Beet Protein Pancakes

Beet Protein Pancakes [Recipe]

The (Christmas) beet goes on. I'm so festive-feeling that even I want to slap me. But how awesome are red pancakes in the winter?!  Especially with they're delicious and trimmed in white. Oh... and they have a not-so-hidden healthy ingredient.  Beets lend their color to these festive 'cakes.  It's strange, yes.  But I'm telling you... it's good! I use the new Quest vanilla milkshake protein powder in my pancakes.  It's flavor really is fantastic, and it bakes like a champ.  These tasted like a beet milkshake pancake.  In a good way.  Really. … [Read More...]

Scallops and #yolkporn

Thai Peanut Baked Tofu + WIAW

Don't fight the festive. My former Grinch-self is kicking me in the shins. As advertised, Vegas and I got a tree.  Vegas did the lights (after a debate over whether wrapping or running lights up and down is better).  We hung ornaments.  There was Christmas music and champagne. This, after … [Read More...]

Red Velvet Protein Shake

Red Velvet Protein Shake [Recipe] + Santa Speedo Run

I ran down the street in my underwear this weekend. It was Christmas underwear.... which makes it totally acceptable... Atlanta holds a Santa Speedo Run every year.  I've always been curious and had friends who've run... but this year curiosity killed the cat.  I paid money to run down … [Read More...]

Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies

Treat Yo’ #strangebutgood Self [Holiday Cookie Recipes]

Happy Month of Indulgence! You know it's true. A lot of people try to fight it... but this is the one month of the year when you have to indulge a bit.  I'm not saying go overboard with a bean feast, but don't be trying to deprive yourself.  It will only drive you crazy.  Treat 'yo self! In … [Read More...]

ATL sunrise

A Case of the Tuesdays + WIAW

Total monkey. There's nothing more distracting than wanting to be somewhere you're not. Actually, I don't really care where I am.  It's more about who's with me.  The company makes the location.  Which is why yesterday I had a case of the Tuesdays. But now it's Wednesday.  The … [Read More...]

Apple Carrot Protein Muffin Recipe

Apple Carrot Protein Muffins [Recipe]

I'm not big on repeats. There are too many new things to try! A new twist on an old recipe seems acceptable though.  Especially when you don't have much else in your fridge!  I've been meaning to make my Apple Carrot Muffins for a while, actually.  They were really good, and I remembered that … [Read More...]

Turkey Goat Cheese Lasagna

Turkey Goat Cheese Lasagna [Recipe]

Tradition has never done it for me. Shocking.  I know. I've mentioned before what a terrible Southerner I am.  I don't like fried okra, creamed corn, or cornbread (with the exception of this recipe)... I can leave 99% of the traditional Southern stuff behind.  This includes traditional … [Read More...]

I was wrong

Pumpkin Pie Protein Ice Cream + WIAW

Winning is my favorite thing. Really... everything is a competition. I saw this sign walking to a meeting yesterday and literally laughed out loud. Sometimes being wrong isn't SO bad.  I'd decided never to date again.  Vegas has ruined me.  So... I admit it.  I was wrong. But I am … [Read More...]

5 Tips for Staying Active in the Cold

5 Tips for Staying Active in the Cold

I'm pretty tough. Some might say a masochist. When it comes to cold weather, I'm a whimpering little baby.  Winter arriving means I really have to plan to keep moving.  It's so easy to just crawl under a blanket with a hot toddy.  Or so I hear. ;) It sounds crazy, but I really do have a fear … [Read More...]