Jerky-LT sandwich

Jerky Heaven [Giveaway] + WIAW

I'm a snack junkie. If I'm honest I'd rather snack and have a meal.  If you're a snacker like me, you can imagine my excitement when I received a GIANT box of jerky from Jack Link's.  Turkey jerky, teriyaki turkey jerky, chicken jerky... it is basically outdoor snacking deliciousness. And by outdoors, I don't just mean sports (though Vegas and my favorite softball snack is jerky). … [Read More...]

Black's Beach arial

Observations From the Nude Beach

I'm not an exhibitionist. But I'll go to the exhibition. Sunday was a gorgeous day in San Diego.  It was 78 degrees, nice breeze, and not a cloud in the sky.  You know, typical.  I did what all Southern Californians do on a day like that and went to the beach.  What wasn't SO typical was that … [Read More...]

2015 Lay's flavors

Revisiting Strange But Good

Normalcy* has returned. *I use that term loosely. Vegas and I made it back from Vegas leaving the 115 degree temps behind.  The sun is out again in San Diego and it's a balmy 75 degrees. … [Read More...]

Ant Man

It’s Not Always Sunny in San Diego (or Vegas)

It's been one of those weeks. I'm not really sure what day it is...  I started the week in San Diego, now I'm in Vegas, and I'm driving back to San Diego tonight.  What's more confusing is that this weekend in San Diego it POURED down rain.  I thought it wasn't supposed to rain in paradise?! … [Read More...]

Temecula wine tour

Birthday Surprises + Cheesecake Dessert Giveaway

I should probably stop celebrating my birthday now. But at 32 I'm just not that mature yet. Vegas had an amazing surprise planned for me on my birthday... but she didn't wait until the day of to treat me!  And - because I don't think you should stop being treated either - I have a delicious … [Read More...]

Sticky Toffee Rum Balls

Sticky Toffee Rum Balls [Recipe]

I hate to waste food. Especially dessert. While that Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding I posted last week was fantastic, it made a lot for two people to eat.  I couldn't imagine letting it go to waste, so I starting thinking of alternate uses. Leave it to me to reach the conclusion that I should … [Read More...]

OTL at bat

Dressing Up and Playing Ball [$25 Dick’s Giveaway]

It's my birthday!!! Obviously that means presents. The weekend before my birthday was San Diego's infamous Over the Line tournament (OTL).  Basically, it's 2 days of camping and playing a baseball-ish game in the sunshine and sand at the beach. There are 3 players on each team.  Your own … [Read More...]

Rainbow Layer Cake

Rainbow Layer Cake [Recipe]

It's my birthday week!!! So I made myself a cake. Actually, I made this cake on the 4th of July... but I consider the whole month my birthday.  Therefore, this was a marriage equality-4th of July-birthday cake. Baking is relaxing to me.  The more complicated, the more fun.  I think it's … [Read More...]

Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding

Sticky Toffee Stout Pudding [Recipe]

Occasionally I have a good idea that just keeps on giving. And occasionally I take it too far an have a disaster. On this occasion I'd set out to bake with a peanut butter stout I'd gotten from Belching Beaver.  You might remember this Peanut Butter Stout Caramel Corn. After making the … [Read More...]