Do I Spend Too Much on Groceries?

Families of 3 or 4 are able to spend just $100 a week on groceries.

Apparently I’m eating for 3.

At least that seems to be the case according to a question posed on Facebook last week.  In my defense, I do buy a few things family probably wouldn’t spend money on.

When I want something, I buy it.  There’s not much grocery cart self-editing going on; however, I don’t waste food.  Thanks to my meal plan spreadsheet I stay on track.  If I end up with to much of something, I share with friend or my concierges.  That’s probably why my weekly haul hovers around $100… this week’s was $104.

I get a lot of questions about nutrition and diet, so I thought this would be a good time to give you guys a peek into my grocery bill.  It has certainly increased since I began training.  Protein costs a lot more than the pounds of veggies I was eating on my sort-of vegan diet.


Seafood: Mahi Mahi, Tilapia, lump crab meat (I just learned it’s very high in protein), and canned tuna and salmon

Dairy: Greek yogurt and cottage cheese

Vegan: Sprouted tofu



Veggies: Celery, 2.5 lb bag of spinach, cilantro, carrots, broccoli, red pepper, Spanish eggplant, cucumber, portabella, asparagus, cauliflower, onion, garlic, jalapeno, and ginger

Fruits: Golden kiwi, nectarine, apples, Thai banana, and pear


Packaged/Canned Goods: Pumpkin puree, tomato paste, tortillas

Goodies: Teff flour, sugar-free chocolate covered espresso beans, cinnamon, lavender, flowers

This week I did my shopping at Atlanta’s local year-round farmer’s market where (most) groceries are much cheaper than a typical store (ahem… Whole Paycheck Foods).  For instance, I got the 1/4 lb tub of cinnamon for $0.68.  However, some things will always be pricey… my crab meat was $16.29.

This wasn’t a big staple-buying week.  Some items I already had include: tempeh, almond milk, egg whites, tomatoes, grapefruit, beans, nuts, and grains.

I already cooked my Mahi Mahi!

It’s really easy to prepare.  I squeezed a lemon over the filet and let it sit for about 30 mins.  Then I sprinkled it with paprika and placed it in the oven on broil for 10 mins.  Bam.

Served with roasted broccoli slaw and sweet potato tots.  No, I’m not sharing the tot recipe yet.  They weren’t the right texture and the flavor needed some “umph.”  Soon though!


Workout Recap

My plantar fasciitisis still raring it’s head.  Despite being responsible and doing the stretches prescribed by my podiatrist, it’s not 100%.  It’s not even 80%.

With some modifications I’ve still been able to do leg day (focusing on extensions, curls, etc.).  I’m crossing my fingers that I will be able to do more by tomorrow’s leg day.  The arms are still going strong.  I’m excited to be increasing the weight I’m lifting, and to be getting a little bigger.  Still a ways to go though!  Bring on the protein.

Workout Recap (8/20 – 8/26):

  • Monday – Back/Triceps, Calf raises
  • Tuesday – Shoulders/Butt
  • Wednesday – Chest/Biceps, Calf raises, 100 push-ups
  • Thursday – Legs (w/ trainer), 1 mile walk
  • Friday – Back/Triceps, Calf raises, 2 mile walk
  • Saturday – Shoulders/Butt, 100 push-ups
  • Sunday – rest, 1.5 mile walk, Yes/No machine


This is going to be a busy work week and I’ll be working at home a good deal.  Therefore, I treated myself to a bouquet of pretty flowers to look at. :)

What are your weekly must-buy items?

Are there items you only buy on occasion as a treat?


  1. says

    $100.00 for a family of 3/4? Dang.. I guess the hubs & I eat for a whole family too. Your Mahi Mahi looks & sounds delicious girl. Such a simple recipe too. I’m sorry about your plantar fasciitisis. I hope it starts feeling better soon. I’ve dealt w/ the same injury before, and it’s definitely no fun!

    Veggies, Fruit & Yogurt are must buys every week.

  2. says

    Is it crazy that I think $100 is pretty decent? That’s about 75 pounds and I used to spend that much when I was living in London. I rather skimp on other areas of life than with the food I eat! I always justify it by saying “I’m investing in my health”…haha! Weekly buy-ins for me include yogurt, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, salmon and cottage cheese…oh and hummus!!

