Gobbling Up 13.1

If I don’t like turkey, what exactly am I earning?


Wine is more like it!


By the time you are reading this, I will (hopefully) be done with Atlanta’s Thanksgiving Half Marathon.  I am starting in the first group at 7:30am and – if I managed to stay with my pace team – I will be done by 9:15am.  Forget turkey at that hour; I’m earning Waffle House!



Rather than wax poetic about the millions of things I’m thankful for (really, I am), I thought I’d offer you something a bit different.

3 Tips for Thanksgiving:

1. Don’t sit in you great aunt’s chair.  Trust your instincts (and your nose).  That can’t be clean.

Source: happyplace.com



2. Watch out for the beans.  You don’t want to be mistaken for that chair, do you?

3. Don’t make yourself miserable.


Bite #367 of that pie will not taste any different than bite #1.  You’ll be trying to get rid of those leftovers for days anyway.

Click here for a few tips on keeping the gluttony under control… and an idea for using some of that leftover pumpkin puree. 😉


In conclusion, I…


Happy Thanksgiving!!

How did all the runners do?

What is/was the BEST dish of the day?


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    I’m getting over a bout of food poisoning so no running for me today :( but good luck on your half today! I know you’ll kick its ass! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Congrats on your run this morning – any day started with a half marathon is a good day, right? Add to that Thanksgiving and it truly is a wonderful day. :) This isn’t food, but my uncle shared some Apple Pie Moonshine he got from a friend at Thanksgiving and THAT was probably my meal highlight. Lots of other amazing food, but that was just unexpectedly cool!

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    I’m a little late but Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    I’m a little early like you but Merry Christmas too.

    The best dish for me was these little fried things called “fried chicken” at the vegetarian restaurant I went to for Thanksgiving dinner. They were all different bite size morsels. Some were seitan or wheat gluten and some were mushrooms and so on. They tasted good and they CAME WITH BBQ sauce. That sauce made me happy!

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