Feb 21

Lemme Upgrade ‘Ya

Happy President’s Day!

It seems that most people had to work, but we had the day off since we didn’t get MLK Day.

Productivity was high!  Checked off my to-do list:

  • Run
  • Banana Republic
  • West Elm (I still have the curtains that came with my condo… embarrassing)
  • Verizon
  • Talked to the tattoo guy (more to come on that…)
  • Farmer’s Market (where I managed to spend $50 despite not being able to chew food… foodie fail win)

The run this morning was slow going, but I was fine with that because I was sore from having a GOOD run yesterday!

I attempted a run last weekend and had to quit because my jaw bones were shaking (I have no idea how else to describe it… but it’s like I can feel my bones moving) and my head was pounding.

Anyway, yesterday I did a 5K in 26:40.  Then ran/walked another 1.25 miles.

So a less-than amazing run today was fine by me.  And I treated myself to a post-run latte at Caribou Coffee while reading the paper.

Now I need to figure out endurance before the Tough Mudder on March 12th… follow up with the Doc tomorrow… hopefully he won’t make me stop!

Any way, also in honor of my President’s Day off, I tried a new oatmeal method. Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Voluminous Oatmeal.

I added a little much liquid, but I’m re-doing it tonight to perfect tomorrow morning.  This morning, I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder (post-run refuel!), cinnamon, and peanut butter.  Tasty, if I may say so.

The BEST part of any holiday is the present!

I got an iPhone!

Thank you, Verizon

My first picture with the Hipstamatic app…. it was stressful trying to get everything set up!


So, now that I’ve joined modern society…

What are you favorite, must-have apps?


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  1. Lee

    I got neither day off – boo.

    My favorite apps – facebook, twitter, words with friends, shazam

    1. Lee

      Actually, the twitter app that i use is not called twitter, it’s called echofon.

      1. Laura

        Everyone seems to use a different Twitter app. What’s the differentiator?

  2. chocolate-covered katie

    Hahaha I am still behind the times, clinging to my old (very old) cell phone. Have fun with your new toy! :) :)

    1. Laura

      I was a hold out… but trust me on the upgrade. Your life will never be the same. :)

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