  3. says

    Apparently I eat for a family of 3 or 4 too! My grocery bill is always pretty high too thanks to the fish, Greek yogurt, Kashi cereals, and tons of fresh produce. I know I could probably spend less and eat just as healthily… but I like what I eat! And since I can afford it, I don’t mind paying it.

  4. says

    If you spend too much – I’m right there with you. I am literally at the store like everyday. I ended up at the farmer’s market on Wednesday and then twice on Sat! Plus a TJ’s trip. And I spent over $100 to restock the fridge when I got back from vacation. I thought I just spent that much when it was for both bb and I, but apparently not.

    • Laura says

      Yeah… I should also post the side trips I make this week. I already know I’ll be buying more egg whites and some hair spray.

  5. says

    Food is crazy expensive where I live because we don’t get much local (our growing season is very short because our climate isn’t favorable). It’s not unusual to spend $150 a week for my hubby, myself, the toddler and eventually, the baby. I have cut it down somewhat. I eat a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet which has actually proven to be much cheaper. I buy my beans and legumes dry and soak them (HUGE savings). When money is tight, I use the bulk store and get the exact amount I need for my meals. When there’s some extra, I make a double batch and freeze half. It’s a tricky balance but I’m determined to try and cut another $20 off the bill.

    • Laura says

      You are so right – I don’t know why people think it’s so expensive to be vegan/vegetarian. It’s the cheapest way to eat!

  6. says

    I really really thought Vishnu and I would spend about $80 a week on groceries. However, that has quickly turned into a little over $100. It’s because we don’t eat out for lunch or dinner during the week. Like Khushboo said, we’re investing in our health!!

    • Laura says

      That’s a good point – I never eat out during the week anymore and I have a lot more $$ left at the end of the week than I used to!

  7. says

    I LOVEEEEEE lump crab meat but it’s so freaking expensive! I made crabcakes last summer and I was like oh lord this is a fortune! I have to say there’s nothing better than fresh seafood though. A few weeks ago we were at the fish market and they had fresh lobster meat and I asked how much it was — $40lbs a lb! UH NO. hah

  8. says

    I spend about that for my hubby and me too on groceries. However I buy the healthy, higher quality things that make me feel better about eating clean. I use coupons, but it always adds up.

  9. says

    The hubs n’ I just spent the same amount this week on groceries, but that was for 2 ppl and included $17 for toilet paper. We usually spend $85/week, but we splurged on some beef n’ such.

    The price of the canned pumpkin I bought this week made me mad though. Why is it half the cost in late fall? It’s a canned good people?!?!? ha

  10. says

    Our grocery bill is like a fun challenge for us (a family of 5). Our goal is $100 a week. We almost always come in under budget and I attribute that to going to the farmer’s market and sticking to a plant based diet (plus we try to grow a bunch of veggies and melons).

    Weekly we must have almond milk and tortillas (my boys LOVE quesadillas at the moment).

    My husband and 3 year old eat a little meat, but that would be our biggest expense (but it isn’t something that is purchased every week).

    A splurge item for me…that is a tough one. I am a naturally frugal person (pun on the blog title) and don’t really have many items I pick up that I don’t consider essential. I do like to have kombucha so I would say that is my splurge/treat item I pick up from time to time at the store.

    Have a good Monday and enjoy your flowers as you slave away :)

    • Laura says

      Well Ms Frugal.. why am I not surprised you put me to shame here? LOL! 😉

      You have to start brewing your own kombucha! It’s awesome and so easy.

  11. says

    The boyfriend and I are (officially) moving in together this weekend (5 days! eek!) so I’ve got to start thinking about budgeting properly. I know I’ll probably spend more than average on food, but I want to try and save where I can.

    Weekly staples: eggs, some sort of salad green, bananas, cottage cheese or greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, berries or grapes, chicken in some form.

    If I have those, I’ll be happy. :-)

  12. says

    Boo hiss PF!! Sorry it is still flaring up! :( I thought this post was seriously interesting! I spend about 2/3 of what you spend a week but it is food for two people. I also don’t buy many fancy items (teff flour for instance… are you going to make ethiopian bread?!) and your eats are much healthier than mine… so I’d say if I ate the same way you do (which I really admire), my bill would probably be close to the same as yours. We also eat out most Fridays & Saturdays which means we’re not buying groceries for those days. Items I only buy on occasion as a treat… crackers, cookies, granola… anything that is pre-made. Ice cream also makes this list.

