Aug 20

Free to Breathe 5K

I am writing this from a Korean Spa.


JeJu.  It’s really the only way to recover from a 5K!  I also used it to recover from Tough Mudder.

No, there isn’t a happy ending.


The race was the Free to Breathe 5K.  It was a very, very hilly race through an Atlanta neighborhood called Virginia Highlands.

Despite the humidity and hills, I nailed a PR!



  • Distance – 3.14 miles
  • Time: 23:06
  • Average Pace – 7:21


1st place in my age group and 5th overall!  The fastest female finished in just over 19 mins.  Crazy fast.



Which clearly deserved a hearty breakfast from Osteria with my friend Jessica.

The omelet was good, but the grits were icky soupy.  In my omelet: red pepper, onion, spinach, basil, and a side of pomodoro sauce.  YUM.


Back to the sauna I go!

What are you doing this weekend?

Can any of you run a 19 minute 5K?  How?!


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  1. Cait @ Beyond Bananas

    Ahh Laura! You are crazy fast! Super race, girl.. congrats on the PR!

  2. Lee

    Great job! You should do the Vinings Downhill with me and Jason on 9.10. I mean, if you can do a hilly 5K in this time, imagine how fast you’d be able to run a mostly downhill course.

    1. Laura

      Thanks! Vinings downhill is tempting… have you done it before? Is it painful downhill or gradual?

  3. Jess@Healthy Exposures

    Congrats on your race!! You seriously rocked it! Whenever I hear of the winners placing anywhere from 16-19 minutes I’m always thinking “I can’t even imagine going that fast…” haha. Of course, I think that with 23:00 times, too ;)

  4. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate

    Congrats on the race!

  5. Matt @ The Athlete's Plate

    Where is the cheese in that omelet?

    1. Laura

      I know, I know…. dairy after running isn’t okay with my stomach, unfortunately. :(

  6. Corey @ Learning Patience

    AWESOME girl! You are such a running rockstar! :-) Nice work! A 19 min 5k? Holy moley! Had a rocking day surfing… Happy Saturday! xoxo from Trinidad

  7. Hannah


  8. Hayley @ Oat Couture

    Bloody hell your Speedy Gonzales!! Well done on placing first luv! :) Enjoy your sauna time!

  9. Allie

    You go girl! Great job on the 5k! Hope you enjoy the spa!

  10. Kelly

    Wow, congratulations on your fabulous finish – 1st in your age category – that’s really fantastic!! (who cares about soupy grits when you can run your butt off! :))

  11. E @ Act Fast Chef

    Congrats! That is super fast :)

  12. Carol @ Lucky Zucca

    Go Laura Go!!! You are so fast!! Oh my gosh!! Congratulations on the PR and another medal!!! So happy for you!

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