets

    I swear by using a good knife. It makes such a difference and cuts prep time in half

    1. Laura

      Totally agree!!

  71. Nicole F.

    I asked for a new pair of sunglasses since I broke mine in October and an awesome Reebok sneaker that I have been lusting after : )

  72. Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    Already jointed Open Sky

  73. Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    followed you on instagram

  74. Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    followed on pinterest

  75. Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    i have a macbook on my wish list.. yeahh..

    1. Laura

      You and me both! :)

  76. Jordan D

    I tweeted: https://twitter.com/j_mosh/status/275818942159790080

  77. Monica G

    I joined Opensky :)

  78. Monica G

    “Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar”
    A Kombucha Starter Kit
    Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lotions

    That’s pretty much my entire Christmas List – I haven’t found myself in want of anything else reasonable (Like I would get a Canon EOS 5D for Christmas, haha) and our family is more about bonding than being obligated to give each other presents.

  79. Ashley

    I am a member of open sky

  80. Ashley

    I tweeted the giveaway

  81. Ashley

    I follow you on twitter

  82. Ashley

    I really want an electric car starter for Christmas! :)

  83. Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

    I joined – and am scared I’ll be spending too much! :)

  84. Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

    Definitely love their food product selection!

  85. Kayla

    I pinned your cauliflower crust pizza and curried apple tuna salad

  86. Kayla

    I have joined Open Sky (this could be deadly)

  87. Kayla

    I REALLY want a magic bullet (or some snazzy blender-mixer) for Christmas. Oh – and lots of wool socks. LOVE.

  88. Kayla

    I follow you on twitter

  89. Carol @ Lucky Zucca

    How cool is this!! I love this list of things. Peanut flour is definitely on my wish list. As is some yummy non-chalky protein powder and growing my own herbs (basil, sage, rosemary, etc)

    Its 75 here now! What is happening?! Are we going to have another Christmas where we can lay out? I’d be OK with that…

    I’ve never tried Open Sky before even though I actually think I’m a member! I had no idea they sold healthy living things! I need to check it out again.

  90. Sara Grambusch

    Joined Open Sky. I totally need a kombucha home brew system.

  91. Sara Grambusch


  92. Sara Grambusch

    I follow you on Twitter.

  93. Sara Grambusch

    Oh I already answered this question…I need to start making my own kombucha! :)

  94. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    I would love a fitbit, I think it would make me more mindful of how sedentary I can be at work! I honestly had to unsubscribe from OpenSky, too many emails for me. :)

    1. Laura

      I think you can change your preferences…

  95. Katie

    My wish list is pretty dull – I’d LOVE new flannel sheets for our bed. Told you, dull and pathetic.

    1. Laura

      Flannel sheets are the best. :)

  96. Ashley @ Freckles & Spice

    I love the handful bras I have the pink and nude. Gave me the curves and shape I lost! I was thrilled when I received this bra earlier this year. And I also have that same brand of pb flour. Probably even more thrilled with that than bra, haha.

    On my wish list this year is – cooking classes with my fav vegan food truck – the cinnamon snail, wool socks (every year), and old man sweaters. I would really loooove kitchen stuff like the shun knife and tofu press, but most of it I don’t have room for right now :( Otherwise I would be asking for a kombucha kit, slow cooker, dutch oven.

    1. Laura

      I have a space problem too… other wise I’d have a crockpot.

  97. Dena @ 40 Fit in the Mitt

    Wish List: I really want some new pots and pans. Mine are currently 18 years old and are on there last leg!

  98. Dena @ 40 Fit in the Mitt

    I tweeted

  99. Dena @ 40 Fit in the Mitt

    Follow you and Open Sky on Twitter

  100. Dena @ 40 Fit in the Mitt

    Joined Open Sky

  101. Laura L

    i tweeted: https://twitter.com/curliecue15/status/276447278284283905

  102. Laura L

    i’m a member of open sky!

  103. Laura L

    i’m following you on pinterest as Laura Lynch (pinterest.com/curliecue)

  104. Laura L

    i’m interested in a new pair of good boots, or a nice piece of jewelry. it’s been awhile since i invested in any. what i’d really love is to take a vacation, any vacation, but that’s less likely to happen now.

  105. Rachel

    I joined OpenSky

  106. Rachel

    I follow you on Instagram

  107. Rachel

    A new pair of running shoes are at the top of my list this year

  108. Sarah C.

    I am a member of Open Sky. LOVE it :)

  109. Sarah C.

    I follow you on instagram

  110. Sarah C.

    My dream….

  111. lisa

    I would love a Nike trainer

  112. Rachel H

    I’ve joined Opensky.

  113. Rachel H

    A new tv, lots of books and new clothes are on my list!

  114. Alexandra

    I joined Open Sky

  115. Alexandra

    Some new workout clothes are at the top of my list this year!

  116. Karey @ Nutty About Health

    On my wishlist this year is some new workout clothes, warm weather gear, & a jar of Wild Squirrel nut butter.

  117. Karey @ Nutty About Health

    I’m already an OpenSky member

  118. Karey @ Nutty About Health

    Following you on Instagram ;)

  119. Karey @ Nutty About Health

    I tweeted!

  120. Jentry Nielsen

    Joined OpenSky!

  121. Missy

    I want a Hi-def, but need dental work. (0:

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