    • Laura says

      You’re so good… I am going to brave the injera. Maybe Thursday? I’ll have to bring you some if it’s good!

      Mmmm… ice cream. :)

  13. says

    I would say $104 is a lot of money for one week. I probably spend at least half that (on average). I’m always buying milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and fresh fruit and veggies. After reading your post, I really need to get out and buy some fish!

  14. says

    I probably spend way too much on groceries too but you are right, protein is expensive! I would rather spend the money to eat healthy now than to pay it later in the form of medical bills because I didn’t it right! It all balances out!

  15. says

    I have no idea how *those* families of 4 make $100 budgets (or sometimes less!) work. We spend about $500 a month on groceries for the 2 of us and I honestly can’t imagine it being lower. Granted, I also don’t try to lower it b/c it’s just an area I’d rather not constrict myself on but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be too successful if I tried.

    • Laura says

      That’s a good point – I don’t exactly make an effort to cut costs. I use coupons if I have them, but don’t go out of my way.

  16. says

    As long as nothing goes to waste, I don’t think there is anything wrong… I certainly spend much less… but go on staple shopping sprees when they go on sale…. This week, I bought 50 lbs of tomatoes for $10 so I was busy making all things tomato this weekend – lots into the freezer and a bunch were dehydrated. You never know how much 50 lbs of tomatoes are until you pluck out 5 cups for one recipe and doubt you even made a dent. Hahahaha! It is a shame beans aren’t high protein for you.. because that definitely helps keep my costs down. :)

    Btw, protein powder is probably one of my splurges.. although my latest containers were all half price.. and yes, I stocked up for many, many months. :)

  17. says

    Aww, I love that you bought yourself flowers :) Romaine hearts, almond milk, broccoli and tempeh end up on pretty much every grocery list. Yes, romaine hearts. I don’t care that they are nutritionally void, I love them. And I hit up my nearby Asian superstore for veggies to save money–they sell the coolest/weirdest veggies and do so for SO MUCH less than even Kroger. I was eating pretty cheap ’til I started buying a tub of protein powder a week, haha. Just bought my 10lbs of oatmeal at Costco for $7.50 though, so at least breakfast is all set to be on the cheap :)

    • Laura says

      I love weird veggies. My farmer’s market is like that. I try to pick up something new every week.

      10 lbs of oatmeal? Whoa girl!

      • says

        Hey, at $0.07 a serving, I’ll take my 10lbs. Usually lasts me about half a year, but definitely going through oatmeal a little faster these days…

  18. says

    I spend a lot on groceries as well… especially when I am recipe testing for others, feeding Jason and I, AND making meals for my Dad (I usually use his account for that, but not always…)

    the items always on my list – carrots, beets, apples, ginger, spinach, kale – this is our typical juice each and every morning, so we go through a fair amount of these. I am also STILL addicted to my kale chiffonade, so there’s that 😉

    quinoa, cashews and almonds are also monthly staples…. and lots of snacking fruit! lately my treat has been the daiya wedges… just… cannot… stop…

  19. says

    Hey, no worries about the grocery bill…that’s pretty near to what my family pays! Of course along with my vegan food, we also have to buy non-vegan s*** food for my sister and father, since they refuse to eat healthy food…and crap food gets expensive!

    My weekly grocery store picks are usually a bunch or two of kale, spinach, cauliflower, 2-3 cans of organic beans (usually black beans and chickpeas), silken tofu (4 boxes), firm tofu (2 packages), coconut milk yoghurts, unsweetened almond milk (usually 2 of these), pumpkin/squash puree, stevia….and somehow I always come home with a new jar of nut butter. I just don’t know how that happens… 😉

    • Laura says

      Crap food is expensive! I don’t know why people think veggies are so expensive.

      The nut butter tends to jump into my cart too… it’s the strangest thing…

  20. says

    We easily spend over $100 a week for two adults and a toddler… I was amazed that some families of 3-4 can spend that little, but I also buy mostly organic brands and all the produce really adds up. Sorry to hear about your foot– I hope you continue to see some improvement!

  21. Amanda says

    I spend a tonnn of money on food. As others said, I think it’s the best thing you could spend your money on!

