Habit Formed

Hiking is habit-forming.


Ever since the awesome hike in Boulder at the Blend Retreat, I cannot get enough!



This weekend I took off for North GA to a place called Tallulah Gorge with Heather, Kirk, Lindsay, and Nancy.  The gorge is a 2 mile long, 1000 ft deep canyon about 90 miles north of Atlanta.   They even have a suspension bridge and  a sliding rock!

It’s a good thing we were armed with our FitMixer BCAA drinks!  (Click here for more on the benefits of BCAAs.)


Photo Credit: Heather/Kirk


After the crazy hike to the bottom (think lots of sliding down rocks on my butt), we were wishing we’d thought to bring swimsuits so we could use the rock waterslide!  Next time it’s on.



See the bottom right pic in the collage above?  That’s a snake skin.  Snakes are the only downside to hiking…

One 4 mile round trip and about a million stairs later, we were STARVING.  Like good bloggers, we already had a lunch spot picked out.  By we I mean Heather.  Anytime she picks a place you know it’s going to be good.  Grapes & Beans (not to be confused with frank and beans) in Clayton, GA was no exception.



Small town cafes can be surprisingly good!  They had a gorgeous patio where we ate while listening to jazz music.  As an appetizer we shared a delicious curry hummus (hummus + curry = win).  For my entree I had a portabella pita sandwich with mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, and herb-garlic tofu dressing.  Yes, the dressing was as good as it sounds.


Wednesday I leave for Argentina.  Exercise there will consist of mostly sight-seeing/walking/jogging.  I love my weight though, so these next few days I’m going to squeeze in some good strength training workouts.

This past week I had a decent week of workouts on top of the hike, so I treated myself to a rest day Saturday.  I’m beginning to appreciate their value, and so is my body.


Workout Recap (5/28- 6/3):

  • Monday – 4 mile run/walk, Back, 100 push-ups
  • Tuesday – Personal trainer (full body), 5 mile run/walk with Carol
  • Wednesday – Bis/Back with plyo, 3 mile walk, 100 push-ups
  • Thursday – Shoulders with plyo, 3 mile run/walk 100 push-ups
  • Friday – 3 mile run, Ab Ripper X, 100 push-ups
  • Saturday – REST
  • Sunday –  4 mile hike, 100 push-ups



Having worked 60+ hours in the past week, I’m so ready for vaca that it almost hurts.

Are you afraid of snakes?

Do you take rest days regularly?  Have you found them beneficial?  I need encouragement.



  1. says

    Ohh girl, I can’t recommend rest days enough..they do WONDERS for my workouts- trust me!! Quality trumps quantity every time. Although looking at your workouts, you seem to have a good variety as well as targeting different body parts :)!

  2. says

    Looks like you had a GREAT time on your hike! :)

    I have learned to embrace rest days – although sometimes it is a struggle. My workouts will get really sluggish and lack intensity if I don’t listen to my body thought! I usually rest every Thursday – and when I need it, I will take a second rest day!

  3. says

    That looks fun. I’ve never been to Tallulah Gorge. I take two rest days a week. I find that when I take less (or more), I just don’t feel right.

  4. says

    i’m so with you – hiking is ADDICTING! it’s my favorite weekend activity & i’m trying to find a good hike close enough to do on weekday afternoons too!

    we’ve seen a couple little grass snakes on our hikes, but never anything with a skin like that! yowza! it looks intense…

  5. says

    Hiking is such great exercise, especially when you can’t run! Good for you for taking a rest day…. I always take one a week, and am definitely find it refreshes me both mentally and physically so I’m ready to get back at it! Lots of research showing that we get stronger from a day of rest as well… :)

  6. says

    I am very, very afraid of snakes and bridges!!! :( I take rest days every week, at least one but usually I end up taking one active rest day and one totally relaxing, it gives me more energy for my workouts after that!

  7. says

    glad to hear that you are enjoying hiking so much! Hiking is always a great way to get out and see nature :)
    the curry hummus sounds fantastic!

  8. says

    Babe, if you ever want to talk about rest days PLEASE email me. Please please please. <3 I love you so much, but I really think you need rest days! <3 I mean that in the most loving way possible <3 If you are having difficulties having rest days, I think that's all the better reason to have them. Anyways, if you still like me after my comment, please email me at adashofmeg@gmail.com and I will give you all of the love and support I can xo

    Love you Laura

  9. says

    So jealous! Looks like you ladies had a great time.

    I need to do a workout recap for the week. I don’t log them anymore (used to have a physical running log) and it would be neat to do a recap every Saturday.

  10. says

    60+ hours?! Holy moly woman. You definitely deserve that vacation!! Your hike sounds so fun. Rock waterslide? Yes please! I’d love to go with y’all if you ever go back. I do take rest days- a lot of them. Usually between 2-3 a week. My body definitely appreciates them though sometimes my mind fights me and I feel guilty. I do prefer to workout more- between 5&6 days a week but usually rest from exercise wins out on the weekends. I definitely think with your ACL issues rest is even more important than normal. PS- yes, lets run Tuesday! Let me know what time works best for you! I’m getting a haircut but should be able to go around 7 if that works for you :)

  11. says

    Love it! Hiking is awesome, hey? So fun you got to do it w/Heather and Lindsay too! 😀 And Argentina – can’t wait to hear about it – Mikey and I really want to go! Embrace the rest days when you need them (I really believe at least once a week) – they are so good for your body! :) Really sounds like you deserve this break…enjoy!

    • Laura says

      I can see you guys loving it! I already want to go back when I have more time to do the Southern explorations.

  12. says

    So fun!! I’ve hiked Tallulah several times and it’s always a fun one. Next time you’ve got to slide down the rocks. It’s the perfect mid-hike treat!
    P.S. I hate snakes. Hope you didn’t see any live ones!

  13. says

    I’ve always been more of a bushwalking (hiking) than running girl myself. I love the chance to drink in nature, the sky, the birds… gorgeous. Also, I’m envious of your warrrmmmtthhhhh 😛

  14. says

    PS I am in the same boat as you as rest days. I always do active rest (so taking a walk, yoga, etc.). But when I was injured, I tried to do ACTUAL rest days in which I didn’t do anything. I would do one on Wednesday and the other on Sunday.

  15. Melissa says

    Hi! I can’t believe that you were this close to Clarkesville and you did not text me…. I am glad you had a good time on your hike. I hope you enjoy your trip!

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