Peanut Butter Yogurt Bowl

Peanut Butter Yogurt Bowl [Recipe] + WIAW

Arizona is a beautiful dessert. So many odd plants... it's like a Dr. Seuss book.  We spent the weekend in Tucson and enjoyed so many sights.  Elvis even came along!  Remember him from the cross-country move? … [Read More...]

Running Mykonos

Stay Healthy & Active on a Greece Holiday

Remember that time I honeymooned in Greece? I still wish we'd stayed. Shrouded in ancient mythology, surrounded by dazzling coasts and home to proud locals, it's no wonder Greece continues to be a popular vacation destination for people around the world. Its Mediterranean diet and incredible … [Read More...]

SumoMaya - Rollo Chingon

SumoMaya – Asian-Mexican Fusion Restaurant

I'm cheating a little this week. Not Ashley Madison style though... here's to karma. I'm cheating by not having a actual strange but good recipe.  Vegas and I are in Arizona and I didn't really do anything that strange food-wise unless you count my salmon scramble in Wednesday's post.  Or … [Read More...]

Cheese Spread

Post-Workout Grapefruit Sherbet [Recipe] + WIAW

You know it's hot when your shoulders sweat. At least I wipe off my bench at the gym!  If I do cardio, I prefer to do it after I lift so I don't get too tired.  The problem is that it's a 10 minute jog to the gym, so I feel like I should just add on another 20 and be done with it.  Yesterday … [Read More...]

Anti-Chicken Leg Workout

Anti-Chicken Leg Workout

I have chicken legs. I'd skip leg day every time if I could... but I don't. In my defense, my legs have made some huge improvements over the past few years.  HUGE thanks to my Atlanta trainer for torturing helping me with a great leg workout nearly every Monday for 3 years. But now I'm on … [Read More...]

Savory Cornbread Waffle

Savory Cornbread Waffles [Recipe]

I waiver between sweet and savory breakfasts. More often than not, I turn to Vegas and say "sweet or savory?" These cornbread waffles were the result of an indecisive morning.  I wanted a waffle, but I wanted a runny egg.  There was really no way this wouldn't result in a strange but good morning. … [Read More...]

Grain-Free Peanut Butter Banana Pancake

Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes [Gluten-Free Recipe]

Pancakes are never a bad idea. Especially when you have a super-ripe banana.  My bananas have two speeds: too green or too brown.  How do I miss that window of a perfectly yellow banana?  I guess I can't complain if it results in pancakes! … [Read More...]

Mission Bay ride

Baking, Bicycling, & Beaching Weekend in San Diego

There's so much to do in San Diego - it's overwhelming. I know... tough problems. The food here is unreal and we've been steadily working our way through my (ever growing) "restaurants to try" list.  However, there's a ton of other things to do that Vegas and I have been neglecting.  This … [Read More...]

Back-to-School Recipes

Strange But Good: 10 Back-to-School Recipes

I'm not going back to school. That would be strange and not good.   Grade school, college, and grad school was enough for me, but congrats to all the kids (and their parents) braving the start of the year!  I'm here for you in spirit... and in taking the strange but goodness to school. If I … [Read More...]