    This question doesn’t have much to do with your post, but I’m curious…what are your thoughts on working out while sore? Is it important to give your muscles a lot of time to heal before you work them again, or is it ok to work out while sore? I know that you’re probably ALWAYS a little sore, but I’m talking more along the lines of feeling the soreness when I walk/move my arms around.

    Feeling this way in my arms legs & back today but yesterday was a rest day & I want to work out today. What do you do in this situation?

    Thanks :)

    • Laura says

      I do workout while sore. Now, if you are in serious pain you may decide to take another rest day; however, I rotate through body parts. If my legs are really sore it’s ok because I’m working my chest/biceps, for example.

      Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat your protein! :)

  22. says

    Confession, I just spent $300 at Costco! UGH, that is a lot. In my defense, some of that will last a while, but some of it will only last a week and a half. I HAVE to have apples, lettuce, coffee and oats. Other than that, I can survive without the store. However, our must haves here weekly are eggs, coffee, almond milk, veggies. That would be complete survival mode. My splurge would be figs…if I could just find them out here!!!

    Your looking great lady! I hope your foot feels better soon. That is so incredibly frustrating.

  23. Lara says

    This whole question came up on other blogs with people and families who buy mostly organic and they claimed that a family of 3 (one being under 1) spent less than $75 /week!!! How is that possible?! I have the same scenario and my budget is $650-700 a month not including booze :)

  24. says

    We’ve been having this discussion at work a lot lately! We spend about that every 10 days or so for 3 adults and a 7 month old, but that covers breakfasts, my work lunches and dinner for the WHOLE week. A colleague and his fiance spend that much a week on just dinner, but they eat out every night! Its fascinating to hear/read what is important to people.

    I’ve experimented with shopping at Whole Foods vs Publix (we live in between the two) and frankly if you are buying less processed things I don’t see that much of a difference. We don’t buy any convenience foods (i.e. frozen pizza and their ilk) so maybe that helps.

    Flowers are always a good splurge! That or ice cream!

  25. says

    Mahi Mahi, I just tried for the first time the other week! I can’t say it’s my fave fish, but it is good! I’m a huge Tuna Steak and Salmon lover!

    Peppers, a must-have in my fridge!

    • Laura says

      I recently discovered I LOVE salmon sashimi. So weird for someone who refused to even eat seafood until recently.

  26. says

    Hope your foot feels better soon love! :/ As for food shopping I am exactly the same! It is the one area where I don’t feel like I should limit myself! I normally do a big £200 shop once per month and then end up spending at least another £100 throughout the month on more fresh produce and bits and bobs… and that is also just for me on my own. Some of the things I find myself buying multiple times each month include eggs, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, veggies, bottled water, milk (started drinking it again, just in my coffee). Going to try getting back into meal planning again soon, hopefully it will help me save money and also keep me on track with healthy eating whilst at uni! :)

  27. says

    I think $100 is reasonable for you, especially since you are on a high protein diet.

    Honestly, I think grocery bills are everyone’s own business. I also believe that it’s worth it to spend more on food than co-pays at the doctor. If you eat healthy and spend money on that, you’re less likely to spend $$ at the doctor due to chronic “lifestyle” diseases like diabetes.. which is often preventable… with a healthy diet! It all comes full circle ;). I know I’m preaching to the choir here, so I’ll step off my soapbox!

    P.S. Your arms are looking fab!

  28. says

    Now that I’m paleo I spend WAY too much on groceries. But I’m slowly figuring out better ways and until my health problems improve I’m just not skimping on quality. I already feel like you are going to win your competition. I called it okay?

  29. says

    Literally LOL’d –> Whole Paycheck. I think that’s the correct name of Whole Foods. 😉 Nice triceps lady! Lookin’ sharp and defined! My staples are chicken, almond milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, rice cakes, sweet potatoes and any and all fruits/veggies. To treat myself I will usually splurge on a jar of nut buttah. 😉

  30. says

    Whoa..that is a lot for groceries! However, for you, my warrior, it makes sense. You eat like 7 meals a day! And they’re all clean, whole foods..none of that gross, processed foods that come in boxes. I am trying to consume more fish lately..but they’re quite pricey, aren’t they? Mahi Mahi and lump crab meat? Boy, the hubby will be all over those! We consume them only when we go out to fancy places haha…this is making me kinda sad…I should live a little and go get me some right now! humph

