Dec 14

Sweet Potato Pie Oatmeal + WIAW

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


This was the drama club’s “quote” in high school.  You know, the one that everyone had written some where.  I think there is even a video of the club reciting it in unison post-curtain call.

Yes, I was a drama dork.  Not the cool kind that was the lead in musicals.  I did make up backstage.  Secretly, I wished I could act.


Having given up on drama (as an art and a personality trait I avoid like the plague), on Jenn’s infamous What I Ate Wednesday I use this quote in reference to breakfast.



A breakfast soooo good I didn’t want to take the last bite because that would mean it was over.

Sweet Potato Pie Oatmeal is by far my new favorite winter breakfast.  It was like having dessert for breakfast.  If only I’d had marshmallows on hand to top it off properly!

Recipe at the end!


In preparation for the Christmas party catering gig this weekend, I’m focusing on making as much room as possible in my fridge and freezer.

No grocery shopping.  Eating frozen meals and cookie muffin creations to clear freezer space.  Thai food.

Lunch today was a Chicken Enchilada Evol Bowl.  It wasn’t too bad – especially with the Tabasco I “borrowed” from the office fridge.

The bowl microwaved evenly and wasn’t as salty as many frozen meals out there (just over 500).  They used corn tortillas - far superior to flour, IMHO - making it gluten-free.


I remembered a pic just in time!


Speaking of salt, did you hear that the FDA is considering putting a limit on the amount of salt restaurants use?  Apparently the average American eats 11 CUPS of salt in a year.  Gross.



Next to my kickboxing gym there is danger a Whole Foods.  As a treat I sometimes stop in after class for a Hot Bar  Trash Can (a hodge podge of food that exemplifies my inability to choose just one or 2 thing from any menu).


I know it included kale-apple saladsweet potato-cashew hash, buffalo-garlic tofu, seitan in some tasty red sauce, eggplant-zucchini-asparagus-onions in another tomato sauce, bowtie pasta, ancient grains, lemon-roasted carrot slices (these were REALLY good)… and a ritual… I always reserve a little corner spot for a teensy scoop of that glorious iced chocolate brownie.



I only managed pics of 2 of today’s snacks.

Multi-Green Kombucha on the drive in to work.



Late-night chocolate chip cookie and almond milk (see earlier remark regarding the necessity of clearing out my freezer).


Unpictured: peanuts (I eat like I’m on a plane even when I’m not), Pure Protein bar, coffee, and a pre-workout FRS drink (which I swear does work!).


Sweet Potato Pie Oatmeal

Sweet Potato Pie Oatmeal

  • 1/2 C oatmeal (I used Bob’s Mill gluten-free)
  • 1/2 C unsweetened vanilla coconut milk (a la So Delicious)
  • 1/2 C water
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp ginger
  • 1/4 tsp almond extract
  • Pinch of salt
  • 3 T sweet potato puree 
  • 1/2 tsp chia seeds (optional)


Cook the oats according to package instructions, adding spices and extract once boiling.  

When almost done (1-2 mins to go), add sweet potato and chia seeds.  Taste (careful not to burn your mouth like I did) and adjust flavors as needed.

Topping ideas: pecans, walnuts, marshmallows, maple syrup, brown sugar

Makes 1 serving.


Most of today’s pics were tricked-out thanks to my new love – Instagram.

What is your favorite photo app?  Do share!

Do you concern yourself with salt intake?



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  1. Hannah@Mindrunningwild

    aw- you should have tried acting!
    oh gosh I can’t believe that about the salt! I try to eat as low/no sodium as possible. I don’t add salt and try to get low sodium products. Hopefully I’m not consuming this much!!
    I’m also totally jealous of your whole foods trip. First stop when I’m back in the states and near a WF. Although oddly enough, I’m closer when I’m here! Just haven’t been in awhile.

    1. Laura

      I’m pretty sure most of the blog world is safe from salt… assuming it’s more the people who DON’T think about food.

  2. Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats

    All of your eats look delicious! 11 cups of salt…yikes! I hope I don’t use that much. I try to stay away from processed foods/fast food as much as possible and don’t really add a lot of salt when I’m cooking. It would be interesting to see to amount over a year!

  3. Tiff

    I wish I lived closer to WF! I’ve had one of those frozen meals before, but I can’t remember which one. I think it was good though…???

    1. Laura

      They aren’t bed! I like the mini burritos for snacks too.

  4. Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count

    Breakfast looks delicious! I was a drama dork too!

    1. Laura

      Drama dorks unite! :)

  5. Corey @ Learning Patience

    wow – a WF right next door to your gym…that is dangerous and AWESOME! :-)

    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate

    This reminds me that I need to get the Whole Foods hot bar ASAP :)

  7. Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin

    I love sweet potato oatmeal! I almost never have it though because canned pumpkin is so much easier to find than canned sweet potato. :P

    YES! I really hope the FDA passes that bill – that sounds like a great step to reducing our sodium intake. We covered hypertension in my clinical nutrition class this semester and I was so shocked at the statistics!

    1. Laura

      Whole Foods has it on sale right now!

      I hope so too – I’m super-sensitive to over-salting since I cut back a couple of years ago.

  8. Lee

    Instagram is really the only photo app that I use. I have one that makes the camera zoom, I guess I use that on occasion. I think it’s actually just called camera zoom.

  9. Shannon from Healthiful Balance

    Your oatmeal looks delish! I’ve never made anything like it, but I think I’ll try it sometime! :)

  10. Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family

    The quote is by Dr. Seuss, and I too participated in drama. I always got the supporting roles (or understudy)…never could quite shine as the star. I do still enjoy going to plays though…just something so fun to do.
    Your eats look good and this morning I almost made a smoothie with pumpkin in it and thought about yours, but alas I just couldn’t do it.
    Have a great Wednesday Laura!

