Indecisive Love

It’s a travel week at work


That means a quiz post is on order.  I always do these when I’m short on time, thinking it will be a quick post.

The joke’s on me.  These almost take me longer than a regular post because I debate so much over the choices.  Indecisiveness prevails.



WHAT DO YOU LOVE MORE?(Copied from a bazillion other bloggers.)

1. Strength training or cardio?

Strength training all th way.  Which is convenient since I’m going to do a figure competition. 😉

I do hate this machine though:

My Nemesis: Hack Squats



2. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Brinner!  (That’s breakfast for dinner.)  I’d eat breakfast for any meal.  PB & Jeggs, anyone?


3. Dress up or workout clothes?

Workout clothes.  Getting me to wear “real” clothes is like pulling teeth.  If you really think about it, it’s pretty stupid that we have to dress uncomfortably to go sit behind a desk all day.


4. Wine or beer?

Hi, have we met?  I love wine.  I traveled to Italy to drink it.  If I could, I’d live on a vineyard.  Or in a wine glass.


5. Peanut butter or almond butter?

I love all nut butters.  Especially these Nutty Butters.  If forces to choose… I’d have to go with my childhood classic: peanut butter.  Preferably in the form of a simple, grilled PB & J.


6. Heels or flats?

I’ll get even more specific than that.  Flip flops.

Please ignore the ugly feet, but these are a must-have. (Click for source.)


More terrifying than wearing a bikini on stage for my competition is the though of having to walk across that stage in stripper heels.


7. The actual cake or the frosting?

20 years ago (wow… that make me feel old), I would have said icing.  Now I’m all about the cake.  Unless it’s cream cheese-pecan icing on carrot cake.  That required equal parts of both. :)


8.  Spring, summer, fall, or winter?

Either spring or fall.  Maybe a little more fall because I love trips to the mountains to get apples and see the leaves change.  But spring is so fresh and full of possibility.

Ohhhh… just remembered that fall also means college football season.  FALL.  Go Jackets!


9.   Real animal or stuffed animal?


I love the idea of a real animal.  I’m a huge cat lover.  However, I am terribly selfish busy.  My boss and I were actually just talking about this an she said I’m centered around self right now.  Not self-centered, but focused on accomplishing some goals.  So much so that it’s all I can do to keep my house plant alive.  Is that a terrible thing to admit?  


10.  Bright or light?

Errrrr… black?  If you look in my closet, it’s all black.  To me, it’s comfy like workout clothes.  Black workout clothes, that is. :)

Black with accents of gray.




I’m in Texas selling (I hope) some work today.  I forgot my cowboy hat, but the dude on the plane next to me let me borrow his.  (Not really, but he was wearing one.)

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Are you/have you ever been centered around self?

How about you?  Pick a couple and tell me your loves!



  1. says

    Wow, that is a lot of. Black clothing! Colors for me, baby. Although I a, totally with you that I could wear workout clothes every day. If I can sneak my cycling clothes into my work wardrobe, I do it. He he… have fun in Texas, yo! :-)

  2. says

    I feel you on the stuffed vs. real animal. I mean.. we do have a real animal.. and I feel SO bad whenever I leave to do personal, selfish things.
    When I left yesterday with a big suitcase to come to my parents for the wedding.. his lil heart was BEATING otu of his chest. POOR GUY!!!

  3. says

    I love flip-flops too – I wish I had some that I could pretend were work appropriate… But alas, I don’t. I actually enjoy the confidence I get from wearing heels though, so that’s why I love them! Good luck selling today!

    • Laura says

      That is a good point about heels and confidence. I do like the extra height when I’m meeting with a client.

  4. says

    I am the polar opposite of centered around myself right now, but that’s only because I have kids and cats and a husband. It’s a group thing. You should take this time to be centered around yourself now! Personal goals are important! I swear I could live with a wardrobe of just black and gray. The only color I have in my closet is stuff my sister-in-law handed down to me. Oh and fall is my absolute favorite! I’m so ready for it this year!

  5. says

    I miss my dogs too much. I told B the first thing we do when he starts residency and we get our own place is get a dog.
    I don’t think being centered on self is a bad thing. Sometimes I think I think I am too focused on taking care of others and making everyone else happy and comfortable. Maybe if I focused on myself some more it would be better.

  6. Courtney says

    Go-you for admitting you’re “centered around self.” I think that’s an awesome thing! I’m in the same boat and it shocks some people sometimes. I’m all about the me-time and accomplishing goals and fulfilling life dreams and that’s okay! :) Life is too short to be worried about the things “we should be doing” (ie. having pets, kids, etc.). Do what you wanna do!

  7. says

    My life is totally me-centered right now! This especially comes up when people try to pressure me into dating–that is just something I have NO interest in adding to my life right now–I want to work on myself, my job and the things I enjoy. If that comes later, fine, I’m just not about to make time for it any time soon. (Just remembering to throw food at my chickens once a day is hard enough.)

    And I’m totally with you on MOST of these. Except that black one. If my closet had any more neon, it would be blinding. Wearing bright purple pants and a red and pink striped sweater today. I don’t know if it’s tacky or not, but I love it. OH, and of course the cake one. Because we all know my answer is cookies, even if that’s not an option :)

    • Laura says

      That is part of what I was thinking when I wrote that! I don’t even wat to date. I’m having fun and getting focused. :)

      P.S. I want some fresh chicken eggs!