  31. says

    Interesting post! It’s something that I’ve been thinking about ever since I moved back home. Now there’re 5 of us (me, my parents, and my grandparents) and we probably spend about 150$ a week. We try to eat healthy but we are limited in terms of money. Since my grandmother is at home a lot she does things like make homemade cottage cheese (big money saver), I make homemade yogurt and we load up on non-parishables when they’re on sale. Mainly we eat things that are cheap so that’s oatmeal, bananas, apples, rice, buckwheat, legumes, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. Very basic, but probably will change once I finish university 😛

  32. says

    We average about $100-150/week on groceries for 2 adults and 2 toddlers. I buy a lot of organic products so that takes up a lot. We also don’t eat meat that much. I’m always interested in what people spend on groceries. I think if you eat it and it’s good stuff, it’s the right amount for you. Of course, training for an event always raises the bill. 😉

  33. says

    Clearly you care about your body and the food you put into your system, so you cannot attach a price to that. Life is too short to eat bad foods. I also love eating local and supporting farmers from the surrounding areas and often that is not the most economical option (this should be the case!) but it’s what I want to do.

    I think your groceries look awesome, regardless of price. It’s amazing how much more meat and eggs are than eating a plant based diet. Tuna is always a great cheap source of clean protein that I keep in stock.

    • Laura says

      Amen! Eating as local as possible is top priority for me.

      Agreed on the tune – that’s always in my fridge.

  34. says

    when james is in ironman training, i have to feed him A LOT! like 2 trips to costco a week. Ya, not good on the wallet, but its our living. Now, we are budgeting to $60 a week for two. Holy cow it’s hard but i stock up on that canned salmon, chicken sausage, eggs, and now we have free chobani (thank GOD!!).

    enjoy your flowers.

  35. says

    We are a family of 4 and I promise you there is no way I could do it on $100 a week. And we are not big gourmet/ expensive food eaters (even though I’d love to be!).

  36. says

    I can’t help it my friend but by Sydney standards $100 is actually very good :S
    But definite buys of veggies and fruits are necessary!
    Your mahi mahi looks fantastic!

    Choc Chip Uru

  37. says

    Sheesh, my little trips to the store to “just get one thing” usually average out to $25-30 alone! And I typically spend anywhere from $30-40 at the farmer’s market each week. I’ll admit sometimes I get a little carried away with the produce (I may have shed a small tear this evening when I realized that 1/2 a cucumber had gone bad on me), but for the most part, I think I do a pretty good job of making the most of my purchases. I definitely have the “if I want it, I buy it” mentality. I’ll pinch pennies and make sacrifices when/if the day comes but for now, I’ll covet my $7 tub of tahini I bought yesterday. 😉

    I didn’t realize crabmeat was a high protein source. Heck, I didn’t know scallops packed so much until I thought to look a couple of weeks ago! And they are so much lower in sodium and shrimp! I just happen to be a little spoiled though and hold out for trips to Whole Foods so I can get the wild caught ones. I SWEAR they taste so much better! And you Mahi Mahi has reminded me that I REALLY need to utilize my broiler more! 10 minutes? You can’t beat that!

    Weekly staples: cottage cheese (same kind as you…SO glad I discovered this low sodium kind), eggs, and greens…and my SUMMER staples lately have been tomatoes, zucchini, peaches, and blueberries…I cannot…WILL NOT leave the farmer’s market without them! Whenever I want to treat myself, I like to get new nut butters or take a trip down the condiment aisle…I’m a total dip junkie!

    What are you doing still reading this comment? Get yo arse in the kitchen and perfect those tots! I want me some tots! 😉

    • Laura says

      Same here! I want all the new shiny things. :)

      I have yet to try scallops. I almost bought those too, but realized I couldn’t possibly eat that much seafood in one week. LOL!

      I love me some condiments too. Even though I know I could make anything I wanted… sometimes I just can’t help myself.

      AHHH! Tots. I’m outta sweet potatoes! Back to the store I go…

  38. says

    To me 100$ for one person sounds like A LOT. I am already mad at me, when I spend over 50$ and my over all goal is to stay under 40$. But I have to admit – I eat out once a week and I do not eat fish as regularly as my iron-levels would like me to. I guess a vegetaria/vegan diet really is a lot cheaper.

