Cauliflower Fiesta Waffle

Cauliflower Fiesta Waffles

I've had lots of bad ideas. I'm talking about recipes here... ;) As I was mixing these up I thought "this is either my best or worst [waffle] idea ever."  Turns out, it was the best... in a strange way, of course. ;) I've made a lot of unusual stuff with cauliflower.  One of my go-to is this pizza crust.  I also rocked some pancakes with this versatile vegetable.  So why not a waffle? I decided on a savory waffle, but you can easily change up the spices to make it sweet.  For "brinner," savory seemed the way to go.  It's a thinner batter, but if you grease the waffle iron liberally it wont stick.  I used coconut oil cooking spray. My veggie toppings were easily prepped while I was making the waffle.  I sautéed bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. … [Read More...]

dessert bowl

The Event Planning Life

The big day has arrived. Hold me. At work, we host a 3 day conference every year.  This year's being today.  It's been a little nuts  (<-- understatement) leading up to it... but I am really excited!  Here's a little bite of what life has looked like the past few days. … [Read More...]

Pie-Spiced Eggplant French Toast

Pie-Spiced Eggplant French Toast (Waffles)

It wasn't me, I swear. This is weird even for me. Even I couldn't have some up with something as strange as eggplant french toast.  No, this fabulousness was linked up to an August #strangebutgood by Debbie @ Accidentally Delish.  It was shockingly good. I did make it a little more odd … [Read More...]

Wonder Woman

Channeling Wonder Woman + WIAW

Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. If you know me, this is probably no surprise. Mind over matter is a very real thing.  I find myself being able to "will" myself to do more than I should be able to both in and out of the gym.  It's kind of fun to push yourself to do the (previously) … [Read More...]

Chocolate Chip Waffle

A Healthier Chocolate Chip Waffle

Walking makes me happy. Having a sprained ankle does not. When I hurt my ankle, I was shocked when people told me it would have been better to break it.  Apparently sprains take forever to heal.  This is perfect, since I'm so extremely patient. *dripping sarcasm* This weekend I was back at … [Read More...]

Falafel Waffle

Falafel Waffle

Falafel Waffle Falafel Waffle You know you want to say it again. It may seem strange to make a savory waffle, but I assure you that this Falafel Waffle is not awful.  To make this falafel-like waffle, I used chickpea flour  (aka garbanzo bean flour).  You can find it at most grocery stores - I … [Read More...]

Peanut-Bacon Kabocha Bowl

Flavor Overload + WIAW

Flavor overload. A line needs to be drawn. Lays flavors have gotten out of control.  I mean... I can see a Wasabi Ginger chip.  I can even stretch it to Mango Salsa.  But Cappuccino?!  No.  One review I read described them this way: "They smell like a tomb, and taste like stale crackers dusted … [Read More...]

Haddock taco

Today’s Good Thing

Anyone remember The Martha Stewart Show? Or am I showing age?  LOL! Martha used to talk about "today's good thing" on her show each day.  My mom and I thought this was hilarious.  So did Snoop. This weekend I went shopping.  Nothing fit.  I can't zip dresses over my back.  It was not a … [Read More...]

S'More Poutine

S’More Poutine

This really needs no intro. Who needs to explain dessert porn? Many of you have heard of poutine.  It basically french fries with gravy.  Well... I've always found it to be a bit overwhelming.  I don't love white potatoes or gravy.  I do love sweet potatoes and almost anything sweet. This … [Read More...]