Local Soup

When people think of roller derby, I doubt the first thing that comes to mind is “family.” 


Families beat each other up…

However, one of the biggest components of my league is the family aspect.  Becoming one of the Atlanta Rollergirls = 80+ new family members.

Getting injured is a great reminder of that!  From the calls/emails/texts to the treats courtesy of a league-mate and baker, I feel like one lucky girl.

Last night I received another special delivery.  This was from my teammate, Polly Atomic, and Local 3. Local 3 is one of the newest restaurants in Atlanta and has received some rave reviews.  Lucky me – Polly and her husband, Chris Hall, are a couple of the founders of this fine establishment. :)

The delivery?

2 massive containers of soup: Creamy Tomato and Creamy Butternut Squash.

Chris even included straws!


I couldn’t decide which soup to try first… and then I thought

“Why limit yourself to eating one at a time?”

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Polly, Chris, and the awesome kitchen at Local 3!

Local 3 is definitely my first stop when chewing resumes!


In honor of Valentine’s Day, I brought Mom some treats from International Bakery.

It is this little hole-in-the-wall Greek Bakery with a curmudgeon of a man behind the register and baklava so fantastic it could make you cry.

This dreamy box of goodness was a big hit.  At least I hear it was good…

The trip did include a treat for me.  This Greek bakery also carries a few authentic packaged goods, straight from Greece.  I came home with a big tub of authentic Greek yogurt!  OMG – it is so, so good.  American Greek yogurt is good, but this is much ticker and rich – almost like eating a dessert.


I can’t wait to chew.

What is your favorite tiny local find? 

Any cool ethic bakeries/shops to do some International food shopping?


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