    1. Laura

      You should have! I actually made that post-workout today. So. Good. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. ;)

  11. Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

    omg i would LOVE if restaurants had to limit salt!!!

  12. Kiri W.

    I regularly make pumpkin pie oatmeal, but sweet potato pie sounds to die for, too! :)
    I just had lunch on Sunday at Whole Foods – delicious! I’m so glad ours is far away, I always spend too much money…

  13. Brittany @Little b's healthy habits

    Yum your oats look just like mine and your photo of kombucha makes me remember I haven’t had one all week! Looks like I’l be stopping by Whole Foods on the way home :)

  14. Christin@purplebirdblog

    I am long overdue for a WF hot bar excursion. My favorite overpriced meal! :) I am super digging on the looks of those oats… I was just lamenting on another blog how I haven’t even had any pumpkin oats this season, for shame!

  15. Maggie @ kitchie coo

    I made some pumpkin oatmeal with leftover puree I had this fall, but I haven’t done this with sweet potato. Yum!! I love the coconut milk and all the spices you added this. It looks absolutely fantastic! I have a sweet potato I need to use up so I think I’ll try this for breakfast this weekend.

    1. Laura

      Let me know how you like it! It’s really similar to pumpkin… only I like it better. Oddly, I prefer pumpkin cold.

  16. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Urghh that is a whole lot of salt! My dad probably contributes to that statistic haha
    And yummm thank you for the oatmeal recipe! I shall be trying it when I am HOMEEE so soon :)

  17. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    Buffalo Garlic Tofu?! I have to see if my WF has that one – or maybe just make up a batch at home – sounds amazing! The oatmeal looks pretty tasty too!

    I don’t really worry about salt, but I can tell when I’ve had a sodium-rich day because of how my clothes fit. :)

    1. Laura

      The one at Sandy Springs had it!

  18. Lisa ♥ Healthful Sense

    Love the sweet potato pie oats!!
    Sweet potatoes are definitely my favorite natural sweetener! Well, maybe tied w/ dates =)
    Hope you’re having a great week!

  19. Courtney @ Fitness with a Fork

    Your oatmeal does look delicious! I really need to try chia seeds. I keep hearing everyone talking about them!

    1. Laura

      You should! I especially like them when I’ve been working out a lot – super hydrating.

  20. Carol @ Lucky Zucca

    I love all the sweet potato options you post on here! You’re a sweet potato guru!! :D

    1. Laura

      LOL! Can i get that on a t-shirt?

  21. Andrea @ Vegvacious

    That oatmeal looks heavenly!!! It’s the perfect breakie in the winter!

  22. Kristabel@RaceReady

    Your meals are so healthy yet so delicious, the way it ought to be!

  23. Professor Vegetable

    I want sweet potato oat meal… omg!!!

    happy WIAW!!!

  24. Sara @my less serious life

    what beautiful oatmeal you have! ;)

  25. Jessica

    I LOVE sweet potato oatmeal! Especially with cinnamon and nut butter :)

    1. Laura

      I so needed to add nut butter! Hunger must have been distracting me. ;)

  26. Kasey @PowerCakes.blogspot.com

    Your eats look awesome!! I looove whole foods hot bar :] you got me craving!

  27. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I was so excited about sweet potato oatmeal…..and then you mentioned marshmallows.


    Sweet potatoes should only be topped with pecan streusel….or nothing at all.

    {However last year I did make a concession with Sweet Potato S’mores. ;)}

    PS- Drama nerds 4-EVER!

    1. Laura

      Solidarity, drama sister.

  28. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love.

    I can see why you loved your breakfast so much. It looks GREAT! You always have yummy breakfast ideas!

    1. Laura

      Thank you! It’s my favorite meal. :)

  29. sportsglutton

    I don’t concern myself with salt intake, just like my wine intake. ;-)

    1. Laura

      Yes, that’s an intake I try not to think about. ;)

  30. Claire @ Live and Love to Eat

    I’m thinking this should be topped with marshmallows and broiled… ;)

  31. Allie

    Your oats sound really good even though i’ve never had sweet tater pie!

  32. Kim - Liv Life

    I was a bit of a drama dork as well. I remember being SO excited when I actually got a speaking part, then…. they used my speaking part (1 line) in the dark between scenes. Ah well…
    LOVE the oatmeal! We are always on the lookout for new oatmeal recipes and I’m loving the coconut flavors here. Nicely done, and a well deserved Top 9 spot!!

    1. Laura

      Oh wow – you saw that before I did! I’m so excited! Thank you for the buzz, the sweet comment, and the heads up. :)

  33. Nada (One Arab Vegan)

    That oatmeal sounds insane! And I love instagram, hipstamatic is pretty cool too. What’s your instagram username I’ll follow you :)

    1. Laura

      Thanks! It’s sprint2thetable. I’m still figuring out how to best use it (other than taking pics), but I’m digging all of the effects!

  34. Grubarazzi (@Grubarazzi)

    Hey congrats on the top 9! I knew that was you as soon as I saw tricked out oatmeal. and I love instagram. It is so fun. I’ll find you on it.

    1. Laura

      LOL! Thank you!

  35. Terris@ Free Eats

    I’m loving this oatmeal. What an awesome idea. I happen to have a leftover baked sweet potato and a rumbly tummy. Hmmm…..

    1. Laura

      Thanks! Leftover sweet potatoes are really good in shakes too. :)

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