Baked Banana Oatmeal Protein Bites

Baked Banana Oatmeal Protein Bites

Have you ever eaten warm banana? Think pie... bananas foster... breads. When you bake a banana it becomes a gooey, caramel-y treat.  You don't even need to use sugar.  Like in these muffins. I'm not one to take the time to make a baked oatmeal in the morning, but I love having it for breakfast.  Especially as it gets colder outside!  Bake it in advance and you have a delicious instant breakfast, portioned out perfectly.  That's the idea behind these. … [Read More...]

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Living Clean and Getting Outdoors

Living Clean People often cop out of exercise because working out inside a gym simply doesn't motivate them.  Yet leading an active life and eating clean doesn't mean spending hours alone chained to a machine.  In fact, a great way to stay in shape and active is right outside your front door!  From … [Read More...]

Lisa and Me with the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Big Gay Ice Cream WIAW

There's not much better than ice cream on a sunny, fall afternoon. Or after a brutal workout. It's been a week of treat 'yo self.  But how often does the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck head down South from NYC?  I enjoyed a cone on Monday and a cup on Tuesday. Monday night I stopped to pick up a … [Read More...]

We enjoyed the kitsch of old Vegas.

Leaving Las Vegas

I'm home after one helluva week. I may have left my heart in Vegas. The softball team tied one, lost one, won one, and then lost another... that we never should have lost... but whatever.  I'm already looking forward to next year! Seeing as how I'm on the late flight back to ATL, this is … [Read More...]

Roasted Brussels, Butternut, & Beets

Roasted Brussels, Butternut, & Beets (Recipe)

Fall gets me excited for new produce. It's the little things... am I right?! While I've seen a lot of strange in Vegas (some good, some BAD), this strange but good meal was done in advance of the trip. Side note: I planned ahead?!  Who AM I? … [Read More...]

Quest Protein Chips

Easy Travel Snacks + Quest Chips GIVEAWAY!

Travel can be a challenge when it comes to food. Or it can be a fun adventure! I'm no stranger to packing up my meals and going.  I once flew with 21 meals!  This trip is a little different.  I'm in Las Vegas playing in a softball World Series.  That means long days on the field, not knowing … [Read More...]

5 Tips to Tame a Sweet Tooth

Breaking a Sugar Addiction in 21 Days

This is  week of firsts. Well, one big one... I'm going to Vegas for the first time! It's also my first time playing in a softball World Series (the reason for the trip).  And I play first base!  It's going to be a marvelous week. I have a couple of fun things planned for the blog while … [Read More...]

Cauliflower & Eggplant Noodle Pumpkin Lasagna

Cauliflower & Eggplant Noodle Pumpkin Lasagna (Recipe)

You can do anything with cauliflower. Really... I  bet you could even make ice cream. Maybe... that might be weird. I've made cauliflower pizza, pancakes, waffles, sriracha muffins... the sky is the limit.  Why not sheets of noodles?  It sounds strange, but it works! … [Read More...]

Matcha Green Sludge

Spooky Matcha Green Sludge + WIAW

Eat your greens! I can still hear my mother yelling saying this to me at the dinner table. Growing up, I was the pickiest kid on the planet.  If it was green, the only way I'd eat it is if it was raw and covered in so much ranch dressing (specifically, Marie's ranch) there was no possibility … [Read More...]