San Diego beach

Gettin’ Quizzed on a Plane

I'll never tire of surveys. How do these things take me longer than "regular" posts? Megan nominated me for one of those Liebster award quizzes a couple of weeks ago andI'm finally getting around to it.  It's fun airplane project as I fly back to Atlanta from San Diego.  The random pics throughout are from Vegas' and my long weekend on the coast. 1. What is your current health related goal? … [Read More...]

Healthy Travel Food

Strange But Good Travel

I can't travel like a normal person. At least I wear shoes... The creepiest part was that when I said something to the flight attendant she said it happens all the time.  Apparently parents even let their kids go to the bathroom barefoot!  I have a friend that is a flight attendant and SHE … [Read More...]

5 Standing Desk Benefits

Stand Up Desk + WIAW

Do you realize how much you sit? It makes my hips hurt! I've gone through a lot of "hacks" to have standing desks.  At one job I stacked up Girl Scout cookie boxes to set my laptop on.  When I'm at home working, I use the condo gym to build a treadmill desk.   I can't stand to sit still. … [Read More...]

Us in 2009.  If we'd had a crystal ball...

Marriage Advice – From You!

Married 2 weeks and I'm already giving advice?! No.  Not even I am that arrogant confident. When I shared that I got married, I asked you guys for advice.  You delivered!  Since there were so many wise words, I decided to summarize it to share with everyone.  Mostly for Vegas' my … [Read More...]

Ghetto Fabulous French Toast

Ghetto Fabulous French Toast [Recipe]

I like to get toasted. In the French way 'cause I'm classy. French toast is becoming an unintentional theme for #strangebutgood.  Last week it was Healthy French Toast.  2 weeks ago it was totally unhealthy (but delicious) Eggnog Baked French Toast.  Now it's the thug life. This is the … [Read More...]

2015 Progress

Competition Prep 10 Weeks Out + WIAW

I'm on the wagon. Seriously. 9 days sober. It's finally time to get back on the stage.  I took a year off from competing to grow and it paid off well.  I put on about 15 pounds (20 at my highest)... and a decent amount of that is muscle.  Looking back at pictures from a couple of years ago, I … [Read More...]

Sweet Potato Pan-lettes

Leaving Las Vegas (for now)

I've never been so sad to leave a place. But I'm not leaving for good, Sheryl Crow! In an uncharacteristically impulsive move, when I flew back to from Tahoe with Vegas after we got married I decided not to take my next flight to Atlanta.  This was completely … [Read More...]

Healthy French Toast

The Plague + Healthy French Toast [Recipe]

I love Vegas in sickness and in health. Just didn't think we'd have to prove it so soon. Today's strange but good is a quickie because we've both been hit by the plague.  I don't know if it's the flu or the worst cold ever, but we are miserable. Yesterday my eye swelled up and started … [Read More...]


The One Where I Married Vegas

I got married.  To Vegas. Not to be confused with getting married IN Vegas. I'm the poster child for never say never.  I swore I'd never get married.  I didn't even want to date.  I was perfectly happy working, working out, and signing up for whatever adventure I could find. Well.  Vegas … [Read More...]