      • says

        SO DO I! These girls need to start earning their keep, haha. I thiiink they’re still too young? But I’m going to start getting suspicious if I don’t have eggs by the end of the month…

  8. says

    Surveys are my favorite!! OK these are my picks. Strength training (though I currently do more cardio), lunch (because, hey, anything goes!), dress up clothes (I like feeling confident), wine v beer is a tie, definitely peanut butter (I don’t really like almond butter…), I usually choose flats over heels but I like the way I look in heels better, actual cake (i don’t really like icing), summer, real animal, and light (like… pastels). I definitely think I’m pretty “centered on self” and sometimes I wonder if I give Sadie enough attention. It makes me glad Jesse helps take care of her too.

    • Laura says

      I would have never thought you’d say strength training! That’s awesome. :)

      I can’t imagine you not giving anyone enough attention – you are so in tune with others’ needs!

  9. says

    Hey lady! Thanks for the Nutty Butter shout-out (pimp out?) :)

    I am SO happy you sad that about being ‘centered around self.’ I feel like that is my permanent state of being, but I try to explain what I mean about being selfish but not in a bad way. I like this turn of phrase.

    I do, however, think it is the reason I can not only have a pet, but also cannot seem to find a boyfriend. [Sigh.]*
    *Except I’m not THAT sad about it, which goes back to the ‘centered around self’ thing I think.

    I think you should do a poll on the blog about which stripper heels you should wear.

    • Laura says

      Any time, by pimp-ee. 😉

      A big, buttery cheers to being centered around self – there’s a lot of cool stuff happening! Who needs bf when you have birthday #nuttybutter?!

      HA! They are all the same, sadly.

  10. says

    How funny you’re in Tx! We flip flopped, and we’re now on the east coast. You know I’m a cardio girl all the way, but I’m getting better at working in some s/t. Definitely prefer workout clothes too. Fun post! It was worth the time it took you to put together. :)

  11. says

    Awesome rapid fire quizzing my friend 😀
    Go flip flops and love your wineglass pic too cute!
    Also brinner is the best, much to my mothers despair 😛

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. says

    We are scarily similar! If I could live in one type of clothing, it would be workout gear…or pjs! I’m not a beer girl at all but I do love me some wine! I was just telling a friend that I feel like a grown up because I finally actually love the taste of wine, as opposed to drinking it just for the after-effects! Have a great trip :)

  13. says

    i think i love fall really excited for it except i know winter comes quickly after which kinda sucks haha.

    as much as i love running-which i hah- i love to lift weights too. i just really like feeling strong and seeing definition in my muscles thats such an awesome feeling!

  14. says

    Oh sweetie, you are my twin <3 I own so much black it's ridiculous. I also wear flats all of the time. Even at grad I wore flats 😉 You would not get me in heels for a full day. No way jose. I also love to lift heavy (obviously you knew that though) and yes, I can be selfish… I need my me time!

    So funny, I am the same way about quizzes. I think they are going to be easy to complete, but nope! Not a chance!


    I love you. I hope you're having a safe trip

    • Laura says

      The security guy in the airport made fun of me because I was changing from my heels into flats. No way am I walking through the airport in those things though! :)

      Love you, twin!

  15. says

    Yay- you know i love surveys! And WHOA- grilled PB + J??!?!?! Ahhh I have to try that out!
    I love wine AND beer- but if forced to choose- beer is going to win out (though I have traveled far for both!) Love the photo of you IN the wine glass. :)
    Safe travels!!

  16. says

    I actually own quite a lot of black clothing too, its super simple and I can always wear it to work so that’s a good thing.
    Haha these take me forever to write to because I go so back and forth between the options. It shouldn’t be that hard but it is to me;)
    I’m with you on the wine!

  17. says

    Being married, people used to ask me all the time “when are you having children?” And I always responded with “I’m way too selfish for children. I like quiet vacations and massages and expensive bath products and drinking wine and going on two hour runs and I’m not giving those up for a child.” Most people responded at first with shock, but they’ve gotten over it.

    So embrace being centered around self.

    I’m a fan of dinner. I feel strange if I eat a big meal in the beginning or middle of the day, but for some reason I can eat heavy foods at night.

    I like heels because they make my short legs look more in line with my torso, but I don’t often wear them because I walk so much.

    Black is the best color.

    • Laura says

      I feel the same way about having kids. It seems like there’s just too much other stuff I want to do and spend money on. Like food, wine, and travel!

  18. says

    I love strength training all the way too! I can’t wrap my brain around how someone (aka my sister) can spend 45-60 min EACH DAY on the elliptical. I would go nuts!

    Love workout clothes too. My husband and I joke all the time b/c one of the main reasons we don’t go out that much is because it requires us dressing up. I wish all restaurants had a ‘come as you are’ dress code. 😉 Err….not sure what that means for some people though.

    I love fall and football too!

    • Laura says

      Same here! I can’t force myself to do cardio on a machine.

      I have rocked some yoga pants in a restaurant before. Shhhh…

  19. says

    After my divorce two years ago, I got centered around myself for the very FIRST time. I had gone from living at home, to living with roommates (whom I completely mothered…and they loved/took advantage of it), to moving in with my then husband. I never knew what it was like to just be with ME! I actually started the blog right around that time to kinda help me figure myself out and I think I’ve done a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I mean, there’s always more to learn, but I think I finally have a sense of who I am and what I think I want in life! 😉

    PS, I have ONE houseplant that I’ve never killed…only because it’s one of those “refuses to die” plants! Lol

    Breakfast all day EVERY day!! PB and Feggs FTW!

    • Laura says

      Heather… I didn’t know you went through a divorce. I’m sorry. :( Glad you were able to give yourself some love!

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