    On average I would say that I spend 30$ for fruits and vegs and 20$ for other grocery store items… at least as long as I don’t get turned my head by some great health food like spirulina powder, coconut flour, cacao nibs, matcha (and this list seems to be never ending).

    • Laura says

      When I was eating vegan I could get out of the market at under $50… it is MUCH cheaper!

      Those funky health food items always turn my head too. :)

  39. says

    Wow, your arm looks amazing.

    You don’t spend too much on groceries. For one, as you said, you don’t waste food; Plus you’re also eating extra (I think?) for the figures competition and you also seem to buy quality products which might be more expensive but are also healthier and more filling. I know that’s how I justify my purchases. I might buy a massive jar of unsweetened raw organic almond butter for 10 euros but it’s WAY healthier than a plain jar of Skippy peanut butter. Same thing with the “crazy” flours like chickpea or oat or even just organic flours than can be 1 euro or 1 euro 50 more here. They are less processed and bake up so much better than regular cheap flour so I don’t mind spending the money.

    Think of all the people who spend $100 a week on groceries and eat crap and are probably overweight or unhealthy. I’d rather spend that much getting quality goods.

    • Laura says

      Thanks Holly!!

      10 euros for almond butter?! Wow… I always forget how much things are in Europe. When I was in Denmark I I paid $25 for a sandwich.

      Quality food is worth it – its much cheaper in the long run.

  40. says

    DO you feel like you buy the same thing week after week?? I basically shop from the same list! I got my expensive list from $100 every week to 100 twice a month and then typically 60 the other two. It’s expensive to eat healthier! That’s what our government should be talking about!
    Thanks for posting your shopping stuff! I actually made an instagram photo collage yesterday for my staples! lol!!

    • Laura says

      Some things – like egg whites, cottage cheese, etc. I do like to get variety in my produce and protein sources though!

  41. says

    Omg hunnie! YES crab is like one of the most expensive things everrrrr! So sorry to hear about your plantar fasciitisis acting up still :( HUGS XO

    Always thinking of you, twin!

    I think I’m going to give you an email today :)

    You’re looking great babyyy

  42. says

    Groceries are one thing I will spend extra money on. Look at it as an investment. If you eat eat healthy and clean you will be healthy longer, which in the end will cut back on medical bills. Plus food is one thing I feel like we should indulge and enjoy. So why would you buy processed cheap food that doesn’t taste as good as fresh food may taste.

  43. says

    Moving in with Patrick has increased my grocery bill substantially! Those boys really do pack it away. Although I do have to say he has been doing great with eating a little more healthy like I do, I do make him the occasional cookies and cupcakes though.

    Groceries is like fun shopping for me, so I don’t feel too bad when I spend a little extra on it. Especially if it is something that is good for you.

  44. says

    I have always spent way too much on groceries. I always figured it was okay because I don’t really buy much else! I like having the option to just go to the store and throw whatever I want in my cart- but unfortunately, since I usually shop at Whole Paycheck- that adds up REAL quick. I decided to tackle this problem and try only buying exactly what I need for the week, planning out dinners a week ahead of time, and only visiting the store once a week (i used to go almost every day to pick up one or two things and always came out with about 10 or 20). I’ve actually been REALLY good about only buying what I need and not impulse buying and staying well under $100 a week. I was spending more like 200 before… yikes!
    And, in my defense, we go out to eat about once a month- which costs A LOT more. We eat just about every meal at home.

    • Laura says

      Eating a home has been a HUGE saver for me – and is one reason I don’t care how much I spend on groceries. It’s still cheaper than the $80-100 I was dropping 3-4x a week on dinner.

  45. says

    You’re not along in that department. I probably spend around 125 or so on groceries for the the guy and me…and I even tend to avoid WholeFoods (as much as I LOVE their store) as their prices don’t cater to a grad school budget. ha.
    Weekly staples are always yogurts, almond milk, fiber one cereal and veggies…veggies veggies veggies :)

  46. says

    I have gotten into a bad habit of going to the grocery a few times a week! That has def jacked up my bill. Weekly buys are almond milk, bananas, and fresh produce! I love to spurge on different nut butters or a gluten free goodie every now and again. I have never eaten crab… I just can’t make myself! lol

  47. says

    I think that’s about right, $100 a week is great. Plus you get all the good healthy stuff, as a grocery clerk I see all kinds of things people buy for $100 and its mostly junk food. So kudos to you =)

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