Creative or Crazy?

Go Packers!


I’m happen to be in Milwaukee for work while the Packers open again the Saints.  All of this is lost on me – I prefer college ball.


I had quite the view!  People in Milwaukee are incredibly nice.  They also really like Bud Light and Riesling (as evidenced by the patrons at the bar last night).

No, I wasn’t out partying.  But how could I pass up eating dinner at the hotel bar while watching this shenanigans go down?!


Plus, I was in need of a treat after a workout so awesome it left me shaking.  That one will be posted ASAP.  :)


To entertain myself between work and the NFL, I researched fried foods.  Apparently one can fry anything.


They claim everything is bigger in Texas.  If bigger = fried, then “they” might be right!


The prize for the Most Creative State Fair Food in Texas went to the Fried Bubble Gum.



It wasn’t really fried gum – it was fried bubble gum-flavored marshmallows.  That actually doesn’t sound so bad…

Last year’s winner was fried beer ravioli.  Homer Simpson’s favorite dinner.

Click for source


But that’s nothing compared to Iowa’s Fried Butter on a stick.  Seriously.  Who could even take one bite of that?!

Source: Iowa State Fair/ Steve Pope Photography


And we wonder why half of America will be obese by 2030?


Moo-ving on to ice cream, Ben & Jerry have finally outdone themselves.  Coming soon to a store near you…


Schweddy Balls Ice Cream will consist of vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and is loaded with fudge covered rum balls and milk chocolate malt balls.  Schweddy balls on ice.  

Please tell me Betty White’s muffin is next.

(In case you missed it, these are hilarious SNL skits.  Click the links to watch!!!) 


I love crazy, creative non-fried, non-ice cream combos too!


I once had a fried Snickers.  Not gonna lie – it was good.

What’s the werdest fried food you’ve ever seen/tried?

Do you get into the NFL?  College football?  Nothing?


  1. says

    Fried Mars Bar… mmmmmmmm… so bad but so good! Confession I actually used to LOVE fried food and now it makes me vaguely sick thinking about it. Oh and that fried butter is foul! Makes me gag even thinking about taking a bite! Ickk!! That ben and jerry’s on the other hand… :)

  2. says

    I’ve had fried oreos before. They sort of tasted like funnel cake.

    I have no interest in football! I wish I did because it seems like everyone who likes it has so much fun but I really don’t. Blame going to a college with no football team.

  3. says

    Thought of fried butter makes me nauseous! Who could stomach that?! Love those SNL skits… and LOVE college football. I look forward to college football on the weekends!! The only NFL game I like to watch is the superbowl.

  4. says

    Fried bubble gum marshmallows and butter sound like horrible ideas to me. I have tried the fried snickers and agree that it was good. My worst experience was a fried Twinkie. Idea sounded intriguing but the lingering preservative aftertaste was disturbing and disgusting.

    Enjoy college football tomorrow and your weekend. Cheers!

    • Laura says

      Really?! There is a place near me that has them on their menu and the one I tasted was pretty good. It would have been all the chocolate syrup hiding the flavor though. :)

      Enjoy a football-filled weekend yourself!

  5. says

    I made the mistake of reading about the new ice cream during a newscast yesterday. We got like 5 calls! This prude country couldn’t handle the truth!

    Not an American football fan myself but I do like soccer…’football’ for the rest of the world. I’m a Bayern Munich fan, holdover from when I lived in Germany :)

    Can’t wait to hear about the workout that nearly killed you! Buzzed

  6. says

    When I started reading I was like, “Did she find the fried butter?” You didn’t disappoint. That’s messed up– even for someone who’s mother could stand in for Paula Deen. Football? I’m always confused– “Why did they stop again? They just started?” Weirdest food? In Italy they have “Puffi” Gelato (this is also their word for Smurf, apparently?)– it’s blue and it tastes like menthol. Blech.

  7. says

    That fried butter made me gag a little- and I kind of love butter. I had a friend who worked at a sushi joint in college and one night we snuck in and tempura-ed oreos (they were kind of fantastic). Great link line-up after a post filled with crazy friend things!

  8. says

    I only like football games for the snacks. I usually don’t watch or care who wins :)
    And Ben & Jerry’s is a win every time. Especially when it’s booze infused! I think I have like 3 booze infused ice cream recipes on my blog. There’s nothing better!!

  9. says

    I don’t know, of the ooey gooey choices, I think the ice cream is my favourite. But I also really like the last photo of the salad… yum! (not as certain about those bubblegum flavoured marshmallows…. :)

  10. tricia says

    we had fried oreos, fried cheesecake, and fried twinkies on the menu at genki. one day a server brought in a reese’s and had the kitchen fry it for her. it was actually awesome.

  11. says

    Re: Skinny Margarita… If it has any citrus juice it contains vitamin C, most fruit actually contain it. Re: Ben and Jerry’s? LOOOVE good old rum and raising ice cream so this will be a feast! I hope they bring it to Australia! I’ll definitely pay $12 for a pint!


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