Elvis is a lush.

Strange But Good on Route 66

Route 66 is known for strange. I think we added to it. Today Vegas and I are in Vegas.  Then it's off to our new home in San Diego!  I can't believe how fast the trip went by.  It was so much fun to drive across the US seeing all the #strangebutgood sights. Hopefully we'll be getting settled in our place next week and things will return to "normal" here... but for now, here's a bit of what's been going down the hatch on Route 66. … [Read More...]

Baja Grill

Road Trippin’ + WIAW

We picked up an additional passenger. He was begging to jump in the car with two women. … [Read More...]

Tuna Steaks

Healthy Caribbean-Inspired Dishes

I'm on the way to San Diego with Vegas. Warm, sunny weather is so close I can almost taste it! Meanwhile, I thought I'd entertain you tropical weather foods.  How about The Caribbean?  Even if you are snowed in on the East coast, you can create a faux taste of paradise at home!  Here are a few … [Read More...]

Oatmeal Jam Cookies

Oatmeal Jam Cookies [Recipe]

The fun part about moving is using all the baking supplies. Flour, and sugar, and buttah.... oh my! I made Cat's browned butter cookies for the gym crew.  Then I did the Fudgy Brownies that Juli linked up to last week's #strangebutgood to have as road snacks for Vegas and me.  For ease, I made … [Read More...]

MetroFresh Mahi Mahi

Leaving Atlanta’s Weather + WIAW

Sometimes Mother Nature is a big help. I know most of you think I'm nuts based on the US weather as of late. This was my view this morning: … [Read More...]

15 Moving Tips

15 Moving Tips

I'm committed to stop chasing my tail and start packing. Less than a week to go.  Fear is a great motivator. This weekend was a really product weekend for packing.  The kitchen, bathroom, and dresser are all 95% packed; I'm just keeping out the necessities.  Last week I collected some great … [Read More...]

La Tavola flourless chocolate cake

Strange But Good: Moving Food

It's getting a little odd. Next week should be really interesting. I refuse to buy more food until I go.  There's enough in my freezer to feed a small African village me for months.  Not to mention all the going away dinners and lunches.  No way do I need to go shopping.  But look out, Whole … [Read More...]


Chasing My Tail + WIAW

Is there such a thing as a moving consultant? I need to be project planned. In my "normal" life I'm pretty organized.  I'm structured.  I have a routine and I like it.  Some might call me Type A (though you wouldn't know it from the past couple months... I blame Vegas). Anytime I move it's … [Read More...]

The Cheese Store of San Diego

Starting a 2,000 Mile Journey

It just got real. Logically I knew it was real... but reality never ceases to shock me. You make plans and get excited.  You know it's coming and it can't get here fast enough.  But when it ACTUALLY manifests... it's still a reality check. Road food is also a reality check.  That red velvet … [Read More...]